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NRP Campaign 5.0 Development Updates

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Due to the overwhelming success of all 4 of NRP Campaigns so far, work on the five campaign has been underway for quite some time and will be bigger and better than the one before. 


The small campaign dev team have been working hard behind the scenes to bring you this next campaign and hopefully the best one yet. Due to duke not being apart of this campaign I myself had taken over and started with a small team if you are wanting to help with the campaign development then please do pm me on discord 



Keep in touch with this thread to see the upcoming campaign dev blogs.

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First Development Blog #1

So as we have been working hard on the next campaign I want to give you a little update on what we have been doing. 

This campaign we have thought long and hard on how to bring in new roleplays to the campaigns so that the players can enjoy the battles even  more. We have also spoken about how they will work and how the admin team will manage them. 


Battle Roleplay

Of course, this is the biggest role-play for the campaign and has been since NRP's initial campaign; this roleplay is simple to understand. Both sides spawn on opposite sides of a map from each other, they both have artillery and cavalry enabled and have to fight on the open grounds until one of the factions has been wiped out!


The rules for the roleplay is very simple:

No Ramboing

Follow Officer / Cavalry follow the General at all times

Trolling and team hitting is forbidden 

Surrender killing is either allowed or not - depends on the admin running the battle


Siege / Town Roleplay

This was brought in a little later in the last campaign and it works well, but this time we have discussed ways to maximize the enjoyment of players.

This roleplay consists of one faction as defenders and the other as attackers. With the new campaign 5.0 in development we have had a conversation about making the attackers actually attack and the defenders defend which is what sieges should be. Due to this we have chosen to stick with it but there is a twist, the attackers will have a larger force than the defenders but the map will be biased in the defenders favour. 


Both factions will have artillery enabled but the attackers will be able to reposition theirs while the defender's will most likely be stationary. Cavalry will either be enabled or disabled depending on the map - both factions will be informed before the battle.


The Rules for this are pretty simple:

No Ramboing

Follow your Officer / Cavalry follow the General

Defender's must defend until the 'All Charge'

Attackers must attack

Trolling / Teamhitting = slay


Naval Roleplay

Yes, you heard me right we are bringing in the best roleplay that NRP has ever come up with. This is brand new to NRP Campaigns and will be undergoing trial and error to improve how it is used!

This roleplay will work with both faction having a navy, these will be represented by different markers on the campaign map. These battles will take place on two big ships which both factions will have on the docks waiting for them, they will be told to wait until the admin says they can set sail. 


There will be no artillery, cavalry or grenadiers when this battle takes place.  You will be forced on the boats. Officers do not matter as long as the General has his slot. 


The Rules are as follows:

Wait until the admin allows you to set sail

Trolling / team hitting = slay

Stealing the controls = slay

The Generals of each faction will be in control of the boats.



This is still in development and could change at any moment. If it does change i shall update you all on it. 

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Second Development Blog #2

We have been working hard again behind the scenes for the next NRP campaign and it's coming along nicely.  So we thought another blog was necessary.

This blog is about the factions, Army / Navy system and some information about the map.

It's a short blog this time.


Faction Armies System

 So each faction will have 4 armies between them. Each army has 12AP, we thought this would be best because we didn't want the campaign to go on for to long but we didn't want it to end quickly either, 12AP being the ideal balance between them. This means that each faction has 48AP in total. 


Naval Fleet System

So as you know for this campaign we have brought in navies which are going to be a trial and error until the best system is found. The Naval system is not hard to understand, each faction has 2 navies. Each Navy has 4FP (FP = FleetPoints) so all together each faction has a total of 8FP. When one faction destroys the others navy they will be able to disembark the 4AP fleet into any port, this means the Fleet then becomes a 4AP army.  You are not allowed to merge the Fleet army into the faction armies but it can be used as if it were one.


Map Information

Well i'm not going to give too much away about the map right now, that will be coming shortly in a later blog, however I shall give you some icons that we will be using.


So these two icons are the battle icons, these will indicate where the naval battle are currently being held and the location of the land battles. We thought we would bring these back, for a little more detail on the map and to make it clearer which army or navy are engaged in a battle.



This icon will be for the faction navies. Each faction will have two on the map and they will be distinguished by both different names and the faction's flag.



These icons represent the Armies. Each faction will have 4 of these and it will state below which army number they are and above will have the faction flag flying.

We will also be using these for garrisons, but underneath the army number will be replaced by 'Garrison' 




More to come in the next coming week!!

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Third Development Blog #3

Campaign devs have been working hard over the last 2 weeks to bring you an amazing and enjoyable experience for this campaign. 

This Blog will be about the two factions, flags and lore.


First Faction is the Confederacy

So since the Confederacy won the last campaign we have brought them back in to this one because it's logical to retain the winning faction. There will be new faction leaders chosen due the old ones dying in the last campaign when the Crown Commonwealth assassinated them. 

Confederacy Flag




This flag is a combination of the conferdery's flags from both campaigns 2.0 and 4.0  symbolizing the union of the 2 continents on the map.


Confederacy Lore

After the Rossiyskiy Soyuz was defeated, many of its people integrated into the Grande République, but they would find that they were second class citizens compared to the native-born Republicans so a group of them met in secret and they would eventually rise up and declare their freedom. While the war between the Crown Commonwealth and the Grande République raged on, the “Confederacy” as they called themselves recruited mercenaries from all corners of the world. First came Helmet von Moltke, a strategist and artillery commander. Although he didn’t have very many people following him, the Confederate leadership recognized his brilliance and offered him a leadership of their government. Next was a fierce warlord named Lexxe Xander, who led his many Hakkapeliitta in service to the newly formed Confederacy.


The République found itself suffering defeat after defeat and when the Commonwealth defeated their last holdout, the remainder of the Republican forces joined the Confederacy. Even their territories in Narople would fight under the Bear flag of the Confederacy.


In the northern front, Helmet von Moltke would fight the Commonwealth with his unorthodox foreign tactics: An artillery barrage followed by a single massive bayonet charge supported by cavalry with grenadiers at the front. In the southern front, The Tax Collector would fight honorably and predictably and fall in battle. Although Moltke would win the war in the north, the southern island of Narople was now being threatened by a group calling itself “The tri-anglo axis”. Helmet agreed to pay Lexxe and his mercenaries with rich lands if they joined his expeditionary force south to reinforce Narople.


The Axis would initially find victory on Narople and it seemed like they were the clear victors, however during the siege of Lidorska, the Confederate capital in the region, Helmet von Moltke and Lexxe’s Hakkapeliitta sailed south together and would arrive just in time to break the siege and wipe out one of the Commonwealth armies. Helmet would learn early on that the strategies he used in the north wouldn’t help him here, as this was where the Commonwealth would focus most of their attention. 


Helmet and Lexxe adapted to the Commonwealth’s newfound strength however, and their expeditionary force would go on to win victory after victory. The République’s capital of Oldbastion was liberated and the Confederacy would find its ranks swelling with patriotic Republicans who wanted to kick the Commonwealth out of their island. 


At this point Moltke agreed to allow Lexxe and his Hakkapeliitta to settle on Narople and the island in the northeast, L’aumond, but not everybody in Moltke’s government agreed. 


Moltke and Generalissimus Skeeprinski, the second in command of the Confederate Narople Expeditionary Force, were discussing the siege of the city of Cernbridge. At the same time, the Commonwealth had sent a squad of their most elite soldiers to kill the C-NEF command. Moltke and Skeeprinski both put up a valiant fight but in the end both men were killed. The Commonwealth was successful, but they were too late. Orders were already dispatched and the bulk of the Confederate army on Narople was already en-route to Cernbridge. 


Later that night, Guy “Stonewall” Fawkesson arrived at the gates of Cernbridge, the Commonwealth’s last fortified position in Narople. The walls were thick and most of the NEF artillery had been exhausted at this point in the war, so Stonewall ordered his infantry to place TNT to crack the walls. While it managed to break open the gate, the whole Commonwealth force focused on the small opening long enough for Moltke’s nephew and his squad to climb the walls on the opposite side of the city. Once inside the walls, the single Confederate line distracted the Commonwealth forces to allow the rest of the army to rush in and capture the city. The Confederacy would finally defeat the Commonwealth once and for all, but at what cost?



Second Faction is the Grand Empire

If you ever played campaign 3.0 you will remember the faction called The Grande République; This faction is back for the new campaign with a new name and a whole new team. It was brought back because they have had a while to reform their army and bring in new formations which no faction has ever seen before.


Grand Empire Flag



We have chosen this flag for the Grand Empire because we wanted it to resemble a new local regime, a dictatorship while still retaining elements of the french and previous campaigns.


Grand Empire Lore


When Lexxe saw the territory that once belonged to the Grande République, he laid claim. This was the land he wanted to rule. Reluctantly, Moltke would agree to grant the land to Lexxe on the condition that he remained a loyal vassal of the reformed Confederacy. After the siege of Oldbastion, Lexxe would begin his rule as Lord of Narople and LAumond while the rest of the Confederate forces continued the war.


Lexxe would discover a Commonwealth plot to kill Moltke and his high command in order to disrupt and demoralize the army and so he sent one of his fastest Hakkapeliitta riders to warn them. The mercenary horseman would arrive at Moltke’s camp just before the assassins, and he was able to warn the Confederate leader long enough for a defense to be organized. It turned out to be more than simple assassins, however. A short battle ensued in which Moltke and his second in command were both killed. The Confederacy would go on to win the war, however it was now leaderless with no heir. 


Inside Moltke’s camp was a letter that was to be delivered to the mainland informing the rest of the government of the decision to grant Lexxe land. The letter would never get sent to the mainland, however, as the Commonwealth assassin team burned down the compound before they left. The majority of the Confederate government would never be informed of Lexxe’s status as a vassal of the Confederacy.

This would inevitably lead to conflict, as the Confederate government didn’t recognize Lexxe’s status as a legitimate ruler, let alone a vassal, and so he would go on to organize his own government, the Grand Empire. One of the Hakkapeliitta would raise an army to rebel against Lexxe to claim the empire for himself. Lexxe lost the battle and so he killed himself to regain his honour.


More to come in the next coming week!!



To Join each faction role type in #role_assign / !iam Grand Empire or !iam Confederacy

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