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Generalissimus Kenway

Medal Application - Generalissimus Kenway

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  • Name
  • Requested medal(s)
    Combat Mastery
  • Vouches
    My fellow austrian chads
  • Reason(s)
    I've actually been trying to get this medal the proper way since Campaign 2.0, I always get to 2 kills then die or get my kill stolen or lack the needed weapon diversity and I forgot about it for a little bit. Then, in campaign 3.0 I managed to do it tho I only have 2/3 of the evidence. I forgot to record my first kill with a sword, but afterwards I managed to stab someone with a bayonet and also shoot someone. In the last pic you can see I had 3 kills, tho you could argue I got the first one in the previous round (Spurdo as my witness, it was not so).
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