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(Accepted) Admin Application - Hoops0110

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19th_Cdt_Hoops (discord and in-game)











Hours in-game



Previous Experience

I want to have previous experience but i do not



(Will add them if i get any)


Reason (s)

I would like to be a member of the admins as I like to think that I am helpful and mature about situations. Also I like getting involved with more realistic, war strategy games. Also like making the server better for others. I want to learn more things about the server



Naval Rp=Dont mess around when you are driving or on a boat
Battle Rp=Stay with your officer throughout the battle.
Western Rp=older fashion of roleplay. Cav Vs Cav=Everyone is a cavalry troop.

Line battle Rp=Stick with your officers until death, no rambo, no crouching, Shoot all at once. 

Trench Rp=Admin will say a peace period(no shooting) After you are allowed to shoot charge and do what you want.


Etiquette and Server Rules

Teamhitter=Someone who is hitting there team.
Spam=Someone/People quickly chat in the chat.
No ramboing=Leaving your officer 

TnT spam=Zappers spamming the TnT causing the server to slightly lag and considered wasting build points.

Don't delay=Don't dlay the rounds if you are the last one alive(running away)

Chat in English

No Hacking/Cheating/Making it unfair

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The way applications are made is about to change, you slipped past though. This would probably not have been sufficient if he had applied a few weeks ago. However, with the current changes which are going to focus more on learning by doing it might just be a /vouch, as I have seen and heard his interest in the server. Hoops was quite active and involved during the campaign both in-game and on the discord. Quite young, but he seems serious.

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