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Duke Admin Abuse

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NRP Username: Wilhelm_II
GUID: 1519153
Are you reporting a player or an admin: admin
Who are you reporting: @DukeOfWellington
Date and time: 8th of September 2019 - 20:10
Reason: Froze me so that two members of the enemy team could kill me, swaying the result of the round and resulting in my death, and by extension the deaths of other members of my team who given the circumstances of my passing had less support than they may have had otherwise.




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This is in no way solving the complaint, Im just putting it here so Kenway can make an informed decision:


The Logs:


20:02:22 - Not_HoC_SA_Wilhelm has joined the game with ID: 1519153

20:10:20 - *Admin*[Don-Duque]: End this so we can start! all charge 

 20:10:23 - [SERVER]: Don-Duque took everyones ammo away 

 20:10:27 - [SERVER]: Don-Duque Toggled Beacon on Player [CF]Predator. 

 20:10:48 - [SERVER]: Skeepr Toggled Beacon on Player Not_HoC_SA_Wilhelm. 

 20:10:48 - [SERVER]: Don-Duque Toggled Freeze on Player Not_HoC_SA_Wilhelm. 

 20:10:59 - [BAN_ALL_KIKES_AND_NIGGERS] why you freeze them (Player chasing Wilhelm)

20:11:02 - [SERVER]: chinese Toggled Freeze on Player Not_HoC_SA_Wilhelm.

20:11:03 - Hedgehog <img=ico_spear> Not_HoC_SA_Wilhelm



The Video:





From these it is clear that Wilhelm had been delaying previously however at the time of the freeze he was not, and was currently engaged in combat.

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Its shocking to me Chinese that you can't see why i took the course of action but here we go:


Wilhelm had been running away for a solid 20 seconds during an all charge and said in voice chat that he intended to "sail away" i.e confessing that he was going to delay on purpose, once i found him running he was close to the ship, at which point i opened the freeze menu and froze him as to not delay the end of round any longer, the video appears to show him "in combat" but that was not in combat, that was him sitting still waiting for them to charge so he can stick the pointy end in their arse when they jump on the ship instead of having turned and fought them earlier (which was  during all charge aswell).


Whilst it is true that this action can be considered wholly unreasonable according to the admin guidelines and for all who think that i apologise for being not severe enough, the correct course of action here would have been a temporary or permanent ban in accordance with the guidelines for dealing with repeat offenders for multiple cases of delaying in previous rounds which were left unpunished because i was too slow (he died before i could freeze/slay) along with consistent trolling and teamhitting.


Aswell, note that i was the admin running the battle at the time which also accords me a certain flexibility as to how i am to enforce and interpret the guidelines, usually the "normal" course of action for a delayer is a slay but that is no fun for unlike freezes which can be humurous and do not let the delayer delay any longer. Lastly i would like all reading this to note that there is a precedent for this which was established many a campaign ago i.e freezing delayers instead of slaying/banning them


End of essay, all in all we can see this was another successful attempt by wilhelm to try and waste our time, if he does such an act on the server again i will act swiftly and mercilessly and either temp ban or perm ban him depending on the severity of the next case.

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Look, gamers, we all make mistakes - one time I got tempbanned, due to a missclick 😿 Anyway, I don't think anyone here is deserving of a punishment, however it appears that both of you weren't exactly squeaky-clean in this incident; Here is my verdict after checking the logs myself:

@Wilhelm_II - it would appear that you really were running away after the ''all charge'' had been called, so (even though Duke probably mishandled the situation) just suck it up and also try to be on best behaviour in general, especially since you want your Admin rank back

@DukeOfWellington - And you should know that when dealing with rambos/delayers/players not charging you should always rely on warnings in Admin Chat the most - you seem to have skipped that part and immediately resorted to freezing Wilhelm (which, by itself, also isn't an ideal punishment - it is almost always better to use ''slay'').

And that's that, fellers - so, everyobdy calm down and let go of each other's throats for a bit, at least



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