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Campaign 6 Updates

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Alright gamers, we have quite a special announcement to make:




The campaign development team has been hard at work for the past few weeks to create what we hope will be the biggest event yet for the NRP server. We have one feature that we've already completed that we would like to show off, because it's something that we received a lot of feedback in the previous campaigns.


All battles will take place on custom designed maps, so no more waiting for the admin to scroll through 5 or 10 random maps that are as hilly as the Himalayas; everything is going to be ready in advance


If you are skilled in mapmaking, lore writing, admin-ing, or just making announcements, simply ping any member with the Campaign Staff tag (or me, @Bullet Magnet) and we'll get you in on the action!


Keep in touch with this forum: more posts will be coming soon!



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Bullet Magnet


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Whoops, i guess it's been a month haha.


So, my fellow g*mers, we have made a lot of work on the EU campaign since our last post. It is now in a fully playable state! 😮 


It is finally time to formally introduce the factions that you will *experience* when it is released.


SERENE REPUBLIC OF VARNICE                                              KINGDOM OF CREANIKI 

    Flag_Varnice.png.507220d91df6dd877e01a85f810a7163.png                                                                                                        Flag_Creaniki.png.df1e5fbadb1661db58ffb2899597c93b.png


Varnice has changed in the past Century and a half, from being a feudal kingdom to run by the aristocracy to a republic. Varnice, before and After its Feudal days, was a small kingdom that was constantly under threat by Barenburgh, Vanen-Slawenia, Ithenia and Creaniki. Being conquered for the past Millennium by different empires and Kingdoms, the Varnice people had never tasted true freedom before. The Aristocrats kept changing their lieges only until Barenburgh and Creaniki gave the region its independence (it was a strain on their purses, with uprisings every week) forming the Republic - though nobody thought that Varnice would last. The regions of the land are run by the Aristocrats, but the cities near the water are the real treasures of the Republic. The Capital of Marenna is considered the one of the richest cities in the continent, with merchants from across Arnea coming to sell the goods, and Mercenary companies looking for employment in the city of Veneto.


Varnice is run by a “Ouium”(equivalent to a Doge) who is elected by the Grand council, made of 300 Councilmen: either Merchants or Aristocrats. There are many factions who seek control over the republic, since most are different are from competing families and guilds. The interior of the republic seem remnants of the Feudal days, with Aristocrats running the farms, towns and villages. These lands provide food to the coastal cities and a militia, though usually Varnice purchases Mercenary companies. Art and literature are praised in the Republic;  many other nations seek  inviting Varnicians to paint their families or design their castles. The Republic of Varnice has trading posts across Arnean and has many Treaties with the Kamran Empire.


The Galbionsi Family is very popular among the merchants and peasants, while the Mesuragino Family is a very traditional family who believes in the dominion of the aristocracy. Conflict was inevitable. The tension being built up for the past decades finally had its moment. The head of the Mesuragino family, Devaini Mesuragino, planned to kill all of the Galbionsi head figures, includied their patriarch, Martik Galbionsi, his sons Lurizino aged 23, Gallicus aged 17, his uncles, and cousins. He decided to do so during a prayer day at the Church, when everyone's guard would be lowered. As the prayer began, the plotters brought hidden weapons with them inside the church and sat near the targets. As the bell rang across the church signifying the end of prayers, dozens of knives ran out of the scabbards and plunged into the victims. Screams could be heard throughout the church and panic grasped the people. Only Lurizino survived, as he grabbed the knife from his plotter and swung at the assassins. He escaped the church with the panicking crowds and raised a mob, telling them the Mesuragino had murdered his family. The mob killed Devaini and most of the Mesuragino family; all but few escaped the slaughter and those who escaped fled to the country. The daughter of Devaini, Lucrezia Mesuragino, betrothed to one of the many sons of the King of Creaniki, sought to avenge her family's murder, and raised an army of her own.



I encourage you to go to the #role assign channel and pick a side to fight and die for!


Expects more updates soon!



-Faction lore by Benkach99, Spartan, and Joerrig  give 'em a hand!

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