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NRP Campaign 5.0 Leadership Applications


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So Here we go again with the leadership applications. As normal we will have 1 Faction Leader and 1 2nd In Command, Like last campaign the generals will be hand picked by the 1st and 2nd in command. Take note that being a Faction Leader or a 2nd in Command is a time consuming and demanding role.


Faction Leader

This role is the most important for each faction, this person will be responsible for managing the whole faction, they will be dealing with hand out the officer slots before the campaign battles start and have responsibility over moving the troops and navy around the campaign map. They will also help in selecting maps when that is necessary.


2nd In Command

Another very Important role; You will be helping out the faction leader in his command of the army and navy while helping him move them around the map. You will be the one who will step up to the role if the leader is away whilst also aiding in officer selection.



Has a responsibility with keeping the men in line while on the battlefield and listening out to your leader when he calls out commands. This role is ideal for those who want to be heavily engaged with their faction but don’t have the time or desire to directly run it. These people will only be chosen by the 1st and 2nd in command.



Template for leadership applications

NRP In-game username:

Discord username:

Steam: (Link to your profile)

Preferred role: (Faction leader/Second in command)

Preferred faction: (Grand Empie/Confederacy)

Why you'd like to lead: ( multiple reasons)

What makes you a good leader: (...)

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NRP In-game username:[74th]_ESN_Communist

Discord username:[74th] Communist
Steam profile:https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198076889834
Preferred faction:Confederacy
Why i would like to lead:
From what i saw and lead in the last campaign it was very entertaining and fun
Confederacy morale is fun to work with
It is very relaxed yet very tense which is a exciting experience
What makes me a good leader:
I lead in the last campaign as Militia, 1st line and mostly 3rd line
I'm an officer in the 74th
Strategy games are my favorite and this campaign is strategy based
Coordinating with  other leaders and coming up with strategy is very interesting


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NRP In-game username: 19th_Sgt_PotatoKuzzle/PotatoKuzzle

Discord username: PotatoKuzzle#9839

Steam: (Link to your profile) https://steamcommunity.com/id/kuzzle67/

Preferred role: (Faction leader/Second in command) Faction Leader

Preferred faction: (Grand Empie/Confederacy) Grand Empire

Why you'd like to lead: ( multiple reasons)

I'd like to lead because first of all its Fun. Overall I like to lead also because I am alright at it. I also want to lead just to interact with the community more and hopefully improve the NRP experience for some.  From past campaigns, I wouldn't say leading was great nor bad. But things could've been improved. I find the whole thing Interesting as well. To interact with armies etc etc.  In the last campaign I led the 33rd once. Was great fun I'd say so I want to take it to the next level.

What makes you a good leader: My confidence. That is the most important thing I'd say. If you are confident in what you are doing, you will prevail. Also because I have lots of previous experience from other servers and by leading my rifles in the 19th.  What else makes me a good leader is my leadership skill. I am not an autist nor I am Napoleon but I do well enough thats what I can say.


P.S: If needed I can add more. Only if requested.


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[19th] Kieran

NRP In-game username: 19th[Grd]_Sgt_Kieran

Discord username: [19th] Kieran

Steam: (Link to your profile) https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198020154928/

Preferred role: (Faction leader/Second in command) Faction Leader

Preferred faction: (Grand Empie/Confederacy) Empire

Why you'd like to lead: ( multiple reasons) I will state a few reason why im more then capable in leading but i will first point the main fact and that is im sick and tired of NRP player who think they can lead and get there armies killed. I will show not only that im better but hopefully teach them also. (e.g. telling officers to go places and putting them out of position and getting them killed). With my experience i know how use things effectively and anyone who doesn't listen i will blast and replace. I only have been apart of the campaigns abit so i know how it works and operates.  

What makes you a good leader:  I am 2IC of the 19th regiment and we have survived a long time, while all these other regiments have failed and died. coincidence? i think not. I have worked hard with Pres to administrate the regiment and it has succeeded. I also lead in events so im familiar with the leadership role.

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NRP In-game username: The_Guy

Discord username: The Guy #2813

Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/TheGuyEpicGamer/

Preferred role: Faction Leader/General

Preferred faction: Confederacy

Why you'd like to lead: Last campaign I took a break from being and officer to catch my breath and get some rest. However NRP's campaign is so addictive that I found myself wishing I was in the shoes of my faction's officers before long. Thus I have decided to return to Campaign 5.0 with a new energy but this time with the aim to lead the CF. Why faction leader instead of officer? The CF strikes as a faction that needs leadership right now, particularly with the death of our mighty leader Helmut Von Moltke and I feel that I can bring that leadership to the table. I've never led a faction in a campaign before and I'm eager to taste the experience for the first time. I am also eager to introduce new doctrines, strategies and tactics to the NRP campaign that should (hopefully ;p) revolutionize warfare for the campaign. All in all, my reasons for applying are: The desire to lead again that campaign 5.0 instilled in me, The wish to re-stabilise the CF after the death of Helmut Von Moltke and experience the leadership of an entire faction for the first time and focus on introducing new methods of fighting and fun to the campaign. Overall, my ultimate goal is a successful campaign with a CF victory (if attainable), where everyone, regardless of their faction or rank has fun.

What makes you a good leader: I have served as a well-respected officer and General in Campaigns 2.0 and 3.0. Not to mention having a respectable and coordinating position in the CF artillery last campaign. This is not only important in the sense that I know how to lead, but I know how to work with the CF. I understand their fighting-style, morale, and the officer corps well due to the last campaign. And I'm sure that the officers of the last campaign will agree that I am more than capable and that the claims I am making here are indeed valid. As a leader, I am no gambler, but I'm willing to take risks and not just camp the corner of the map or some random hill till the map ends (because I saw how boring that was as a ranker last campaign :/). However I'm not going to throw away the game. My ultimate goal as a leader is for my faction members and any participant to have the most fun as possible, without compromising the game's integrity. 
(Edits may come)

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NRP In-game username: Gio

Discord username: Gio

Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Gio3118/

Preferred role: (Faction leader/Second in command): Faction leader

Preferred faction: (Grand Empire/Confederacy): Grand Empire

Why you'd like to lead: ( multiple reasons): I will make America great again.

What makes you a good leader: That I will make America great again.

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Duke Mountain Dewburg

NRP In-game username: Duke Mountain Dewburg

Discord username: Duke LongTree#2277 

Steam: (Link to your profile) https://steamcommunity.com/id/DukeLongTree/ 

Preferred role: (Faction leader/Second in command) Faction Leader but Second in command is fine 

Preferred faction: (Grand Empie/Confederacy) Confederacy 

Why you'd like to lead: ( multiple reasons)  I like the ability to set the battle field up as much as possibly can in my favor and being on top helps do that. i some times do not get along with other so having the authority to make lines move where they need too is what attracts me to the officer class. I am a passive aggressive leader and i dont like camping in the back of the map so i like to take charge. 

What makes you a good leader: (...) I've started playing NW back in 2012 so i am veteran of the game i have lead many regiments in my day its an amazing feeling being able to get on and command your comrades to victory.

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NRP In-game username: MaxStirner

Discord username: @Broke#4536

Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ExecutiveDax/

Preferred role: Faction Leader

Preferred faction: Confederacy

Why you'd like to lead: 1) I've been the de-facto leader of the confederacy since the second campaign. 2) Even though my character Helmet von Moltke died in the last campaign, I still have multiple characters that I have that are capable of being brought into NRP campaigns.

Why are some reasons why we shouldn't pick you: Even though I really want to lead again, I think I should point out the fact that I don't know if I'll be able to participate in battles. The only thing I can fully commit to is the discord campaign map game and strategic discussion with other high command

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NRP In-game username: Joan_Of_Ark

Discord username: VirulentCurbStomp#6284

Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ohnopleasedont/

Preferred role: Second in command/ General

Preferred faction: Confederacy

Why you'd like to lead: It seems fun. I am pretty good at total war and also yelling at people so i mean that's basically the only skill set you need right?

What makes you a good leader: u know, I have decent charisma, but i'm like, REALLY good at chess so as long as the troops have balls i can lead them to glory, under the orders of the leadership above me of course. Also I read Machiavell's the prince or whatever, I didn't really understand most of it but the old timey syntax is fun so I will command my troops using old timey syntax. Bonus rp points?

Why i probably shouldn't lead: I am extremely stubborn and also this would be my first campaign. I really dislike retreating and I really enjoy flanking and outmaneuvering so I can be an asset as well as a liability depending on whether or not I am given explicit instructions. 

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Colonel Frost

NRP In-game username: KB_HC_BrigGen_Mosley

Discord username: [2ndFG] Sir Mosley
Steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Sir_Mosley/
Preferred role: First in command, all those who go under me will be directly assigned by me
Preferred faction: Grand Empire
Why i would like to lead:
Because I want to win and I've been asked by a few people to do it, I have also been recommended for the last campaign quite a lot in my last application, so i'm the best choice
What makes me a good leader:
I'm not a Communist and I have an organised High Command which can assist me in decision making, I also terrified the 19th with a line of 6 men and forced 10-20 men to run inside a house and fire out of line (breaking their own rules on their own server) and were complete bitches, it was such a regimental humiliation that five of their members asked If they could join.

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Thank you for all Applying for Leadership. We have had some good applications but the time has come to the end and it's time to pick. 


[74th]_ESN_Communist for Confederacy faction leader Denied

PotatoKuzzle For Grand Empire Faction Leader Accepted

19th[Grd]_Sgt_Kieran For Grand Empire Faction Leader Denied (But is accepted as Second In Command)

The_Guy Confederacy Faction Leader Accepted

Duke Mountain Dewburg Confederacy Faction Leader Denied 

MaxStirner Confederacy Faction Leader / 2nd in Command Denied

Joan_Of_Ark Confederacy 2nd in Command Accepted

 KB_HC_BrigGen_Mosley Grand Empire Faction Leader Denied


You shall all be using discord if you are either a faction leader or 2nd in command failing to use discord will result in removal and given to another person who can use discord.


If you are not able to be active or have issues with the roles you have been given please pm me on discord Isaac#0005


Congrats on the people that have been picked and sorry the others didn't maybe next time. 




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