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Napoleonic Role Play

Alfrenep's Unsexslave Application. Submitted 30/11/2019 [Rejected]

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Your Steam Username:


Steam Profile URL: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198118856585/


What was the in-game name under which you were banned/enslaved?:Alfrenep_*Removed since we'd prefer not to get TaleWorlded*erlette


Were you banned or enslaved?: sexslaved


When were you banned/enslaved? (Please state the exact time, date and your timezone): 1st july 2019, 1AM +1 GTM


Your User ID (use this image to help you find it: i.imgur.com/knwzp6o.png ):1463349


Have you waited for at least two hours after being banned/enslaved from the server? (This is to ensure that it was not a temporary ban/enslave): yes


Name of the Admin who banned/enslaved you: Eternal Lullaby


What happened before you got banned/enslaved from the server? Please explain in as much detail as possible: one day i didnt give a fuck about wardening and i said "black prisioners to dinner", then i joked about how i would get slaved for saying that. Also i had the name of "Alfrenep *Removed since we'd prefer not to get TaleWorlded*erlette", which didnt help me tbh


Why do you wish to be unbanned/un-enslaved?:

I wont make shitty vague promises and apologisings this time. The thing is that i think its enough for just saying the n word. I like this server a lot and i would want to play. Anyways, i know i broke the only damn rule i had to follow, but as a normal player aint do any harm to the server. Anyways i would like you to consider this app, thank you.

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