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Lord Hurtington

(Accepted) Lord Hurtington Admin App

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Name:  Lord Hurtington


Age:  19


GUID: 1519153


Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/LordHurtington21/


Hours in-game: 650 in total, about 300 on Napoleonic Wars.


Previous Admin Experience: Not on any public servers no.


Vouches: I don't know any of the admins to ask for a vouch.

Reason(s): I used to play on NRP quite often during 2016 and 2017, I was one of the many to switch to Holdfast, but as its playerbase has evaporated I have found myself playing more and more Mount and Blade again, and was hoping that I could properly help the server that I have had so much fun on in the past. 
Here is a list of Roleplays that I know reasonably well, but obviously it was a long time ago since I played some of these so I might need some help if I was to ever admin them:

Battle RP- the bread and butter of NRP, faction vs faction, any number, 0-200

Trench RP- Both sides are put into trenches on either side of the map, the sides fire upon one another until an admin calls for one side to charge.

Hostage/Assassination RP- Two very similar RPs, where either a general or a hostage is hidden inside a compound, and the other side need to either rescue or kill them.

Naval RP- Boat based combat, where both sides use ships to cross the sea towards each other, artillery can be used but destroys ships very fast.

Cav vs Inf- One faction is purely infantry based (partizani/militia) while the other is purely cav based, the infantry must form a defensive formation and the cavalry are ordered to charge into the infantry.

Cav vs Cav- Quite simple, both sides are cavalry, they line up and charge when the admin orders.







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This app is excellent, I repeat: excellent. You seems to have a lack of RPs and rules but other than that (which can be easily augmented and fixed in the TA stage) this app is so perfect there's no reason to refuse.



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