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    NWRP Admin List

    By Jurek, in Player Information,

    Community Manager
    Community Executive
    @Generalissimus Kenway
    Server Host
    @Generalissimus Kenway
    @Lord Tim
    Trial Admins
    Veteran Admins
    Regular Admins
    Trial Admins
    @mimamima1 - hmph
    Head Admin
    Veteran Admins
    @mimamima1 - hmph
    @Bashi Bazouk
    @Machine Cultist Jan
    Trial Admins
    @real rat
    Honorary Admins
    @arealcyka - Seed_Plantson
    @Gentleman - Connor
    As at 27/12/2021


    NARC Server Rules

    By Jurek, in Player Information,

    While playing at NARC you cannot:
    1. Kill without valid reason (RDM)
    2. Fail to Roleplay (FRP). Examples: ignoring roleplay, new life rule or consequences
    3. Troll. Examples: framing players, provoking breaking the rules, sabotaging RP
    4. Take wrong class (WC). If you don't know what class to take ask the hosting admin
    5. Spam. Use local chat [O] for most of the conversations. Keep all chat [T] clean from quarrels, political disussions and other unnecessary content
    6. Prop spam. As sapper don't leave unfinished props and don't block roads or entrances
    7. Lie to admin. Dishonesty can be punished with permanent ban
    8. Behave in a vulgar manner. Examples: slurring, insulting, harrasement, obscenity
    9. Swap back. If admin swaps you it means you must not be in team you were swapped from.
    10. Advertise - if you are not an official affiliate you must not promote regiments, servers or other groups / organizations This set shows the general rules. If you don't understand something or want to know more, ask any admin on the server, or Head Admin on Discord 
    For rules of specific roleplays visit https://nwrp.eu/wiki/player/narc-gamemodes-r2/
    The most common felonies
    1. Wrong Class (WC)
    Almost all RPs demand specific class for each team. Before start, hosting admin will tell what classes are allowed and on what terms. Example:
    It's town RP, you are regular citizen. Admin told your team to take partisani or doctor. But you took infantry ranker. Admin will slay you soon. After that you will be reminded what class you should take. After respawn you didn't took the correct class, so you were kicked. After that you returned to the server and still had the wrong class even after final warning of the admin. Congratulations, you are banned for next one hour.
    2. Failing to Roleplay (FRP)
    FRP has many faces. There are two very commont types of FRP you should be aware of:

    - Ignoring roleplay: basically it happens when someone don't care about roleplay or he ignores his role in the game. Example:
    If admin said after in-game death you are mindless zombie that has to kill all the survivors, act like mindless zombie that has to kill all the survivors. Don't fire with guns, don't make in-RP conversations, don't let survivors live, don't sit in spawn after you were told to kill rest of players.
    - Ignoring the setting: it happens when someone is ignoring the reality he is placed in and don't care about immersion. Example:
    It's XII century and you claim to have peperoni pizza and bag of popcorn for microwave. And no, you can't be time traveler
    - Ignoring the consequences: it happens when some kind of issue was dealt with but someone or group of people are ignoring this fact. Examples:
    Someone tried to rob the bank. After beeing respawned he did the same thing again.
    There was a religious cult but it has been wiped out. After that, former cult members are again reforming it, ignoring the fact they were destroyed or just creating the cult again under different name
    One group of people had a reason to revolt, but they were defeated or that reason is no longer valid. Afterwards those people shout "REVOLT" and tell others it's time to fight
    Punishments for FRP are various. Usually it's slay/kick.
    3. Explosive Crates Spam (TNT Spam)
    By default players are not allowed to place any explosive crates. You can place them only if hosting admin directly said it's allowed or he gave you permission. Otherwise you will get punished. Severity of punishment depends on ammount of crates and circumstances:
    - Placing few crates not threatening other people/constructions will result in slay or kick
    - Spamming more then 5 crates is instant permament ban
    - Placing crates where they threaten other players or may destroy buildings/sapper constructions (objects that should stay intact) may result in permament ban
    - If someone placed TNT without permission you are not allowed to ignite it. If you do, you will get punished too
    4. Random Death Match (RDM)
    It's basically killing player without reason. You are not allowed to kill others if you don't have any basis to do it. If you just killed someone without reason you will be slayed or kicked. After you return and do the same thing you will be temorarly banned. Examples:
    - Guard told you to leave area that is off limits and you have no RP reason to get in there. You suddenly killed that guard.
    - You wanted to rob the tavern. Bartender asked you what you want to drink and you pulled out gun and shot him without making any demands or giving him a chance to surrender
    - New mayor was elected, but you voted for someone else. When he was passing by you killed that mayor.
    There are two unique kinds of RDM that should be mentioned:
    - Mass RDM: someone suddenly killed many players without valid reason. It's instant temporary ban
    - Revenge RDM: if someone was killed in valid way and after respawn he came back and killed the person that get him killed, it's RDM. Remember you are new character after in-game death (and no, you can't revenge cause you are relative or friend of your previous character)
    5. Trolling
    Players are trolling in various ways. There's a "soft" kind of trolling like: random punching, vandalising, insulting or blocking way is not part of RP and makes other players nervous and brings unfriendly atmosphere. If you won't stop you will be punished: usually slay/kick.
    But if you are trolling in more degenerated ways like: random stabbing people, provoking people in toxic ways, fooling players outside RP, sabotaging RP etc. you may get temped or even permed. Sometimes RDMing and FRPing can be considered as trolling.
    6. Lie to admin
    This is very serious offense. Lying to admin is cheating and we don't like cheaters. The most common situation when players lie to admin are:
    - Lying about RDM:
    You've decided to rob someone. That person resisted and you were killed. After that you told admin it was RDM and that guy attacked you for no reason.
    You've started to argue with someone. He told you he has enough and he leaves. Instead you pulled a gun and shot him. As a reason you have said „attacked”.
    - Lying in RP: usually not telling truth about role you have in RP to get yourself to the better position.
    Mayor selected some players to join his council meeting. You are walking into the meeting, people are telling you to get out and when hosting admin asks what is going on you tell him that you are part of this council, but in fact you are interlooping
    There is a exclusive in RP formation that will be given swords. You are not part of that group but you are trying to fool admin to get yourself that weapon too.
    Usually the punishment is permament ban
    Classic Rules of constructing
    Here are the rules in a nutshell:
         1. Constructing of all kind of objects except TNT is allowed
         2. No placing unfinished props
         3. No placing too many planks
         4. No obstructing
         5. No constructing to unreachable places
         6. No TNT without permission
         7. No wasting buildpoints / spamming sapper works
    What dose it mean exactly? I will describe each of the points mentioned above:
    1. This one is simple, you can always place any sapper object you want except TNT
    2. Each prop has to be finished after placing it. Prop-sandbag walls, "sandbag stairs to heaven", fence bridges and other similar objects are not allowed. This rule reduces glitching, probability of game crash for some of the playres and increases users performance. Also it protects constructing as art
    3. You can use planks if you have to. If you have to construct important parts of buildings with planks like roof it's ok, but place only one layer of them. Spamming plank-walls, or placing 100 planks on one square meter is not ok tho. Spamming too much planks works the same as spamming unfinished props - players will experience performance drop and some of them may crash. Also planks used in the ways they are not ment to use lower the quality of game. You have other objects avaliable to make defences from.
    4. What does "No obstructing" means in this context? Players musn't block roads, bridges, buildings, squares or other places with their sapper works. In the most of cases constructing in towns is not allowed too. If constructing is allowed, go to places where is a lot of space to build, not blocking anything or disrupting anyone.
    5. You can't make yourself a way to places that can't be reached without sapper works. For example building a tower and then destroying the lower levels of it making it levitating above the groud and camping from there is not allowed. The same goes for making a bridge to let's say a rock and then destroying that is not allowed too.
    6. If you have to place TNT (to breach through walls/defences or remove earthwork for example) ask hosting admin. If you won't recieve any answer you are still not allowed to place TNT. If you get positive answer, follow the exact instructions - admins usually restrict ammount of max crate numbers [] and number of times you can place them []. Of course if admin allowed TNT under some conditions before just follow these conditions.
    7. Don't make unneccesary constructions and have some respect to BP. Don't build too wide and long contructions. If you are making a settlement with 4 other players, you really don't have to make 80 long/6 wide chevaux de Frise walls on each side.


    Jailbreak Server Rules

    By Jurek, in Player Information,

    Basic premise:

    A new batch of prisoners have arrived in the prison. Whether they are slaves, PoWs, criminals or innocents is not of your concern; Your job, as a guard is to keep them contained and under control at all times. However, many have smuggled various weapons and rumors of a riot never cease circulating. 
    Your boss is the warden, a veteran in all aspects of prison management. He will go through the standard schedule, rotating the prisoners around the prison and do his best at maintain order. You are authorized to kill anyone disregarding his order, however any unjustified kill will be punished with you being dishonorably discharged and thrown in the next batch of prisoners, so be careful!
    -Punching and kicking guards or destructible items is not a punishable offence.
    -Guards may not kill prisoners for past crimes (this includes past and current rounds; if a prisoner hides his weapon for example, he is not to be killed).
    -Guards may kill prisoners on a direct path towards the Win Point. However, prisoners cannot be killed for delaying orhiding, unless the Warden has ordered otherwise.
    -During non-live rounds, guards cannot kill prisoners freely. When the Warden calls for a free day, however, prisoners can be killed under the normal rules.
    -Guards may not camp Win. They cannot kill prisoners who have reached the Win point.
    -Guards must state a reason after killing a prisoner for any reason. No reasons are required to be given during or after an Order 66
    -Guards may not stab, punch or kick prisoners at random.
    -Guards may not destroy any defenses.
    -Visible weapons on the belt or the hip (not currently being held) aren’t KoS unless the guard warns the player by typing in chat “drop [weapon name]’’. If the prisoner doesn’t comply within approximately 5-10 seconds, he is KoS.
    -You can NOT warn multiple people at once. ‘’Drop all weps’’ at the start of the round doesn’t apply.
    -Orders like ‘’drop wep’’ or just ‘’drop it’’ are invalid as they don’t mention the weapon’s name.
    -Guns are automatically KoS, even if they are carried on the back.
    -Guards may not exit the prison or use boats except in the case of an escape.
    -Guards may not kill any prisoners in spawn before 59:30.
    -Cane is a disciplinary melee weapon available to guards. Cane hits do no damage. As such it can be used freely to hit cocky prisoners. Detouring, kicking, fisting guard, destroying door, not following orders, possessing visible weapons, hiding, playing dead etc, etc. In 99% cases hitting with cane is NOT RDM HIT and should be treated very lightly as it indeed does no physical harm.
    -However, setting no restrictions would result in crazy guards slamming with canes everyone, everywhere, repeatedly in a psychotic fit. For such guards admins should issue a warning, and then eventually slay if individual does not comply soon. 
    Basic Terminology:
    -KoS = Kill on Sight
    -O66 = Kill all prisoners
    -RDM = Random Deathmatch (unjustified kill)
    -Detour = Not going/Going to the wrong direction
    -[SLAVE] = Rank ‘’awarded’’ to punished players, who now have limited access to game features
    -Warden = The person giving orders to the prisoners
    -CW = Community Warden, a person trusted by the admin team who has been allowed to use admin chat
    Valid Reasons:
    "Out" = Outside of designated area
    "wep (warned) [1]" = Weapon (hidden on belt/hip) [hid within 1 second-see below]
    "Order" = Direct order from the warden (such as "fire once")
    "Running"/"Escaping"/"Not going" = Self-explanatory
    "Rioting", "attacked me", "killed another guard" = Non-valid, use one of the reasons provided above.
    A legit kill without the appropriate reason is still considered RDM

    -Any prisoner holding a weapon may be killed if it is drawn. Visible weapons on the belt or hip have to be warned for before killing.
    -As ‘’weapons’’ we classify anything that can deal damage. As such items like spyglasses aren’t considered weapons.
    -Any prisoner carrying a gun, even on his back, may be killed without warning.
    -All players are to listen to and follow the admins' orders. Their decision on a matter is final. If you have an issue with that decision, report it on the forum.
    -If a prisoner is killed within 1 second of dropping/hiding a weapon the kill is allowed. Any time after and the kill is to be consider an Accidental RDM.

    -No players or admins are allowed to use the chat in a way that disrupts the server. This includes spamming, racism, homophobia, extremism, trying to antagonize players, trying to mislead others into breaking the rules, and so on.
    -Regiments may post a recruitment message every 1 map.
    -Glitching or abusing bugs/flaws in the game or any map is prohibited. Mods are allowed as long as they are cosmetic and do not impact gameplay. Examples of such permitted mods are the cheer and dab mods.
    -Trying to evade punishment by leaving the server will result in a permanent ban.
    -Wardening priority goes as follows: Admins-> Selected Players (from an admin)-> Players
    For rules of specific alt modes, visit https://nwrp.eu/wiki/player/jb-gamemodes-r4/

    Our community has hosted several servers throughout the years, but this will be the longest duration as the MC server already been pre-paid for a year and may be continued if continuously popular, and as ZAP-Hosting decided to sponsor us with a server useful for various purposes. Thus a set of clear guidelines are to be written so everyone can enjoy the game on equal ground. We experienced one earlier launch with plugins being a mess and a recent with the server being laggy. Both of these issues should now be fixed and any future issues will quickly be solved by our friendly server hosts.
    The initial ruleset is as following (Last updated 9th Aug 2020):
    Do not exploit commands or tricks unknown to us, rather report directly prior to using it for your own benefit.
    This is so we don't have to delete the map due to someone getting a very unfair advantage at launch. Do not x-ray. It will only lead to an unfair play, will bore you out as the point with the game is lost.
    X-rayed loot will lead to a ban if used in combat against other players. Items gained may be removed if the behavior is continued.
    Admins will keep track of players inventory and their (hidden) chests and see if everything makes sense with tunnels. Do not go building walls or moats around others buildings without their permission.
    Do not touch the closeby environment unless you plan to live next door. Do not ruin the environment with lava casting/half-cut trees.
    This diminishes the natural beauty of the server and will make newcomers less likely to establish themselves. War/rivalry is only allowed between two agreeing parts, and lasts for the duration of the players being online with a 10 minute cooldown if someone quits prematurely. This is up to the warring factions to keep track of with screenshots. OPs words are law. They reserve the right to remove claims which might be unconventient, unused or remove items.
    These guidelines are subject to change. Do not launch boss fights without announcing it in the #games channel, and use the same channel to invite other players in general.


    Bannerlord Gamemodes

    By Emil, in Player Information,

    These game modes are written with the premise that Bannerlord will feature the same basic dedicated server functions and configs as Warband in terms of unit limits, map change and one life mode, with the addition of modded scripts (beacons, individual banners, overhauls, advanced admin tools, etc). The multi-player is still being tweaked, thus our game modes may also be tweaked. Our guides are always portrayed as if there's 200 players in total on the server, 100 in each team. Let's begin with the backbone game mode of the Napoleonic (Bannerlord) Role Play server.
    Random nation versus random nation.
    There are several types of infantry, thus each type should follow their group (1).
    Archers and cavalry should be limited to around 20% (2).
    It's allowed to kill surrenders if they're melee infantry. Archers may be taken hostage, and executed if not rescued.
    Team balance should be even.
    (1). No beacons/leader role might force us to wait with using the game mode until TW or modders' solve it, unless VOIP would offer an alternative temporary solution with voiced leaders.
    (2). This is battle game mode after all. Not supposed to be any archer or cavalry spam. Focus on teamwork, strategy and formations. 20 archers, 20 cavalry and 60 infantry per team.
    Random nation versus random nation.
    Everyone must go archer (May equip any bow, arrow, but no javelins/spears).
    Walk in line towards the opponent forces and follow admins commands. (Halt, Present, Fire).
    Infantry versus Cavalry
    Random nation versus random nation.
    Admins force either infantry or cavalry on the teams (This is a scripted function in NRP today, likely won't be in BL).
    Infantry prepare a square or line formation at spawn.
    Cavalry line up at spawn and wait for the charge command from the admin.
    There are no sappers in BL so the last rule related to barricades was removed entirely.
    Cavalry versus Cavalry
    Random nation versus random nation.
    Admins force both teams to go Cavalry.
    Balance adjustments towards cavalry-oriented nations (Not too many horse archers delaying the rounds with Parthian shot tactics).
    Both teams line up at spawn and wait for the charge command from the admins.
    Unleash havoc.
    Other original and easy to convert game modes include assassination, hostage and town.

    Player Rules for Chatting
    Read the role play rules as the admins announce them in the admin chat. Do not spam the chat with similar or unnecessary messages. English only. Keep other languages to a minimum, or via external chat programs. Always try to use proper capitalization, spelling and sentence structures. Regiments are allowed to recruit once per 3rd round. Complain about decisions on the forums, not in the chat.
    Player Rules for Playing
    Always follow the rules for the current role play on the server. No ramboing. You should always follow a regiment unless you're an artillerist. Sappers and naval troops should still follow officers or artillerists. No surrender-killing. You should always wait for admin/officers command before killing a prisoner. You may only kill prisoners if they still have weapons on them. No delaying. You should be playing to win, not to run around like a fool. No BP/TNT spam. You should never waste buildpoints or spam explosives. No teamhitting. Never stab, shoot or throw grenades at friendly soldiers. No hacking, cheating or modding. Never use files that modifies the game online. No trolling. Never block artillery or take control of boats without permission. No intentional impersonation of an admin, nor unauthorized usage of their tags.  
    For rules of specific roleplays visit https://nwrp.eu/wiki/player/nrp-gamemodes-r3/

    Admin Rules for Chatting
    No deviating from or circumventing the Player Rules for Chatting.  Thus admins must still follow the Player Rules for Chatting. No leading regiments via the announcements unless the specific RP requires it. No recruiting for regiments via the announcements. No participating in everyday conversation with the players via the announcements. No random or irrelevant sentences via the announcements. No spamming via the announcements. ~1 message per minute. Write using proper capitalization, spelling and sentence structure. Only warnings, RP instructions and punishments should be told via the announcements.
    Admin Rules for Playing
    No deviating from or circumventing the Player Rules for Playing. Thus admins must still follow the Player Rules for Playing. Admins should be in our Teamspeak or Discord while they are admining. Admins may not spawn tools such as admin weapons or admin horses. Admins may teleport stuck players if it's possible, the player will get slain if not. Post in the admin group on Steam when the server requires another admin. Admins should use their tag while on duty. eg, ServerAbbreviation_Rank_Username. Admins should announce their name change, unless temporary in the admin steam group.  
    If a rule isn't written down, it's most certainly not forbidden either.
    Eg, acting tri-hard in chat is not forbidden, nor is it forbidden to be named Stalin in-game.
    However, it is forbidden to spam in chat or to impersonate an admin in-game.
    The recruiting rule gives every regiment or clan permission to make one informative recruitment message per 3rd round, also containing a link to a steam profile, website or forum thread. This isn't done to harm or discriminate against regiments or clans, but to keep the chat open for conversations, orders and memes instead of it being filled with advertisements.
    Player Consequences
    Admins use common sense when determining punishment, but they also use certain guidelines. 
    They look at previous behavior, if it's a regular player and if there was a valid reason to bend a rule. Breaking a rule once and regularly breaking them everyday may lead to different punishments. Examples:

    Spam in chat 🠚 Warning, kick then temporary ban.
    Ramboing 🠚 Warning, slay then temporary ban.
    Delaying 🠚 Warning, slay then temporary ban.
    Hacking, cheating, ddosing and modding 🠚 Instant permanent ban.
    BP/TNT spam 🠚 Temporary ban.
    Forbidden usernames 🠚 Warning, kick then permanent ban.
    Trolling 🠚 Warning, slay then temporary ban.
    Surrender-killing 🠚 Warning then slay.
    Teamhitting 🠚 Warning then slay.
    Anything may lead to a permanent ban if the bad manners continues after a temporary ban or after acting in a bad manner during several days.
    Admin Consequences
    Admins can make mistakes, but certain measures may be taken if it appears that they have deliberately broken the rules. Admins are the representatives of the community and should therefore be extra aware of the rules, show extra patience, restraint and respect.
    Common mistakes are often forgiven by the management and the players as long as the incident is reported. Eg, if an admin accidentally permanently ban a player and immediately report it on the Admin Steam Group or directly to someone with access to the ban list so the player quickly gets unbanned. However, if an admin has deliberately broken the rules, acts out as a threat against the existing hierarchy or if a valid complaint has been filed, then the admin can expect three possibilities; removal from the team, a warning or a demotion.
    Napoleonic Dictionary
    Trolls are acting contra-productively.
    Rambos are running alone. 
    Delayers are not participating in the fight.
    Teamhitters are shooting or stabbing mates on purpose.
    Surrenderkillers are killing surrenderers without lining up for execution.
    Spammers are abusing buildpoints or the chat.
    Hackers are using scripts to alter the game experience.
    Officer Aim means intentional aiming for the officer.
    Fire in Charge means firing whilst engaged in melee.
    Reload in Charge means reloading when the line you are part of is charging.
    Fire out of Line means firing when you are not in formation.


    JB Gamemodes

    By Emil, in Player Information,

    JailArena (JArena)
    • The guards and prisoners spawn facing each other.
    • Both teams stay in their spawn areas.
    • The Warden (acting as a referee) takes his position.
    • He calls one or more fighters from either team to join the arena. They fight. Each team should have an equal no. of fighters chosen at the beginning of the fight.
    • After 58:00, the fighter who is killed in combat loses.
    • The Winner of the duel goes to the back of the line, and one or more new fighters enter the arena to create a new 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 etc.
    This goes on until a team (Guards or Prisoners) loses all of its players. That team has been defeated.
    • Prisoners and guards may use any weapons they wish to.
    • Shooting and throwing is not allowed.
    • Interfering with duels in any way is an offense worth a ban.
    • Anyone attacking anyone from the other team out of turn will be slain.
    • Anyone entering the arena while it is not his/her turn will be slain.
    • Fighters unwilling to leave the arena and go back to the back of their line after winning a duel will be slain.
    • If a prisoner or guard surrenders, the Warden decides if they are to be spared or executed. His word is law.
    JailRun (JRun)
    • Guards and Prisoners spawn in their respective areas.
    • The aim of the Prisoners is to get to the Win Point and thus escape the arena.
    • The aim of the guards is to prevent them from doing so, in killing all the prisoners.
    • The prisoners initially move to the gate, which acts as the starting point.
    • The guards take positions, ready to shoot the escapees as they emerge.
    • The Warden (and only the Warden) shouts "3... 2... 1... Go!" before opening the gate and releasing the prisoners.
    • The prisoners have to get to the Win Point by running through the obstacle course, while the guards are shooting at them.
    • The first prisoner to reach the Win Point has beacon and offered the choice to either swap to guard or stay a prisoner. He is the winner.
    • The round ends when all prisoners are at the Win Point area or when all are dead.
    • Glitching outside the map and camping the spawn as either team is slay-able.
    • The guards are not allowed to enter the obstacle course under any circumstances. Doing so is slay-able.
    • Prisoners can do anything they would like to impede the progress of their fellow runners. It's a race between the prisoners as well.
    • Guards can use any weapons and attacks they would like to attempt to kill the prisoners, including firearms and melee attacks.
    • Guards may not enter the course themselves in order to misuse these weapons.
    • Guards can fire at the prisoners and prisoners can fire at the guards.
    • Guards may not shoot prisoners who have entered the win point.
    • The prisoners who win are to stay at the Win Point.
    Jail Assault (JAss)
    • Prisoners spawn inside the prison.
    • Guards spawn some distance away from the prison, in a locked room.
    • Guards are then expected to charge towards the island, with the intent of killing all the prisoners.
    • Both sides are hostile to each other, and are free to attack the other faction whenever they wish to.
    • Only current warden or appointed ( beaconed ) guard may sail the ship and give orders. /slay
    • Once the docks are reached and charge order is given - no more reloading /slay
    • No turning back /slay
    • No hiding or delaying /slay
    • The defending team (the prisoners) are not allowed to leave the prison under any circumstances!
    • Guards who camp excessively instead of charging and attacking will be slain after a warning.
    Ratio of guards/prisoners should be around 2:3.
    Keep in mind that the prisoners are not able to deal damage until 58:00.
    Jail 'N Seek (JNS)
    • Prisoners spawn at the win point outside the prison, where they can arm themselves and organize their attack.
    • Guards spawn near the main gates of the prison.
    • The leader of the prisoners is teleported to the guards.
    • Prisoner leader has to surrender all of his weapons, and follow the guards peacefully to wherever they wish to imprison him.
    • Rest of the guards who are not escorting the prisoner are meant to adopt defensive positions and begin firing at the prisoners.
    • The prisoners have 7 minutes to rescue their leader. After 7 minutes (at 53:00), he will be executed by the guards.
    • The leader of the prisoners should ideally be an admin or a trustworthy player (a VIP).
    • The guards are not allowed to harm the leader in any way while he is in the prison. If he escapes and is outside it, they are free to try to kill him before he reaches the Win Point.
    • Deliberately killing the prisoner leader as a guard results in a temporary ban.
    • Admins can freeze and teleport another prisoner to act as the leader until a new one is formally chosen. This is to prevent unnecessary resets if the prisoner leader dies halfway through the round.
    • Guards must execute the prisoner leader after 53:00. This will mean that the prisoners have lost the round.
    • Prisoner leader is not allowed to try to escape on his own!
    • The VIP cannot give away their location or they will be banned.
    • The VIP cannot use weapons (even during his escape).
    • The VIP can’t attempt to disrupt its guards. Punching, kicking, running around and making noise via voice commands may result to an early execution.
    • Guards may not reveal the location of the VIP at risk of a ban.
    • The VIP is to be beaconed once he starts making his escape.
    • Guards cannot leave the fort under any circumstances.
    • Guards win if all prisoners are either killed or surrender, or if the prisoner leader dies.
    • Prisoners win if they find their leader, and escort him back to the Win Point, before he is executed by the guards.
    • Prisoners can still win even if there are still guards who are alive.
    • Prisoners can also win by killing all the guards.
    Hunger games

    • Prisoners must fight each other to the death - alliances are allowed providing they don't delay (like allied prisoners being the last left).
    • Only admins are allowed to be guards.
    • Delaying is not allowed. Hiding is allowed providing it isn't delaying.
    • At as specific time, the admin will enable access to the armory, where prisoners can be supplied with better weapons.
    • At regular intervals, the admins will activate a deathwall, after warnings on admin chat. Being in the wrong area will result in death.
    • Admin is allowed for use of GOD MODE in order to avoid early round end if some prisoner sneaks into admin zone due to map flaws. He is absolutely NOT allowed to fight/kill while using it.
    • The bridge in the center is always safe from the deathwall.
    Jail Race

    The prisoners have secured the help of a few, collaborative guards, who have promised to give them horses and open the main prison gates during their escape. However, there is only limited space on the escape boat. Hence, the prisoners have to race each other to it, with the first few prisoners who manage to board it securing their freedom.
    • Prisoners spawn in a prison-like, walled off spawn.
    • The prisoners get into a paddock each. All prisoners are therefore level at the gate/starting line.
    • An admin raises the gate, and the players race through the map.
    • The first player who enters the victory boat has to close the gate onboard as soon as possible. This will prevent any further prisoners from boarding.
    • Any prisoners who are in the boat before it is shut have won. The rest have lost, and are forever trapped.
    • Admins will at a specific point in time attempt to run down and kill struggling prisoners.
    • Damage should be disabled for all players. Killing another player or their horse is slayable, then tempbannable the second time round.
    • Players are allowed to anything within reason to impede their competitors. This could be running in front of their horses (so as to halt them), or forcing them off a bridge or ledge.
    • Players are not allowed to troll other players by blocking deliberately, for any period of time, in a way that would stop the flow of the race. For instance, players are not allowed to block tunnels or other key narrow points in a map.
    • Admins are only allowed to teleport players who are stuck. No teleporting for other reasons is allowed.
    • Only two or three players should play as guards. These should ideally be admins. Any other players should be swapped. 

    This mode plays in a more realistic setting of a constantly occupied prison; new batches of unarmed prisoners arrive at regular intervals and need to hoard weapons from around the prison. They need to riot collectively in order to overpower their armed opponents. Inevitably the prisoners will stage an escape, at which points the guards have to defend key chokepoints to prevent them from reaching their spawn and capping their flag.
    • Regular Jail Break rules apply.
    • Visible weapons are KOS, even if hidden.
    • X areas are KoS.
    • Bottles are allowed in dinner only
    • Prisoners closing the spawn door will be banned.
    • Guards may not open any of the three gates unless the admin tells them to.
    • Guards are obligated to abide by the warden’s commands. Should they not, they can be slayed
    • Sappers are enabled for the guard team; however, they are disallowed from spamming defenses in a way that disrupts gameplay (for instance they are allowed to build walls on the bridge, but not spam the gate-house with chevaux de frises). Plank spam is also disallowed.
    • Guards must take any guard weapons on the floor to the armory, as such multiple firearm carrying will be enabled.
    • Guards may not pick the partizani class.
    • In the event of a mass riot the warden may order all prisoners to return to their cells (referred to as a ‘’lockdown’’), anyone outside or not going is then KOS until control is retained.
    • In the event that the mass riot pushes the guards back to the wall the admin may call 'o66’. The guards must then push the prisoners back to spawn and close their spawn gate.
    • Cannons can be used only during o66. No need to ask admin for permission. (fail to do so = temp-slave)
    • In order to place/ignite TNT, players must first request admin permission to do so. (fail to do so = temp-slave)
    • Guards are encouraged not to blob around wherever the prisoners are, after all they are mostly unarmed, guards should patrol the prison and defend out of bounds areas and key points like doorways.
    • If a riot is called guards are to divert their attention to that location.
    • The cavalry guards are to patrol around the prison and not to clog up doorways or paths with their horse.
    Jail Purge

    The prisoners have taken control of their former prison and turned it into an autonomous educational center. The guards, still bitter over their humiliating defeat, send forward the equivalent of a space marine to take them out in a surprise attack. 
    • The guard-exterminator has a buffed healthpool, resistance to musket and rocket fire and a 1-hit-kill banhammer. He is however slow, vulnerable to being rushed by a large group and takes significant damage from rockets, and especially, melee attacks.
    • The guard must not delay, but keep advancing. 
    • There is only 1 guard, whose slot changes hands every round.
    Fortnite RP (FRP)
    FRP is a variation of Hunger Games mode. Players objective is to kill each other to become the last survivor. Most differences originate from its unique map. 
    FRP map is divided on 4 circles. Green, grey, pink and the very middle of map marked with red. First 2 zones contain plenty of places filled with loot. Last 2 zones are designed to hold a final struggles of remaining alive players.
    • Admins will ensure short and action packed rounds by "gassing" the zones one after another, till only red middle remains safe. Admin may decide to finally kill everyone, if last alive participants do not comply and fight.
    • It is a responsibility of wardening admin to ensure that round does not take too long. Time until gassing green zone should be no more than 2 minutes, grey zone should take max 1 min, while pink and red zone should take max 30 seconds. Depending on situation it should be even less (for example when majority of players decided to flee green zone anyway and now just waiting). 
    The "gassing" is executed by using death wall command (/dw).
    /dwr values for each zones are below:
    • green zone ---> /dwr 50
    • grey zone ---> /dwr 19
    • pink zone ---> /dwr 1
    • killing everyone ---> /dwr -1
    Jail Forts (Minecraft RP)

    The prisoners have escaped from their prison and tried to escape. However, the guards have managed to catch up with them and they now need to survive the guards' assault by using the terrain and materials they scrapped from the prison.
    Prisoner Rules:
    • Prisoners have until 57:30 to construct a fortress
    • Prisoners must have a minimum of 3 players to start a fort, any less is ramboing
    • Prisoners outside of a valid fort after 57:30 are to be slain for rambo
    • Prisoners trolling/destroying sapper defenses are to be slain
    • Prisoners are allowed to leave a fort after/during it falls to retreat to another (if another is available)
    Guard Rules:
    • Are to group up on the admin/team leader at the beginning
    • Do not charge before 57:30, if they do it is a slay
    • Generally should stick with their team
    Special Rules:
    • Towering is allowed (The building of high, near impenetrable sky fortress). Once guards have secured the base (The general area surrounding the tower), the inhabitants are given a warning and allowed time to evacuate. After the allotted time expires you may bomb/slay the towering prisoners.
    • As stated above an Admin Weapon is allowed, the grenade is to be used ONLY for destroying warned towers and nothing more, and sheathed immediately afterwards.

    General Rules:
    • In order to win Prisoners must break glass beneath their opponents, last man standing wins
    • Spawn camping is not allowed, warning then slay
    • Vodka may be enabled
    Jail Escape (JE)

    General Rules:
    • Prisoners must run from spawn and make it to WIN (SHIP)
    • Guards are to hunt down any prisoners
    • WIN camping is not allowed (warning then slay)
    Hide and seek
    • To survive, survivors have to hide somewhere on the map. Hiding on small boat is not allowed before escape time.
    • Survivors team wins if the Murderer is killed. Individual Survivors can win by escaping with the boat.
    • Murderers are supposed to wait in spawn for a minute to let Survivors hide first. After that time, Murderers are looking for a prey. They can't show any mercy.
    • When escape is allowed, Murderers are not allowed to camp near the boat.


    NRP Gamemodes

    By Emil, in Player Information,

    Random nation versus random nation.
    Infantry follow their officers and cavalry follow their general.
    It's not allowed to kill surrenders. Line up in front of them and wait for the fire command from an admin or officer. Surrenders must announce it, drop their weapons and keep their hands up.
    Anyone refraining from doing so may be killed. (G then P)
    Team balance should be even.
    France (Defenders) versus Russia (Attackers).
    The defenders (Infantry) need to hold their ground inside the palace.
    The attackers (Partizani) need to kill every last enemy.
    Balance should be in favor of Russia.
    Line Battle
    Random nation versus random nation.
    Infantry follow their officers. There may or may not be cavalry.
    Only light infantry and skirmishers are allowed to crouch.
    Infantry may only fire while in formation.
    Random nation versus Russia. Protect the General against Russian Spec-Ops.
    All Russians must go Partizani class and try to kill the General.
    All defenders must protect the General until the time runs out or the enemy team is dead.
    Cavalry should be deactivated.
    Grenadiers may or may not be allowed.
    Team balance should be in favor to the Russians.
    Russia versus random nation. Maintain control of the Russian village.
    Maps should contain Village in their names.
    All Russians must go Partizani class and do commoner work with their tools.
    All players of the other nation must guard the village, suppress violence and maintain order.
    Russians may not revolt before the designated time has passed.
    Non-violent Russians may not be killed before being rounded up in the city center 
    to be executed by admins / officers orders.
    Random nation (Defenders) versus random nation (Attackers)
    One hostage will be brought to the defenders where s/he will be imprisoned.
    The hostage has to be rescued by the attackers. 
    Victory if they safely get the hostage out of enemy territory or kill all the defenders.
    The defenders win if the attackers are eliminated, if the hostage die during a escape or if the time runs out.
    War & Peace
    Random nation versus random nation. The preferable game mode is Battle.
    The Generals may be handpicked by the admins before the round goes live.
    Officers are responsible for their respective regiments.
    All officers are expected to listen to and follow their Generals orders. 
    The game starts with a truce between the nations which may not be broken 
    until both teams are in their fortresses and prepared to receive further orders.
    War can only be declared by the Generals. 
    Traitors and disobedient soldiers may expect serious punishment.
    Sappers are allowed to build fortifications. 
    Artillery is allowed, but may only fire after war is declared, just like all other troops.
    Admin may order a charge if there's little to none fighting.
    Infantry versus Cavalry
    Random nation versus random nation. 
    Admins force either Infantry or Cavalry on the teams.
    Infantry prepare a square formation at spawn.
    Cavalry line up at spawn and wait for the charge command from the admins.
    Sappers / barricades may or may not be allowed.
    Cavalry versus Cavalry
    Random nation versus random nation. (Except UK since they don't have lancers)
    Admins force both teams to go Cavalry.
    Both teams line up at spawn and wait for the charge command from the admins.
    Unleash havoc.
    Capture the Church
    Random nation (Defenders) versus random nation (Attackers)
    The defenders have to keep the attackers from reaching the church and using the bells.
    The defenders may not pass over the bridge.
    Sappers may or may not be allowed.
    Artillery is allowed for both sides.
    Russian Revolution
    Russia (Imperialists) versus Russia (Communists)
    Team 2 (Communists) must go Partizani class.
    Map should preferably be European City.
    Team balance in favor of Team 2 (Communists)
    Storm the Palace
    Random nation (Defenders) versus Russia (Attackers)
    Defenders need to hold their ground inside the palace by using any means necessary.
    Attackers need to kill every last enemy.
    Balance should be in favor of Russia.
    Russia (Soviet Union) versus Prussia (Nazi-Germany)
    Map should be Landshut (Night)
    Both teams may use sappers to build barricades.
    Admins may decide if one team should try to push.
    Red day every third round. (Melee only)
    Random nation versus random nation.
    Everyone must go Infantry. (No grenadiers, sappers, sailors or cavalry)
    Two officers are decided to lead each team by the admins.
    Everyone must walking with their officer in formation.
    Follow admins commands. (Halt, Present, Fire)
    Change game mode to Siege and select map Fort Al Hafya (Night)
    Prussia (Defenders) versus UK (Attackers)
    Both teams are allowed to have Artillery and Grenadiers.
    Prussia may also use Sappers.
    UK must either capture the flag behind the enemy bunkers or kill the enemy commander.
    Team balance in favor of UK.
    France versus Prussia. 
    Map should be German Village (Morning)
    Each round start with a peace period so everyone can get into their trenches.
    Admin declares war after a certain amount of time.
    Admin orders either of the teams to assault afterwards.
    Random nation versus random nation.
    Everyone must choose the officer class. (Officer limit to 100%)
    Map should be Spanish Farm (Day)
    Cavalry may or may not be allowed.
    Random nation versus random nation.
    The first team should try to reach a destination, eg. ship or fortress.
    The second team should try to cut them off before they reach the destination.
    The first team may not start fighting before the second team has arrived.
    The first team win by getting ~5 players to the destination.
    The second team wins by killing all enemies or by stopping them from reaching the destination until the time limit is up.
    Arabian Harbour (Night) above 100 players and Naval Battle (Day) below 100 players.
    It's not allowed to start steering the ships before admins command.
    Everyone should go ship crew class. (Depends)
    Grenadiers are deactivated.
    Artillery may or may not be allowed.

    Helm's Deep
    Random nation (defenders) versus Russia (attackers).
    Team 2 (orcs) must go partizani class.
    Grenadiers and cavalry are deactivated.
    The roleplay is to be played on Siege mode, with 1 spawn for defenders.
    An admin may grant the defenders a spawn once they become overwhelmed.

    Kenway Naval 
    UK versus France.
    Cavalry, artillery, sappers and grenadiers are deactivated. 
    Both sides have an alternative win condition which is opening a door placed on enemy spawn.
    Destroying doors placed on own spawn will result in a punishment. 


    NARC Gamemodes

    By Emil, in Player Information,

    At the beginning you have to form or join a group of at least 3-5 people (your future kingdom). Then all of your mates should gather in one of the bases scattered around the map. Wear one kind of uniform at all times if you are part of kingdom. After that wait until admin tells to announce factions. If you are ready (all members are in your base and have the proper uniform) tell in all chat: Name, Base, Uniform. You are formed after hosting admin confirms it in admin chat.
    When most of the kingdoms are formed, the real part of the roleplay starts. You may start to talk with other factions and make some diplomatic moves (like forming alliances or coalitions). Later you are allowed (if you are faction leader) to declare wars against others. When wars are allowed, tell in all chat reason for war, your faction and on what faction you are declaring war. Also make sure all of your troops are in your base. Otherwise the war won't be valid and enemies will know what you are up to. If you win the war, you may make some demands.
    There are two kinds of demands you can make:
    Small demand: usually it's taking prisoner, agree to some kind of insult etc. Usually they can be demanded after winning defensive war, first offensive war, but that depends on admin.
    Huge demand: forcing religion, disbanding, vassalisation etc. Something that has strong impact on the losing side. Of course vassalisation or disbanding can be rejected, but after losting another war, demand is enforced and losers don't have a choice again. If they refuse to obey as vassals or won't leave their kingdom they will be punished for failing to roleplay.
    Class: all except artillery
    Constructing: usually allowed, classic rules
    Like in Kingdoms, form a groups of at least 3-5 players. This time you have to construct your own settlement in order to survive. Build constructions with strong walls and roof not to die in the harsh reality and later construct fishtraps, farms (not in winter of course), defences. If your group started to build the shelter, you may announce your settlement: tell in all chat Name of that settlement and uniform your people will wear. War & Diplomacy rules are similar to the ones from Kingdoms, but later you may go hunt or do other activites in order to survive.
    Class: depends on hosting admin. Always partisani / doctor / sapper. Infantry or cavalry may be enabled
    Constructing: always allowed, classic rules
    It's sandbox, where story and setting depends on hosting admin. Left team are guards, they have to protect the town from criminal activity and maintain peace in town. They should respect private property, not abuse citizens and catch criminals and troublemakers.
    Right team (Russia) have more freedom of activity. You may be tavern keeper, priest, banker, hobo, blacksmith... there's really a lot of choice. Usually people are electing a mayor who will make a laws and care about day to day matters. If he was elected by majority people can't revolt against him. If mayor starts to behave like dictator he may be removed from the office
    First team [Guards] - infantry rankers, police chief takes officer
    Second team [Rest] - partisani / doctor / sapper
    Constructing: usually disabled. Classic rules + no constructing in town
    You live in town that has no connection to the rest of the world. Also there are many dangers like blizzards or raiders. People should construct walls around that town to prevent strong winds from damaging buildings and unwanted visitors from entering. In order to get more food people should form expeditions (after recieving permission), but remember they are dangerous. Bad sanitary situation and food shortages may result in disease.
    Class: partisani / doctor / sapper, mayor may take militia officer
    Constructing: always allowed. Classic rules + no wasting build points, only construct walls and checkpoints on special ocasions
    This RP is similar to the Town RP, but one of the players is chosen to be the Dictator. He rules this land with his iron hand. Guards are protecting not only the town, but also the reign of the glorious Dictator. Rest of the players (Right side: Russia) are people unfortunate enough to live in there. If you are guard: protect the abusive butt of dictator, if you are citizen you may try to stay low, revolt or collaborate.
    Dictator can make laws and abuse his powers (he can even kill anyone he likes to). Unfortunatly for him, the people of his town may revolt against him if he will treat on them too hard. If dictator gets himself killed or captured, the time for the new goverment comes. How it will look like? It depends on you. Usually the revolters are installing new dictator, but you may try to form a more people-friendly land.
    First team [Guards] - infantry rankers, dictator takes officer
    Second team [Rest] - partisani / doctor / sapper
    Contructing: usually disabled. If enabled, classic rules + constructing only what dictator ordered to build
    Papers, Please
    One of the teams are guards who are tasked to maintain order in their town. But this time there are a lots of immigrants near the border and town desperatly needs workers. One of the players is chosen to be the Inspector – he will check the immigrants and pick who will enter the town. Rest of the guards keep away illegal immigrants and protect the town and checkpoint.
    Second team are the immigrants: they have to get inside town. They may try to sneak inside but they risk getting killed. Inside town just play it like Town RP (also you are not considered an immigrant from now on). Immigrants can't shot to guards from outside of border and can try to fight back only if they have nowhere to run.
    There is a third group in this roleplay: the Terrorists. For some reason they just want to see this town in flames. They are hidden among immigrants. If they get inside town, they have to blow up the most important constructions inside it (like PD, Clinic, Hotel).
    First team [Guards] - infantry ranker / sapper, inspector / leader take officer
    Second team [Immigrants/Terrorists] - sapper / partisani / doctor
    Constructing: always allowed. Guards can construct checkpoints, immigrants may build things requested by the guards, terrorists may place up to 3 TNT crates in one moment, 3-5 minutes before planting more
    Beginning of the roleplay depends on hosting admin: you can live on one of the colonies or already be on an independent island.
    In the first situation there's a governor and emissary chosen by hosting admin (and maybe a guard's leader). Governor has to rule his island, he tells people what should be constructed and makes a laws. Emissary respresents interests of his home nation. Later island may rebel against their overlords and form independent nation.
    When independent nation is formed, governor has more freedom of choice. He is directly responisble for development of island and he has to handle internal conflicts. Guards have to protect him and make sure people are doing his will. Rest of the players have to construct buildings chosen by the Governor, or just enjoy living on the island. When the Governor is too opressive people may demand removing him from the office. If he won't give up his power revolt is allowed. The goverment of this island and laws are up to you.
    First team [Guards]: infantry rankers / cavalry rankers / sapper, governor and missary take officer
    Second team [Rest]: sapper / partisani / doctor
    Constructing: always enabled. Classic rules
    Lost Regiment
    One of the teams is The Lost Regiment – they have to survive after beeing cut off from the rest of the army. There's a commanding officer picked by hosting admin who gives orders to his troops. He has to make sure his unit will make it alive. When his unit will move across map it will be harrased by enemy troops. When hostile soldiers will make decisive offensive, the Lost Regiment should dig in and repulse attacking forces. If Lost Regiment will defeat their enemies and reach to safe area they will win.
    Class: depends on the story
    Constructing: usually enabled. Only defences
    Murder Boat
    You are on a steam ship, but it has no coal anymore. Suddenly some armed crew members are going crazy.
    One team has to hide at the beginning and later escape with small boat or fight back.
    Second team has to mercilessly murder the first team.
    One of the players is high priority target. He has his guards, but they don't know who is the assassin.
    The second team are guests, recruits, depending on the story. Among them there's at least one assassin.
    First team has to keep the target alive. Second may help the guards if they see the assassins attacking.

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