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  • Our purpose

    NWRP is an international community. Our sole purpose has always been to bring together,
    organize and engage youth as well as adults who share a common interest in card, board and digital games on a voluntary, hobby level.
    We are thus not operating any server, event, tournament or website in order to make a profit. The management mainly fund the organization themselves
    with some additional free assistance from partnerships, as the income from donations and pins is next to nothing.

  • Who we are

    Many of us within the organization study full-time or part-time, in college or university, some serve in the army, others work as shopkeepers,
    while a few work with governments or at corporation facilities. Our average member is around 20 years of age as evident from a study from 2019.
    Thankfully, it has never been a requirement for members to follow a strict schedule or work overtime in order to get an opportunity to join in on the fun,
    mainly thanks to our dedicated and responsible staff and members. Many of our members remain and socialize between events and tournaments.
    Our highest priority is the wellness of our members and thus we encourage friendships and mediate should quarrel arise. Membership is free of charge
    and anyone may become a member through our website, even non-members may participate during our weekly events.

  • The basics

    Some of our servers give you a certain degree of freedom in who you want to be and what you want to play as.
    Those are our roleplaying servers. However, you must follow our chat guidelines continuously throughout your stay.
    Additionally, you may be required to follow basic game rules as in e.g., chess as well as instructions from a referee or admin,
    but there will always be a helpful Samaritan ready to answer any questions and initiate you to the play. We have a zero-tolerance policy
    against any discrimination due to the gender, ethnicity, sexuality, religion or disability of another member. We do, however, allow for moderated factual
    and respectful debates on various serious topics. Our community is not homogenous since there is a range of different cultures in it,
    but our members have a common cause and that is to have a good time together. Fighting inequality and bigotry is a natural side-effect.

  • Additional information

    Sign up in the top right corner.
    Read through our terms, privacy policy and guidelines.
    Visit our Discord to socialize and track events.

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    You need to be registered in order to:
    Apply to become a part of the staff.
    Request an unban from one of our services.
    File a complaint against another member.
    Contact us here you if you're unable to sign in.

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