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    Our community has hosted several Minecraft servers throughout the years, but this will be the longest duration as the server has already been pre-paid for a year and may be continued if continuously popular. Thus a set of clear guidelines are to be written so everyone can enjoy the game on equal ground. We experienced one earlier launch with plugins being a mess and a recent with the server being laggy. Both of these issues should now be fixed and any future issues will quickly be solved by our friendly server host.


    The initial ruleset is as following (Last updated 9th Aug 2020):

    1. Do not exploit commands or tricks unknown to us, rather report directly prior to using it for your own benefit.
      This is so we don't have to delete the map due to someone getting a very unfair advantage at launch.
    2. Do not x-ray. It will only lead to an unfair play, will bore you out as the point with the game is lost.
      X-rayed loot will lead to a ban if used in combat against other players. Items gained may be removed if the behavior is continued.
      Admins will keep track of players inventory and their (hidden) chests and see if everything makes sense with tunnels.
    3. Do not go building walls or moats around others buildings.
      Do not touch the closeby environment unless you plan to live next door.
    4. Do not ruin the environment with lava casting/half-cut trees.
      This diminishes the natural beauty of the server and will make newcomers less likely to establish themselves.
    5. War/rivalry is only allowed between two agreeing parts, and lasts for the duration of the players being online with a 10 minute cooldown if someone quits prematurely. This is up to the warring factions to keep track of with screenshots.
    6. OPs words are law. They reserve the right to remove claims which might be unconventient, unused or remove items.
      These guidelines are subject to change.

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