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Campaign 6 Leadership Applications

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Bullet Magnet

Hello, and thank you for applying to be part of the gameplay staff for Campaign 6.0!


We are currently looking for:


Faction Leader

Responsible for issuing army movements on the campaign map, 1 per faction



Responsible for leading a line of troops, normally 5-6 officers are needed per faction


MICROPHONES ARE REQUIRED, AND ALL APPLICANTS MUST BE ON THE NRP DISCORD (or your regiment's TS channel if you are an officer leading your regiment) AT THE TIME OF THE EVENT


If you want to apply, please fill in this application format and post it in a reply to this forum:


NRP In-game username:


Discord username:


Steam: (Link to your profile)


Preferred role: (Faction leader/officer)


Preferred faction: (Varnice/Creaniki)


Why you'd like to lead: ( multiple reasons)


What makes you a good leader: (...)


Butts, Breasts, or Thighs?*:

(*applicants that answer this question incorrectly will not be considered)

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NRP In-game username: Broke (But I can come up with some historic meme-name for my "character as I did in the past)

Discord username: @Broke#4536

Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ExecutiveDax/

Preferred role: Faction Leader

Preferred faction: (Varnice/Creaniki) I'm not picky, tbh.

Why you'd like to lead: (multiple reasons) Reason 1: I have nothing better to do; Reason 2: I'm really good at strategy and leadership; Reason 3: For all the badmouthing I do about warband being a dead game, I legitimately enjoy the campaigns and the only things I can competently do are fire artillery (if I have a spyglass) and command the faction/decide on army movements

What makes you a good leader: (...) Past experience. See: Confederate victories in previous campaigns and their battles and forcing a special tiebreaker in the austrian-dominated 3rd campaign. Also, I wrote the art of war.

Butts, Breasts, or Thighs?*:

I like big butts and I can not lie
You other brothers can't deny
That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist
And a round thing in your face
You get sprung

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NRP In-game username: Ink
Discord username: Ink#9102
Steam: (Link to your profile): https://steamcommunity.com/id/YesimInk/
Preferred role: (Faction leader/officer) Faction Leader
Preferred faction: (Varnice/Creaniki) Varnice, long live the republic!
Why you'd like to lead: ( multiple reasons) I would like to lead because i have previously been an officer in the last 2 campaigns and in some there has been some questionable leading in some cases, i would like to try and learn from people's mistakes and build on the strengths of the faction and not to play on the strength of the enemy which has been done before.the last campaign i was the leader of the grande empire skirmishers using the 19th rifles to great effect towards the latter part of campaign 5. I've often been quiet during most of the campaigns which i have been apart of since the end of the first, sticking with those i knew rather than experimenting, and as such i would feel like this would be a good opportunity to show my style of leading.
What makes you a good leader: (...) I previously had my own small regiment, i have previous experience with strategy during my time as an officer in previous campaigns as well as outside of NRP, where i often research about historical battles and the tactics used, such as napoleon's 'masterpiece' of Austerlitz, and like most people who have applied i have read the art of war.
Butts, Breasts, or Thighs?*: All of them

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NRP In-game username: [1erCaC]Col_Hussard


Discord username: Hussard#4447


Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/colonelhussard/

Preferred role: Cavalry Leader


Preferred faction: Varnice


Why you'd like to lead: I'm in-charge of the 1er Chasseurs a Cheval de la Garde, a cavalry regiment with a multitude of individuals. We're all quite eager to get as much experience as we can thus I would like to involve my regiment in this event. Especially since we have a high number of EU players.


What makes you a good leader: I'm a good leader for a variety of reasons. one that specifically attends to Mount&Blade is that I've been playing the game for more than five years. Having garnered this lengthy amount of experience, I have achieved numerous high positions in a multitude of regiments (ie went from Ranker to Capitaine-Major). Essentially my experience in leadership positions coupled with the quick wit and understanding of the battlefield is what makes me a good leader. In addition i've been told that I have a commanding which causes individuals to naturally wish to follow me (Haha not making this last one up).

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2nd Hedgehog which is 1st hedgeh

NRP In-game username:hedgehog(I lost my other account I cri)


Discord username:hedgehog(the one the only)


Steam: (Link to your profile)http://steamcommunity.com/id/hedge_hog


Preferred role: (Faction leader/officer)faction second in command for ink yes 


Preferred faction: (Varnice/Creaniki)


Why you'd like to lead: ( multiple reasons)

Well I've played the past 2 or 3 campaigns idk 3 I think and I've enjoyed them and I want to lead with ink to prove we are alpha males and can defeat any scum who stand against us . It also seems like a fun idea since imma be home for next couple of months and bored So I'll need sommat to keep me busy


What makes you a good leader: (...) I think I'm a good leader . I was the book club leader in year 4 and I can count and know most of the alphabet so that my intelligence is incomprehensible so I think I'm a good leader who is about the same intelligence level as most of nrp except ink our Lord and saviour (he's a sexy beast) so yeah I think I'm the right man for the job 


Butts, Breasts, or Thighs?*: thighs is a metaphor for the repression of blacks , breasts means world hunger And butts are pretty epic  so I think all at the same time 


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NRP In-game username: chinese


Discord username: chinese


Steam: (Link to your profile) you have it


Preferred role: (Faction leader/officer) Faction Leader


Preferred faction: (Varnice/Creaniki) Whichever one broke would get


Why you'd like to lead: ( multiple reasons) dont want broke to lead



What makes you a good leader: (...) 5 CAMPAIGNS AND 1 WORLD CUP, ENGLAND ENGLAND

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NRP In-game username: CommanderDeath


Discord username: CommanderDeath


Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ownbegungamer/


Preferred role: officer


Preferred faction: Creaniki


Why you'd like to lead: If I know how to lead, why not?


What makes you a good leader: I am I


Butts, Breasts, or Thighs?*: Breast and Thighs, I don't care about butts tho.

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NRP In-game username: Caleb/Wilhelm


Discord username: Caleb/Wilhelm


Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/erdoganisgod/


Preferred role: Leader


Preferred faction: Varnice but either would do.


Why you'd like to lead: As a leader I would want to make sure that my faction, as well as everyone playing on the server enjoys their time playing on the NRP server and I would like to do my part to ensure the community stays active and alive in the wait for Bannerlord community servers.
I'd like to lead because being active in the community and especially the voice chat during campaign hours is incredibly entertaining and I want to continue being part of that collective as a leader of a faction.


What makes you a good leader: I have participated in every iteration of the NRP campaign, I have also been officer or temporary leader at least once in every campaign. Having played on the server for a long time I have an in depth understanding of the rules and what is expected of a campaign battle and I would do my best to ensure that these requirements are met. I am also in the NRP staff team so would find it easier to ensure my team is obeying the rules of the server, such as slaying rambos or swapping those to spectators who take officer slots without a reservation.
I can communicate well using voice chat ensuring that my faction's cohesion is paramount and I would look to get everyone taking part more involved so they can get more immersed into the campaign experience so hopefully in the next campaign, they put themselves forward for an officer or leader role and the cycle of participation continues.
Most importantly, I haven't read "The Art of War ".

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