Bannerlord Gamemodes

These game modes are written with the premise that Bannerlord will feature the same basic dedicated server functions and configs as Warband in terms of unit limits, map change and one life mode, with the addition of modded scripts (beacons, individual banners, overhauls, advanced admin tools, etc). The multi-player is still being tweaked, thus our game modes may also be tweaked. Our guides are always portrayed as if there’s 200 players in total on the server, 100 in each team. Let’s begin with the backbone game mode of the Napoleonic (Bannerlord) Role Play server.

Random nation versus random nation.
There are several types of infantry, thus each type should follow their group (1).
Archers and cavalry should be limited to around 20% (2).
It’s allowed to kill surrenders if they’re melee infantry. Archers may be taken hostage, and executed if not rescued.
Team balance should be even.

(1). No beacons/leader role might force us to wait with using the game mode until TW or modders’ solve it, unless VOIP would offer an alternative temporary solution with voiced leaders.
(2). This is battle game mode after all. Not supposed to be any archer or cavalry spam. Focus on teamwork, strategy and formations. 20 archers, 20 cavalry and 60 infantry per team.

Random nation versus random nation.
Everyone must go archer (May equip any bow, arrow, but no javelins/spears).
Walk in line towards the opponent forces and follow admins commands. (Halt, Present, Fire).

Infantry versus Cavalry
Random nation versus random nation.
Admins force either infantry or cavalry on the teams (This is a scripted function in NRP today, likely won’t be in BL).
Infantry prepare a square or line formation at spawn.
Cavalry line up at spawn and wait for the charge command from the admin.
There are no sappers in BL so the last rule related to barricades was removed entirely.

Cavalry versus Cavalry
Random nation versus random nation.
Admins force both teams to go Cavalry.
Balance adjustments towards cavalry-oriented nations (Not too many horse archers delaying the rounds with Parthian shot tactics).
Both teams line up at spawn and wait for the charge command from the admins.
Unleash havoc.

Other original and easy to convert game modes include assassination, hostage and town.

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