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    • It's in the chat when you join the server.
    • haha misclick. I did not see that. Also i have a question do you know her to find the GUID ?
    • NRP Username : Hammerhead14 Character name : Fouque De Chêne-Blanc Faction : Grande République GUID : 1141313 Why do you want a charachter : Interested in this campaign, i love RP. Soldier, preferably a surgeon or a sapper. Field Surgeon/ Field Engineer : De Chêne-Blanc is an ex french noble who renounced his noble title during the revolution. he sided with the republic and fought in the many conflicts following the fall of the monarchy. He had an education based around sciences. He is a good doctor and a decent sapper/engineer.  
    • I was there at the time. I guarantee you most admins will teamhit before they warn a player.   If someone steals your cannon do you kick them or warn them in admin chat first? 99% kick them.   Regardless I saw the whole thing and Dolan was stealing the ship's controls at a critical point in the Naval RP which caused the Anglo ship to stall for several seconds, so in my opinion nothing needs to be done here.