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Napoleonic Role Play
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Duke Florian

Medal Application - Duke Florian

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  • Name
    Prince Florian
  • Requested medal(s)
    Cavalry Captain's Medal
  • Vouches
    the entire faction of GE and every single living member of Confederacy who I did not slaughter on the battlefield and was merciful enough not to execute
    Should you desire specific names, I suppose Chinese, Sparky and other important, highly charismatic and proficient leaders of GE.
  • Reason(s)
    I commanded the GE cavalry to victory in the final campaign battle, effectively co-ordinating with infantry to engage enemy mounted units and infantry. The shrewd employment of my troops, born entirely of my martial genius, was no doubt a major deciding factor.
    It should also be noted I did not lose a round when I was general.
  • Visual Proof 1
  • Visual Proof 2
  • Visual Proof 3
  • Visual Proof 4

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