NARC Gamemodes

At the beginning you have to form or join a group of at least 3-5 people (your future kingdom). Then all of your mates should gather in one of the bases scattered around the map. Wear one kind of uniform at all times if you are part of kingdom. After that wait until admin tells to announce factions. If you are ready (all members are in your base and have the proper uniform) tell in all chat: Name, Base, Uniform. You are formed after hosting admin confirms it in admin chat.

When most of the kingdoms are formed, the real part of the roleplay starts. You may start to talk with other factions and make some diplomatic moves (like forming alliances or coalitions). Later you are allowed (if you are faction leader) to declare wars against others. When wars are allowed, tell in all chat reason for war, your faction and on what faction you are declaring war. Also make sure all of your troops are in your base. Otherwise the war won’t be valid and enemies will know what you are up to. If you win the war, you may make some demands.
There are two kinds of demands you can make:
Small demand: usually it’s taking prisoner, agree to some kind of insult etc. Usually they can be demanded after winning defensive war, first offensive war, but that depends on admin.
Huge demand: forcing religion, disbanding, vassalisation etc. Something that has strong impact on the losing side. Of course vassalisation or disbanding can be rejected, but after losting another war, demand is enforced and losers don’t have a choice again. If they refuse to obey as vassals or won’t leave their kingdom they will be punished for failing to roleplay.

Class: all except artillery
Constructing: usually allowed, classic rules

Like in Kingdoms, form a groups of at least 3-5 players. This time you have to construct your own settlement in order to survive. Build constructions with strong walls and roof not to die in the harsh reality and later construct fishtraps, farms (not in winter of course), defences. If your group started to build the shelter, you may announce your settlement: tell in all chat Name of that settlement and uniform your people will wear. War & Diplomacy rules are similar to the ones from Kingdoms, but later you may go hunt or do other activites in order to survive.

Class: depends on hosting admin. Always partisani / doctor / sapper. Infantry or cavalry may be enabled
Constructing: always allowed, classic rules

It’s sandbox, where story and setting depends on hosting admin. Left team are guards, they have to protect the town from criminal activity and maintain peace in town. They should respect private property, not abuse citizens and catch criminals and troublemakers.
Right team (Russia) have more freedom of activity. You may be tavern keeper, priest, banker, hobo, blacksmith… there’s really a lot of choice. Usually people are electing a mayor who will make a laws and care about day to day matters. If he was elected by majority people can’t revolt against him. If mayor starts to behave like dictator he may be removed from the office

First team [Guards] – infantry rankers, police chief takes officer
Second team [Rest] – partisani / doctor / sapper
Constructing: usually disabled. Classic rules + no constructing in town

You live in town that has no connection to the rest of the world. Also there are many dangers like blizzards or raiders. People should construct walls around that town to prevent strong winds from damaging buildings and unwanted visitors from entering. In order to get more food people should form expeditions (after recieving permission), but remember they are dangerous. Bad sanitary situation and food shortages may result in disease.

Class: partisani / doctor / sapper, mayor may take militia officer
Constructing: always allowed. Classic rules + no wasting build points, only construct walls and checkpoints on special ocasions

This RP is similar to the Town RP, but one of the players is chosen to be the Dictator. He rules this land with his iron hand. Guards are protecting not only the town, but also the reign of the glorious Dictator. Rest of the players (Right side: Russia) are people unfortunate enough to live in there. If you are guard: protect the abusive butt of dictator, if you are citizen you may try to stay low, revolt or collaborate.
Dictator can make laws and abuse his powers (he can even kill anyone he likes to). Unfortunatly for him, the people of his town may revolt against him if he will treat on them too hard. If dictator gets himself killed or captured, the time for the new goverment comes. How it will look like? It depends on you. Usually the revolters are installing new dictator, but you may try to form a more people-friendly land.

First team [Guards] – infantry rankers, dictator takes officer
Second team [Rest] – partisani / doctor / sapper
Contructing: usually disabled. If enabled, classic rules + constructing only what dictator ordered to build

Papers, Please
One of the teams are guards who are tasked to maintain order in their town. But this time there are a lots of immigrants near the border and town desperatly needs workers. One of the players is chosen to be the Inspector – he will check the immigrants and pick who will enter the town. Rest of the guards keep away illegal immigrants and protect the town and checkpoint.
Second team are the immigrants: they have to get inside town. They may try to sneak inside but they risk getting killed. Inside town just play it like Town RP (also you are not considered an immigrant from now on). Immigrants can’t shot to guards from outside of border and can try to fight back only if they have nowhere to run.
There is a third group in this roleplay: the Terrorists. For some reason they just want to see this town in flames. They are hidden among immigrants. If they get inside town, they have to blow up the most important constructions inside it (like PD, Clinic, Hotel).

First team [Guards] – infantry ranker / sapper, inspector / leader take officer
Second team [Immigrants/Terrorists] – sapper / partisani / doctor
Constructing: always allowed. Guards can construct checkpoints, immigrants may build things requested by the guards, terrorists may place up to 3 TNT crates in one moment, 3-5 minutes before planting more

Beginning of the roleplay depends on hosting admin: you can live on one of the colonies or already be on an independent island.
In the first situation there’s a governor and emissary chosen by hosting admin (and maybe a guard’s leader). Governor has to rule his island, he tells people what should be constructed and makes a laws. Emissary respresents interests of his home nation. Later island may rebel against their overlords and form independent nation.
When independent nation is formed, governor has more freedom of choice. He is directly responisble for development of island and he has to handle internal conflicts. Guards have to protect him and make sure people are doing his will. Rest of the players have to construct buildings chosen by the Governor, or just enjoy living on the island. When the Governor is too opressive people may demand removing him from the office. If he won’t give up his power revolt is allowed. The goverment of this island and laws are up to you.

First team [Guards]: infantry rankers / cavalry rankers / sapper, governor and missary take officer
Second team [Rest]: sapper / partisani / doctor
Constructing: always enabled. Classic rules

Lost Regiment
One of the teams is The Lost Regiment – they have to survive after beeing cut off from the rest of the army. There’s a commanding officer picked by hosting admin who gives orders to his troops. He has to make sure his unit will make it alive. When his unit will move across map it will be harrased by enemy troops. When hostile soldiers will make decisive offensive, the Lost Regiment should dig in and repulse attacking forces. If Lost Regiment will defeat their enemies and reach to safe area they will win.

Class: depends on the story
Constructing: usually enabled. Only defences

Murder Boat
You are on a steam ship, but it has no coal anymore. Suddenly some armed crew members are going crazy.
One team has to hide at the beginning and later escape with small boat or fight back.
Second team has to mercilessly murder the first team.

One of the players is high priority target. He has his guards, but they don’t know who is the assassin.
The second team are guests, recruits, depending on the story. Among them there’s at least one assassin.
First team has to keep the target alive. Second may help the guards if they see the assassins attacking.

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