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[Denied] Smokeys admin app

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Name: 59th_KGrd_Smokey


( Your username, or in-game alias. )


Age: 16


(  Don't worry; We aren't looking for a particular age for our admins, this is just for our records. )




( Series of numbers displayed in the bottom left in red text when you join the server. )


Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198127433938/


( Eg, http://steamcommunity.com/id/Scandypandy. )

Hours in-game: 1513


( How many hours have you put into the game? )

Previous Admin Experience: mount and siege (native) and regiment events and tournament events


( Any previous experience as admin for other servers, or other experience which might come in handy. Earlier experience should be confirmed by the text field below concerning vouches. )

Vouches: nope


( Vouches from other admins confirming your fitness for the job and earlier experience. It may be vouches from NRP admins, but also from other communities. Vouches will be valid as long as you provide the necessary contact info needed for confirmation. Eg, link to their Steam profile(s), or a screenshot(s) of conversations where they agree to vouch. )


Reason(s): id like to become a admin cause I feel like there are ways the server can improve (I know you've seen this a lot and sometimes its true) however ideas like events or some fun mini ones when there aren't so many players can be useful to gain players , also the server it self is good and the administration on there is good however sometimes the admins don't give the players what they want to play and enjoy like on the 3rd of April the players voted for line battle and the admin (forgot the name) forced us to do naval  so its all about the players as they fuel the server and keep the great server running 


( Medium length description of why you'd like to join the team. You may include your opinion of the server and its management, your personal experience with the role plays and server rules and/or your perspective on the adminship. )


Etiquette and Server Rules: I know this may not be the full list:
no ramboing always follow your regiment officer
don't surrender kill / wait for the regiment officer to give you the command
don't delay focus on winning and not messing around
don't stab/attack fellow soldiers
don't cheat/use scripts to gain an advantage over players
don't troll e.g. block arty


( Please list all the general rules you know from NRP, together with names to define each kind of rulebreaker. Eg, one of the server rules is no spam in chat. Someone who hit friendly troops on purpose is called teamhitter. )


Roleplays: only been on really for line battle mainly and naval but never seen the rules for naval 

random teams
infantry follow regimental leaders and cavalry follow country's general
no kill surrenders wait for either you regiment officer or the admin to give the command
team balance should be as even as possible


( Please list all the Roleplays you know from NRP, together with the rules for each one of them. Note: Copy-pasting from other applications/sources will not be valid. Please format it properly, making sure it's easy to read and in English. )

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Lacking overall but more importantly in the rps section which leads me to believe you have not spent sufficient time either on the server to learn of the other rps we use or on this app.

If you improve the app i might change my mind but as of the moment it's a /devouch from me.

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Although our main focus on the server is normally Battle RP, essentially we are still a Role Play server and host various RP's.
To improve your application and increase the chances of it being accepted I suggest you edit it abit after visiting these two important links.

Server Rules: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/officialnrpcommunity/discussions/0/1694919808742169037/
Roleplays: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/officialnrpcommunity/discussions/0/1694919808742154215/

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After checking your activity in our logs and finding it to be roughly:



Saturday: 45 minutes

Sunday: 0

Monday: 0

Tuesday: 0

Wednesday: 15 minutes

Thursday: 0

Friday: 0

Saturday: 0

Sunday: 30 minutes


Unless this improves along with the application (adding more role plays and removing all the useless instructions) it is a /devouch from me.

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