The purpose of our community is to bring together, organize and engage those who share a common interest in card, board and digital games on a voluntary, hobby level. We are thus not operating any server, event, tournament or website in order to make a profit. We further clarify that we are not employed by an organization or company for the purpose of marketing them or a product. We are sponsored by server hosts and coders providing us with the means to further develop our community.

We recognize participants may be in different stages of life. Some of us study full-time or part-time, in college or university, others serve in the army or work in the civilian sector. It has never been required to participate in any of our events. Anyone may join since our events are public, as well as remain and socialize inbetween them.

Some of our events give you a certain degree of freedom in what you want to play as. However, you must always follow the social etiquette, the basic game rules, and possibly further instructions from the admins throughout your stay.