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NA NRP-BBG Campaign 1.0 Rules


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NA NRP-BBG Campaign 1.0 Rules


The NA Campaign 1.0 gameboard. This gameboard will be displayed on a persistent campaign webpage which anyone with the link can access. Several tokens will be displayed on top of this game board as well. These tokens will represent armies, points and other indicators.


This map is entirely fictional and is part of our own NRP/BBG Campaign fictional universe. The outcome of every victory, defeat, or campaign event on this map will influence battles and maybe even campaigns in the future. 

Campaign Rules Index


1.0 Lore & Introduction


The world of Aard


1.1 Lore


Hello and welcome to the ancient world of Aard, the setting of our NRP-BBG Campaign. In this fictional world a great variety nations fight for control of its many landmasses and oceans. The outcome of every campaign influences the political landscape of this world, which in turn will dictate the scenario of future campaigns. 


For our first campaign we will focus on a conflict between two factions on the Poitréan Peninsula in the south-east of the Old world. In this region the Poitréan People want to reclaim long-lost lands, which are currently controlled by Breytona. 

The Poitréan Peninsula



1.2 Introduction


Campaigns bring something special to the table, they incentivize players of all kinds to group up and play in a competitive group setting for weeks. We found that this game-format translates very well to M&B and its community. NRP, a europe-based ‘M&B: Napoleonic Wars’ server, has some experience with campaign games. This project is the result of NRP having bunched up with the North American BBG Community to provide a campaign game for the American M&B:NW players. The campaign will be run by the admin staff of both communities in a joined effort to get some M&B campaign fun to America.  


All NA Communities will be invited to play in this Campaign. As this first campaign serves as an introduction, it will preferably be relatively short with around 14 very intense battles. In the end, the goal is to have two weekly 150+ Player battles for around 7 weeks. This can be with, or without a campaign break for 1 or 2 weeks in the middle. 


We will run a dedicated campaign webpage to track and view all campaign progress online. 

2.0 The Gameboard and Icons



2.1 The Gameboard


The Campaign Gameboard is a fictional map which will be used to track the location of armies and the acquisition of Victory Points. The represented scale of the map roughly equates to the size of northern spain in our own world. The Map itself is split into regions called provinces. Every province functions as a tile on which one army can be placed. Only a single army can occupy a province at any time. Some provinces contain cities which have a Victory Points value; 10 for cities, 20 for capitals.


Poitrés will start with the following Cities under their control: 

Parraval (capital), Allard, Valdespinar, Greffiers and Araniens


Breytona will start with the following Cities under their control: 

Carcan (capital), Courlay, Lohéac, Folcweyne and Lavardac


‘The Battle of Brandenburg’ - NRP Campaign 3.0


2.2 The Icons


Army Icons are represented by a standing miniature. They contain a name, letter or number in order to recognize the army, and a flag to show it’s ownership. The strength (Divisions/AP) of each army is shown on the sidebar of the screen. These are the basic playing pieces of every NRP campaign. Battles occur when two or more opposing armies collide on a single province.



Ownership Tokens are represented by flags or shields. In our campaign, a red tree on a yellow field will represent Poitrés and two opposing rampant lions on a field of blue and red will indicate Breytona. 



Victory Point Tokens will be used to indicate point acquisition. On the top side of the gameboard is a Victory Point Bar. Every time a faction wins or loses, Victory Points tokens will be added or removed from their side of the bar. If a faction reaches a total of 120 Victory Points, they will  

 be deemed the winners of the campaign.



‘A Battle in South Bohemia’ - NRP Campaign 3.0

3.0 The Factions



The Kingdom of Breytona


On the ancient island of Breytona reside the Breytish, a stubborn but proud people. The Kingdom of Breytona is a monarchy with a well trained army. In contrast to Poitrés, the Breytish do not conscript civilians, enlistment is entirely voluntary. The Kingdom oftentimes finds itself at war with the Poitréan People who seek to reclaim their old lands.


This faction is our British knock-off faction. As such it will be represented by the british faction in-game. They will start on the northern side of the campaign map. 


The Kingdom of Poitrés


In the southeast we find Poitrés, a land with a long and turbulent history. The Kingdom of Poitrés is a large multi-ethnic realm and is governed by an absolute monarch and his royal court. Poitrés, with its rich soil and lush countryside, looks north to reunify the peninsula once and for all. 


This faction is our franco-spanish knock-off faction. As such it will be represented by the french faction in-game. They will start on the southern side of the campaign map. 


 Announcement image -NRP Campaign 3.0

4.0 Armies and Battles



4.1 Army Set-up


The two factions will start the campaign with 5 armies each. The faction leaders decide where they place their starting armies on the campaign board. Each army they place must be inside or next to a friendly city. No Armies may be placed on top of other friendly armies, only one army can occupy a province at one time. After all the armies have been placed, the information is given to the Campaign Staff in secret. There is ‘hidden deployment’ which means that the opposite faction doesn’t know where your armies spawn. Once the starting positions are revealed and set up by the Campaign Staff, the first turn will start. Poitrés makes the first moves. 


4.2 Army Movement


Each turn a faction may move all of their armies. An army will only be able to move to an adjacent province, he can only move one province each turn. Two or more friendly armies can never occupy the same province. Once all armies have been moved to their designated locations by the admins, and all actions have taken effect, the other faction will begin making their moves. This continues until two opposing armies encounter each other on the same province, which triggers a battle. In this case, after all other moves and actions have been resolved, the Campaign Game is halted until the battle is resolved in the next Campaign Event.


It oftentimes happens that more battles will be initiated in one turn, which means that more than one event will be planned to resolve all the battles on the map. 



A River Crossing battlemap - NRP Campaign 3.0


4.3 Battles & Retreating


If two opposing armies occupy the same tile, a battle will occur. A date will be picked and the campaign event will be planned and announced, the campaign game will be halted until all battles have been resolved in server-side campaign battles. 


The battles are played in a ‘first to 4’ format. This means that the first faction to win 4 rounds will have won a ‘battle.’ As a result, events can take around 4 to 7 rounds to complete. With 4 being the quickest way the event is resolved, and 7 the longest. Every 3 rounds there will be a map switch, so players will play 2 to 3 different maps in an event. The maps will roughly relate to the province they represent, with normal battles taking place on empty provinces while both a normal, and an urban battle will be played on provinces which contain cities. 


After the battle has ended, the AP loss of both armies is calculated (see AP), and the army that lost the battle will have to retreat to an adjacent province. If the army is trapped and cant retreat, it is considered destroyed and will be removed from the map.  


If the battle took place over a city and has changed ownership, the ownership icon will be changed.


4.4 Army Points (AP)


Each army will have its own strength indicator displayed on the left sidebar of the campaign webpage. This number translates to a single ‘round’ of a campaign battle. This means that losing one round in a campaign battle will lose an army one Army Point (AP). Each army starts with a total of 15 AP. 


Example: Poitrés’ 1st Army and Breytona’s 3rd Army have fought a battle at the province of Volandry. Breytona has won 4 rounds and Poitrés has won 2 rounds. Breytona’s 3rd Army will lose 2 AP while Poitrés’ 1st Army will lose 4 AP. Poitrés will have to retreat their army.


AP can’t be replenished. This represents the finite amount of manpower in the campaign. Ap can be transferred however. Transferring AP can only happen when two friendly armies occupy adjacent tiles. If this is the case the player must announce the transfer of AP by indicating which army will transfer AP to which army, and how many AP is being transferred. Both armies will have to remain stationary for one turn during this action. Armies do have a maximum number of AP which they can hold. This number is 15, no Army can have more than 15 AP.


If an army loses all of its AP, it will be considered destroyed and the army will be removed of the map. If you transfer AP up to a point where one of the transferring armies has no more AP, it is disbanded and it will also be removed from the map. 


5.0 Victory Conditions



Victory Point Tokens will be used to indicate point acquisition. On the top side of the gameboard is a Victory Point Bar. Every time a faction wins or loses, Victory Points tokens will be added or removed from their side of the bar. If a faction reaches a total of 120 Victory Points, they will be deemed the winners of the campaign.


This is how victory points are going to be displayed

Poitrés with 5 VP’s  and Breytona with 20 VP’s


5.1 Victory Points for Victories


There are two ways you can gain Victory Points; by Winning battles or by capturing enemy cities. If you win a battle your faction gets paid 5 Victory Points, these can never be taken of your faction and will stay with throughout the campaign game. This means that these points are a cumulative quantity and will never decrease.


5.2 Victory Points for Victories


Another way to acquire victory points is by taken enemy cities. Every city has a certain point value displayed above it and these are limitative in nature, meaning that if you take an enemy city from your enemy, you will receive the points displayed above it and the enemy faction will lose the points displayed above it. 


Example: Poitrés’ 1st Army is attacked by Breytona’s 3rd Army on the captial city province of Parraval. Breytona has won 4 rounds and Poitrés has won 2 rounds. Breytona’s 3rd Army will lose 2 AP while Poitrés’ 1st Army will lose 4 AP. Poitrés retreats their army and as a result loses control over the city. Poitrés has lost a battle, which will gain the Breytish 5 VP’s. On top of that the Breytish took the enemy capital which holds a total of 20 VP’s. Poitrés loses 20 VP’s and Breytona gains an additional 20 VP, resulting in a total VP gain of 25 for the Breytish faction. 


5.3  Victory Achieved


If a faction manages to get to 120 victory points, this faction is deemed the winner of the campaign. Glory be to you, faction who managed to win this most glorious war.

6.0 Rules, Hierarchy and code of conduct



In order for the Campaign events to run as smoothly we have set up rules. These rules go as followed:


6.1 Battle Phase Terminology


Not Live      The game has not started yet, or has ended. 

Live          The game has started and rounds lost/won will influence the campaign.

All charge      All players must stop reloading and attack the enemies closest to their position.

In an all charge the admins will remove all ammo leaving muskets with one single shot which may be fired during the all-charge.


6.2 Battle Rules


Officer Rules  

Follow your Officer of the correct class. (Flag-beacon displayed on top of his head)

All Cav must follow General (Flag-beacon displayed on top of his head)

If your officer is killed, stay in a group until you find another Officer.


All-charge Rules

No Firing a cannon after all-charge is called

No reloading during an all-charge

No retreating during an all-charge


Basic Server Rules

Do not Rambo. (Not following an officer)

No spamming in-chat

No BP waste/sapper spam or waste of BP


Public Play Rules

Crouching is allowed

Firing in charge is allowed.

Officer Aiming allowed


Note for Regs* You will not be exempt from the officer rules, if you want to fight together then you will need someone in the officer class to follow


7.0 Campaign Staff



1 Head of campaign 


Responsible for overseeing and managing every aspect of the NA NRP campaign. 


Campaign Battle Referees 


Admins/ Special guests that are added from certain communities/regiments. They will be responsible for running the Campaign Battle Rounds.

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