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Template Request

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Please use this template for all your skin requests, as it makes our job much easier. For more information, see here.
You can find a guide on obtaining Item IDs here.


NRP Username: 
GUID: (Number displayed in the chat when you join the server, we need this to give you the skin)
Reason you were given Skin: e.g, being a faction leader, giveaways, donated before TW policy change when we stopped giving skins for donations.
Steam Profile: (Optional, but makes things much faster)

Item IDs:
Head - 
Torso - 
Gloves -
Pants - 

Place a description of what you want your skin to be, a list of the parts you want or the itemIDs. The more specific you are, you faster we can make it!

If you already have a skin, and this is just a request to change your custom skin, please write on the top of your template "Skin Change Request"
People who have a skin already are allowed to change their skins. Please do not request items that have armor, they will be reserved only for Faction leaders.

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