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NRP Sponsorships

The past year has been busy, and it was wonderful to see so many of you at our events, including our on going Saturday and Sunday Campaigns.

We'll be able continue to provide a well updated server for events and regular play from donations received by regiments and players alike

If you are an owner of a regiment and want to receive recruitment rights on Napoleonic_Role_Play or any of it's servers 
then support our servers by purchasing one of the below perks!

$10 Per month 
1)Your regiment will be allowed to recruit as many times that isnt considered spam in all chat
2)Your Regiment will receive a automatic message on the server advertising the regiment
3)A select amount of NCO's of the regiment will be able to use Admin chat for recruitment messages once per map.
4)Will receive a channel on the discord to promote their discord/ts; shared with others who have sponsored NRP

$15 Per Month 
1)Your Regiment will receive a special role on our discord that has almost 1,800 members, along with your own channel.
2)Will receive all perks that come with the $10 package 

Regiments who are not on the NRP Sponsorship list may only send one recruitment message per map. This rule is enforced by Admins and violators are subjected to being banned.

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