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Found 3 results

  1. Jurek

    The Final Colony RP Event on NARC_RP

    The buildings that players have built will be placed on the map.
  2. Jurek

    Colony RP Part 2 on NARC_RP

    On the previous event the players made: a town hall, a hospital, a forge, a small bridge, wall defenses, a watchtower, a stable, a library, a port, farms, a fishing area and small houses Events that happened: Trading with natives, Natives attacking the colonists, Acid rain that led to corruption and economical drop that led to bankruptcy, raising the economy and trading again by winning wars against the natives. Researches: Mining ability, Expedition ability, forging ability. Classes unlocked: Militia with pike, hussar, medic The buildings that players made will be placed
  3. Jurek

    Colony RP on NARC_RP

    RULES: • Initial spawn is Sappers/Partizanis/Sailors • There will be some tasks and goals setted by the admins. Initially to build survival such as Individual Housing, Farms, Hunters Hats, Fisheries. • Colonists will be encouraged to build specific types of buildings related to certain techonologies. • You have to make the colonies core makeup as a fuctional town. (PD= Allows a Police Force, Community Centre= Allows Elections/Executions, Mayors House= Allows Mayor, Lawmaking, Church= Allows Religion, Doctors Office= Allows Surgeon). All other buildings built
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