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    • A search function in the banlist.   A list of the item ids ingame, basically what we've now got with the maps.   Automatic RP setup.   Teleport everyone.   Force all units.   Set % of all units.   A "ban all" button so it's easy to pull a Harold.    
    • I want to get a nice list going on, that shows some great ideas for new scripts. Bringing change to NRP is just what the server needs. The Campaign is a great example of that.
      The server is owned by Pew, and ultimately it's up to him. There's already a thread about suggestions for new scripts, but it's been awhile so I've decided to post my own .

      1) The ability to give players certain clothing.
      We can already give certain weapons to players, but wouldn't it be fun to be able to give certain clothes to players? 
      2) The ability to change the bots into a certain class. Example: -Change all Bots to Partizani-
      This idea isn't new, and is used on a few other NW servers.  Essentially it would allow an admin to incorporated it into a RP.
        3)Claimed General / Officer Role for Events being assigned to UIDs so no one else can get it This one was recommended by minisiege. It's something that could end up being extremely helpful during Special Events / Campaign. It would need to be able to be turned on/off on by the Admin panel.
        4)Admin autologin (No password required) Eliminate the use for a password and whitelist Admins.
      5) Chat commands  that allow players without mod do some special actions. (Example: A sitting animation, a pointing animation, ect.) Obviously we've all seen this on 59th Jailbreak, and it was great! It could bring a certain new flavor to NRP. I wouldn't suggest overdoing it, by adding alot of animations, but 2-3 would be perfect. Again this is another script that should have an on/off in the Admin panel.

      That's all I have for now, but will consider this WIP

      Please share below your own suggestions for New NRP Scripts
    • Nothing needs doing and it's a troll report.    Thread Closed
    • no this is serious we must find this bmert
    • Your a troll and nothing he has done is anything bad or harmful. 
    • thank you #bestmin

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