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Medal Application - TichePotato (resolved)

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  • Name
  • Requested medal(s)
    Long and Meritous Admin Service Award
  • Vouches
    Almost any admin who's been around for the past three years, be they a former admin or current. Good examples would be Wiggles, Scandy, and Polo.
  • Reason(s)
    While I haven't been active for a long time, I think it's undeniable that for the year while I was active I was one of the most recognisable admins on the team. I was the first admin to join the Senate after the initial founding, and I spent hundreds of hours on the server when few others were willing to. My activity died due to constant regime shifts and the increase in my own workload due to college, something I don't believe I communicated at the time. I survived the rise and fall of some of the most meteoric HAs in recent NRP history, and the resignation of the longest-serving. I was Polo's final act, I've been promoted to SA several times, each time only for the rank to be abolished mere weeks later. I donated $15 to NRP's new scripts back in May, when, if memory serves, no one else had donated a penny after it had already been open for several days. A few minutes later, chin donated $2. To make things clear about the money thing, I don't have much in the way of disposable money. Thankfully I can rely on my parents to pay for my cost of living, as well as the various costs associated with college, but I'm too autistic to have an income of my own outside of an overly generous friend who throws money at everyone. $15 is, in regards to my disposable money, a sizable chunk. It was also, if memory serves (and here I doubt it does,) a quarter of the funds needed to pay the scripter.
    I don't want to get this based on the paltry amount of money I've put towards the server in comparison to others, Pew especially. But I would like for this to be a signifier of the time I spent shaping NRP in the small capacity I did, and of the large capacity in which it shaped me.
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