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Player/Admin Report Template

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Player Report Template


Reports that do not adhere to the exact layout provided below will be ignored and cancelled.


1) Create a new thread in this subforum.


2) Copy out the following template, with all the questions, into the new thread.

• Are you wishing to report a player or an admin? (Pick one)

• Your in-game name:

• Name of the offending player or admin:

• Time and Date of incident (please also include your timezone!):

• Description of incident:


3) Answer the questions in as much detail as possible. Please leave spaces between the answer to a previous question and the next one. Only the questions, and not the answers, should be in bold font.


4) Please note that you are free to report multiple players/admins in the same report.


5) It is really helpful for us if you also upload screenshots capturing the incident! You can do this by simply adding links to images, or by clicking "Add Attachment" button at the upper right corner of your post! Avoid making screenshots of logs (logbanners have them)


6) Title your thread: "YourName - Admin Complaint [or] Player Complaint - Submitted Date"


(e.g. BarnacleSandstorm0- Admin Complaint - Submitted 30/03/2016)

(e.g 5Malakith2 - Player Complaint - Submitted 31/03/2016)



Submit the application by clicking "submit" on the post. You are free to make edits to the application after submitting it. However, if you wish to report other players in the future, please submit a new application!

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