NARC Server Rules

While playing at NARC you cannot:

  1. Kill without valid reason (RDM)
  2. Fail to Roleplay (FRP). Examples: ignoring roleplay, new life rule or consequences
  3. Troll. Examples: framing players, provoking breaking the rules, sabotaging RP
  4. Take wrong class (WC). If you don’t know what class to take ask the hosting admin
  5. Spam. Use local chat [O] for most of the conversations. Keep all chat [T] clean from quarrels, political disussions and other unnecessary content
  6. Prop spam. As sapper don’t leave unfinished props and don’t block roads or entrances
  7. Lie to admin. Dishonesty can be punished with permanent ban
  8. Behave in a vulgar manner. Examples: slurring, insulting, harrasement, obscenity
  9. Swap back. If admin swaps you it means you must not be in team you were swapped from.
  10. Advertise – if you are not an official affiliate you must not promote regiments, servers or other groups / organizations This set shows the general rules. If you don’t understand something or want to know more, ask any admin on the server, or Head Admin on Discord

The most common felonies

  1. Wrong Class (WC)
    Almost all RPs demand specific class for each team. Before start, hosting admin will tell what classes are allowed and on what terms. Example:

It’s town RP, you are regular citizen. Admin told your team to take partisani or doctor. But you took infantry ranker. Admin will slay you soon. After that you will be reminded what class you should take. After respawn you didn’t took the correct class, so you were kicked. After that you returned to the server and still had the wrong class even after final warning of the admin. Congratulations, you are banned for next one hour.

  1. Failing to Roleplay (FRP)

FRP has many faces. There are two very commont types of FRP you should be aware of:

  • Ignoring roleplay: basically it happens when someone don’t care about roleplay or he ignores his role in the game. Example:
    If admin said after in-game death you are mindless zombie that has to kill all the survivors, act like mindless zombie that has to kill all the survivors. Don’t fire with guns, don’t make in-RP conversations, don’t let survivors live, don’t sit in spawn after you were told to kill rest of players.
  • Ignoring the setting: it happens when someone is ignoring the reality he is placed in and don’t care about immersion. Example:
    It’s XII century and you claim to have peperoni pizza and bag of popcorn for microwave. And no, you can’t be time traveler
  • Ignoring the consequences: it happens when some kind of issue was dealt with but someone or group of people are ignoring this fact. Examples:
    Someone tried to rob the bank. After beeing respawned he did the same thing again.
    There was a religious cult but it has been wiped out. After that, former cult members are again reforming it, ignoring the fact they were destroyed or just creating the cult again under different name
    One group of people had a reason to revolt, but they were defeated or that reason is no longer valid. Afterwards those people shout “REVOLT” and tell others it’s time to fight

Punishments for FRP are various. Usually it’s slay/kick.

  1. Explosive Crates Spam (TNT Spam)

By default players are not allowed to place any explosive crates. You can place them only if hosting admin directly said it’s allowed or he gave you permission. Otherwise you will get punished. Severity of punishment depends on ammount of crates and circumstances:

  • Placing few crates not threatening other people/constructions will result in slay or kick
  • Spamming more then 5 crates is instant permament ban
  • Placing crates where they threaten other players or may destroy buildings/sapper constructions (objects that should stay intact) may result in permament ban
  • If someone placed TNT without permission you are not allowed to ignite it. If you do, you will get punished too
  1. Random Death Match (RDM)

It’s basically killing player without reason. You are not allowed to kill others if you don’t have any basis to do it. If you just killed someone without reason you will be slayed or kicked. After you return and do the same thing you will be temorarly banned. Examples:

  • Guard told you to leave area that is off limits and you have no RP reason to get in there. You suddenly killed that guard.
  • You wanted to rob the tavern. Bartender asked you what you want to drink and you pulled out gun and shot him without making any demands or giving him a chance to surrender
  • New mayor was elected, but you voted for someone else. When he was passing by you killed that mayor.

There are two unique kinds of RDM that should be mentioned:

  • Mass RDM: someone suddenly killed many players without valid reason. It’s instant temporary ban
  • Revenge RDM: if someone was killed in valid way and after respawn he came back and killed the person that get him killed, it’s RDM. Remember you are new character after in-game death (and no, you can’t revenge cause you are relative or friend of your previous character)
  1. Trolling

Players are trolling in various ways. There’s a “soft” kind of trolling like: random punching, vandalising, insulting or blocking way is not part of RP and makes other players nervous and brings unfriendly atmosphere. If you won’t stop you will be punished: usually slay/kick.

But if you are trolling in more degenerated ways like: random stabbing people, provoking people in toxic ways, fooling players outside RP, sabotaging RP etc. you may get temped or even permed. Sometimes RDMing and FRPing can be considered as trolling.

  1. Lie to admin

This is very serious offense. Lying to admin is cheating and we don’t like cheaters. The most common situation when players lie to admin are:

  • Lying about RDM:
    You’ve decided to rob someone. That person resisted and you were killed. After that you told admin it was RDM and that guy attacked you for no reason.
    You’ve started to argue with someone. He told you he has enough and he leaves. Instead you pulled a gun and shot him. As a reason you have said „attacked”.
  • Lying in RP: usually not telling truth about role you have in RP to get yourself to the better position.
    Mayor selected some players to join his council meeting. You are walking into the meeting, people are telling you to get out and when hosting admin asks what is going on you tell him that you are part of this council, but in fact you are interlooping
    There is a exclusive in RP formation that will be given swords. You are not part of that group but you are trying to fool admin to get yourself that weapon too.

Usually the punishment is permament ban

Classic Rules of constructing

Here are the rules in a nutshell:
1. Constructing of all kind of objects except TNT is allowed
2. No placing unfinished props
3. No placing too many planks
4. No obstructing
5. No constructing to unreachable places
6. No TNT without permission
7. No wasting buildpoints / spamming sapper works

What does it mean exactly? I will describe each of the points mentioned above:

  1. This one is simple, you can always place any sapper object you want except TNT
  2. Each prop has to be finished after placing it. Prop-sandbag walls, “sandbag stairs to heaven”, fence bridges and other similar objects are not allowed. This rule reduces glitching, probability of game crash for some of the playres and increases users performance. Also it protects constructing as art
  3. You can use planks if you have to. If you have to construct important parts of buildings with planks like roof it’s ok, but place only one layer of them. Spamming plank-walls, or placing 100 planks on one square meter is not ok tho. Spamming too much planks works the same as spamming unfinished props – players will experience performance drop and some of them may crash. Also planks used in the ways they are not ment to use lower the quality of game. You have other objects avaliable to make defences from.
  4. What does “No obstructing” means in this context? Players musn’t block roads, bridges, buildings, squares or other places with their sapper works. In the most of cases constructing in towns is not allowed too. If constructing is allowed, go to places where is a lot of space to build, not blocking anything or disrupting anyone.
  5. You can’t make yourself a way to places that can’t be reached without sapper works. For example building a tower and then destroying the lower levels of it making it levitating above the groud and camping from there is not allowed. The same goes for making a bridge to let’s say a rock and then destroying that is not allowed too.
  6. If you have to place TNT (to breach through walls/defences or remove earthwork for example) ask hosting admin. If you won’t recieve any answer you are still not allowed to place TNT. If you get positive answer, follow the exact instructions – admins usually restrict ammount of max crate numbers [] and number of times you can place them []. Of course if admin allowed TNT under some conditions before just follow these conditions.
  7. Don’t make unneccesary constructions and have some respect to BP. Don’t build too wide and long contructions. If you are making a settlement with 4 other players, you really don’t have to make 80 long/6 wide chevaux de Frise walls on each side.
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