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    • Give profiles a "Wall" so people can post on it!
      k thx
    • I'm not good at photoshop, but I have an idea. Perhaps an old vintage kind of compass, maybe with a old naval sextant in the background too. Could be without the sextant, but either way, with NWRP counterclockwise on the compass. N - North, W - West, R - South and P - East. The compass and sextant to represent the four corners of the world and navigation, for our community spread around the globe.   Inspiration below.       The pictures are taken from Google, I do not own them, just to clarify. (Obviously.)
    • NRP Username: nestor
      Character Name: Ser_Jaime_Lannister
      Faction: Rossiyskiy Soyuz
      GUID: 10912
      Why do you want a character: I want to be a general. Most of the time in MB I'm a regural soldier, so its a good opportunity to take on a new role
    • When a smaller rival kingdom steals a bucket and provokes a war but manages to hold out against the larger army : https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/War_of_the_Bucket (the bucket still hangs in the city's museum)
    • >vague war >posts one of the most famous meme wars in history   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kettle_War real shit