Jailbreak Server Rules

Basic premise:

A new batch of prisoners have arrived in the prison. Whether they are slaves, PoWs, criminals or innocents is not of your concern; Your job, as a guard is to keep them contained and under control at all times. However, many have smuggled various weapons and rumors of a riot never cease circulating.

Your boss is the warden, a veteran in all aspects of prison management. He will go through the standard schedule, rotating the prisoners around the prison and do his best at maintain order. You are authorized to kill anyone disregarding his order, however any unjustified kill will be punished with you being dishonorably discharged and thrown in the next batch of prisoners, so be careful!

-Punching and kicking guards or destructible items is not a punishable offence.
-Guards may not kill prisoners for past crimes (this includes past and current rounds; if a prisoner hides his weapon for example, he is not to be killed).
-Guards may kill prisoners on a direct path towards the Win Point. However, prisoners cannot be killed for delaying orhiding, unless the Warden has ordered otherwise.
-During non-live rounds, guards cannot kill prisoners freely. When the Warden calls for a free day, however, prisoners can be killed under the normal rules.
-Guards may not camp Win. They cannot kill prisoners who have reached the Win point.
-Guards must state a reason after killing a prisoner for any reason. No reasons are required to be given during or after an Order 66
-Guards may not stab, punch or kick prisoners at random.
-Guards may not destroy any defenses.
-Visible weapons on the belt or the hip (not currently being held) aren’t KoS unless the guard warns the player by typing in chat “drop [weapon name]’’. If the prisoner doesn’t comply within approximately 5-10 seconds, he is KoS.
-You can NOT warn multiple people at once. ‘’Drop all weps’’ at the start of the round doesn’t apply.
-Orders like ‘’drop wep’’ or just ‘’drop it’’ are invalid as they don’t mention the weapon’s name.
-Guns are automatically KoS, even if they are carried on the back.
-Guards may not exit the prison or use boats except in the case of an escape.
-Guards may not kill any prisoners in spawn before 59:30.

-Cane is a disciplinary melee weapon available to guards. Cane hits do no damage. As such it can be used freely to hit cocky prisoners. Detouring, kicking, fisting guard, destroying door, not following orders, possessing visible weapons, hiding, playing dead etc, etc. In 99% cases hitting with cane is NOT RDM HIT and should be treated very lightly as it indeed does no physical harm.
-However, setting no restrictions would result in crazy guards slamming with canes everyone, everywhere, repeatedly in a psychotic fit. For such guards admins should issue a warning, and then eventually slay if individual does not comply soon.

Basic Terminology:
-KoS = Kill on Sight
-O66 = Kill all prisoners
-RDM = Random Deathmatch (unjustified kill)
-Detour = Not going/Going to the wrong direction
-[SLAVE] = Rank ‘’awarded’’ to punished players, who now have limited access to game features
-Warden = The person giving orders to the prisoners
-CW = Community Warden, a person trusted by the admin team who has been allowed to use admin chat

Valid Reasons:
“Out” = Outside of designated area
“wep (warned) [1]” = Weapon (hidden on belt/hip) [hid within 1 second-see below]
“Order” = Direct order from the warden (such as “fire once”)
“Running”/”Escaping”/”Not going” = Self-explanatory
“Rioting”, “attacked me”, “killed another guard” = Non-valid, use one of the reasons provided above.
A legit kill without the appropriate reason is still considered RDM

-Any prisoner holding a weapon may be killed if it is drawn. Visible weapons on the belt or hip have to be warned for before killing.
-As ‘’weapons’’ we classify anything that can deal damage. As such items like spyglasses aren’t considered weapons.
-Any prisoner carrying a gun, even on his back, may be killed without warning.
-All players are to listen to and follow the admins’ orders. Their decision on a matter is final. If you have an issue with that decision, report it on the forum.
-If a prisoner is killed within 1 second of dropping/hiding a weapon the kill is allowed. Any time after and the kill is to be consider an Accidental RDM.

-No players or admins are allowed to use the chat in a way that disrupts the server. This includes spamming, racism, homophobia, extremism, trying to antagonize players, trying to mislead others into breaking the rules, and so on.
-Regiments may post a recruitment message every 1 map.
-Glitching or abusing bugs/flaws in the game or any map is prohibited. Mods are allowed as long as they are cosmetic and do not impact gameplay. Examples of such permitted mods are the cheer and dab mods.
-Trying to evade punishment by leaving the server will result in a permanent ban.
-Wardening priority goes as follows: Admins-> Selected Players (from an admin)-> Players

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