NWE Server Rules

Player Rules for Chatting
Read the role play rules as the admins announce them in the admin chat.
Do not spam the chat with similar or unnecessary messages.
Do not share extremist opinions, discriminate or antagonize others.
English only. Keep other languages to a minimum, or via external chat programs.
Regiments are allowed to recruit once per 3rd round.
Complain about decisions on the forums, not in the chat.

Player Rules for Playing
Always follow the rules for the current role play on the server.
No ramboing. You should always follow a regiment unless you’re an artillerist. Sappers, medics and naval troops should still follow officers or artillerists.
No delaying. You should be playing to win, not to run around like a fool.
No BP/TNT spam. You should never waste buildpoints or spam explosives.
No teamhitting. Never stab, shoot or throw grenades at friendly soldiers.
No hacking, cheating or modding. Never use files that modifies the game online.
No trolling. Never block artillery or take control of boats without permission.
No intentional impersonation of an admin, nor unauthorized usage of their tags.

Admin Rules for Chatting
No deviating from or circumventing the Player Rules for Chatting.
Thus admins must still follow the Player Rules for Chatting.
No leading regiments via the announcements unless the specific RP requires it.
No recruiting for regiments via the announcements.
No participating in everyday conversation with the players via the announcements.
No random or irrelevant sentences via the announcements.
No spamming via the announcements. ~1 message per minute.
Write using proper capitalization, spelling and sentence structure.
Only warnings, RP instructions and punishments should be told via the announcements.

Admin Rules for Playing
No deviating from or circumventing the Player Rules for Playing.
Thus admins must still follow the Player Rules for Playing.
Admins should be in our Teamspeak or Discord while they are admining.
Admins may not spawn tools such as admin weapons or admin horses.
Admins may teleport stuck players if it’s possible, the player will get slain if not.
Post in the admin group on Steam when the server requires another admin.
Admins should use their tag while on duty. eg, ServerAbbreviation_Rank_Username.
Admins should announce their name changes to the team, unless temporary.

If a rule isn’t written down, it’s most certainly not forbidden either.
Acting hard in chat or to be named vulgar things in-game isn’t forbidden.
However, it is forbidden to spam in chat or to impersonate an admin in-game.
The recruiting rule gives every regiment or clan permission to make one informative recruitment message per 3rd round, also containing a link to a steam profile, website or forum thread. This isn’t done to harm or discriminate against regiments or clans, but to keep the chat open for conversations, orders and memes instead of it being filled with advertisements.

Player Consequences
Admins mainly use common sense when determining punishment.
They look at previous behavior, if it’s a regular player and if there was a valid reason to bend a rule. Breaking a rule once and regularly breaking them everyday may lead to different punishments. Examples:

Spam in chat 🠚 Warning, kick then temporary ban.
Ramboing 🠚 Warning, slay then temporary ban.
Delaying 🠚 Warning, slay then temporary ban.
Hacking, cheating, ddosing and modding 🠚 Instant permanent ban.
BP/TNT spam 🠚 Temporary ban.
Forbidden usernames 🠚 Warning, kick then permanent ban.
Trolling 🠚 Warning, slay then temporary ban.
Surrender-killing 🠚 Warning then slay.
Teamhitting 🠚 Warning then slay.
Anything may lead to a permanent ban if the bad manners continues after a temporary ban or after acting in a bad manner during several days.

Admin Consequences
Admins can make mistakes, but certain measures may be taken if it appears that they have deliberately broken the rules. Admins are the representatives of the community and should therefore be extra aware of the rules, show extra patience, restraint and respect. Common mistakes are often forgiven by the management and the players as long as the incident is reported. Eg, if an admin accidentally permanently ban a player and immediately report it on the Admin Steam Group or directly to someone with access to the ban list so the player quickly gets unbanned. However, if an admin has deliberately broken the rules, acts out as a threat against the existing hierarchy or if a valid complaint has been filed, then the admin can expect three possibilities; removal from the team, a warning or a demotion.

Napoleonic Dictionary
are acting contra-productively.
Rambos are running alone.
Delayers are not participating in the fight.
Teamhitters are shooting or stabbing mates on purpose.
Surrenderkillers are killing surrenderers without lining up for execution.
Spammers are abusing buildpoints or the chat.
Hackers are using scripts to alter the game experience.
Officer Aim means targeting the officer with intention.
Fire in Charge means firing whilst engaged in melee.
Reload in Charge means reloading when the line you are part of is charging.
Fire out of Line means firing when you are not in formation.

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