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      Founded by regulars on the Napoleonic Role Play and Jailbreak servers. You may create or find community groups dedicated to sharing tips and trips, or strategies and tactics. Friendly fellowships, philosophical guilds or religious sects are also allowed here. Anything really.

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      Regiments are coordinated groups of players regularly participating in line battles against each others. Regiments do sometimes also visit the Napoleonic Role Play and Jailbreak server. They often depend upon a strict hierarchy and follow a certain set of recognized rules.

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    • It d only be done for a few meme maps by voting + we d get a new rp called flying boats if it happened. For the meme battle maps, you d still be following an officer + it'd be one boat, the entire team cant get on it. Policing knocking people out of boats is easy, we do that for naval when there's way more boats (if you kick someone off it d show up as a teamkill). All charge would take care of delaying + it d be one boat per battle map, its meant for a meme rp. But doubt it d happen right now.
      Anyways, all the arguments against it imo are just similar arguments against naval or battle maps with boats on it, and yet we love them for its meme value. It'd be the same for this RP, tho I repeat, I doubt it'd happen.
    • flying boats are you making it harder for people that want to melee to get kills and want the whole NRP that sit back and shoot be able to pick off people from the sky then fly away before people shoot them.   Let alone people will be able to then waste even more time on NRP and even troll with them by knocking there team mates out of the boats.    Big reason I'm against it is because the Modder on JB has it on his native server and it's really fucking annoying for people camping and shooting then flying away being a pussy.    I Now find this the shittest idea I've ever heard of for NRP.      
    •   Your experience is unique I think in that you were forced to camp a defensive position due to being outnumbered. That's the situation against which nades work best. It is quite literally a naders wet dream to see 80 people all camped together tightly in a fort. When I realised you were basically forced to do this due to the numbers, I turned nades off after the first map. In normal battle, the numbers are even so its your fault if you want to all camp in a fort.

      I'm for keeping nades what they are because they are already very inaccurate. I assume you think they're somewhat like the holy hand grenade in their accuracy, but the aim circle is massive if you try to throw the nade while moving and theres a ton of 'grenade drop' so unless you're really close its a massive guess as to where they land. Because of this, again like you suggested, it is pretty much only effective when used en mass, outside certain situations (camping inside a building). They also only insta kill you if you're right in the middle of the blast. People easily survive hits all the time.

      The biggest issue people seem to have with nades is that they're either new so aren't yet informed on how to counter them or simply refuse to acknowledge they're a legit tactical aspect of Battle rp. They're then somehow surprised when nades rekt their line that has been tightly packed together. If a rifles unit gets caught in the open alone against cav, theres pretty much nothing they can do but die. So too, if a large line that hasn't spread out comes up against nades. Its on the officer in both these cases for getting their unit into this bad position. Yet somehow there's an nonacceptance in the second instance because cav are from the base gameplay and nades are from unique NRP scripts.   I've heard officers say stuff to me like 'you know how hard it is to get people to spread out? They just don't listen,' but imo you just gotta think ahead. You see a unit of nades up ahead and command a large line? Turn around, go somewhere else. If they follow you, ask for some help from your cav or rifles / lights. Get them to charge / skirkmish the nades first. Its not unlike a rifles officer having to think miles ahead so as to not get caught alone against cav. And if other units refuse to coordinate then that's down to bad officers and you should take your anger out on them, not nades. Nades can easily be neutralised and render useless. Against an enemy charge when they're spread out for example, nades will never get you more than 1 or 2 kills. That's not that different to if the nader was just shooting normally.

      My last point is nades plays a large part in the aspect of Battle rp which I like best, 'combine arms combat.' Its beautiful to see mulitple units complement each other in a fight. During one of the rounds in waterloo during the event for example, I saw the 19th +65th do a mass charge against some NRP infantry and naders. Your infantry hit them from the front, then your cav came in from the sides. They had nades here but they did barely any damage because you weren't clump up / were constantly moving and cav was forcing the naders into melee. NRP's cav was somewhere else so it was a glorious slaughter. Cav + inf are so powerful here.

      (I actually wanted to try to get flying boats into certain Battle rp maps just to increase this aspect but perhaps thats too ambitious)   The tactical aspect behind all this makes Battle rp so interesting and varied, and I'd hate to take away from that.   tl;dr I like nades and if you get rekt by them, its on the officer.
    • Are you guys seriously discussing this? If grenades get removed, i'll pay minisiege to ddos nrp
    • I do agree that they are overpowered and that I don't think that the splash damage should be as high. Personally make its that u need to be basically on top of a nade to kill you however it deals damage to all around. I think that the accuracy is fine, however.
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