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[Accepted] Admin Application - Meow

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Hours In-game



Previous Experience

I was Admin back in 2016 and 2018, and head admin too.



TheLastItalian,Harold,Bluck,Timur,Diomedes, The Prophet Mohammed ( peace be upon him).



I want to help to get the server back to its old form.



Stalingrad RP:

- 3:2 player ratio

- Numerically superior side (Prussians) play as Freikorps

- Numerically inferior side (Russians) play as Partizani/Militia

- Generally intended to be disorganized to some degree, the following officers is not required


Assassination RP:

- 2:1 player ratio (under normal circumstances)

- Numerically superior side (Russians) act more or less in a pack using the partisan class to kill the numerically inferior side's general

- Numerically inferior side (any faction) act in defence of their general, with most classes available, purposed to either wait out the server's timer or assist in their general's flight


Bastille RP :

- 2:1 player ratio

- Numerically inferior side defends the Bastille

- Numerically superior side attempt to seize the Bastille from the defenders' control

- Defenders victorious if Timer runs out OR all partisans killed

- Attackers victorious if Bastille was taken


Volley RP :

- 1:1 player ratio

- Each side is under command of an admin

- Each side acts in solidarity as a single unit

- Fire/Charge on orders of admin


Cav vs. Infantry RP :

- 1:2 1:3 or no abnormal player ratio

- Team 1 (cav) acts as a single unit and charges a square of infantry

- Team 2 (inf) forms into a square and attempts to break the charge


Line Battle RP :

- 1:1 player ratio

- Similar rules to Battle RP

- Only infantry


Battle RP :

- 1:1 player ratio

- Follow officer with beacon

- The team that survives the longest is victorious

- Most classes available


Etiquette and Server Rules

- No team hitting

- No spamming

- No unnecessarily wasting build points

- Ramboing

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Posted (edited)

cons: called me fat, unironically german, had prussian role......., possible manchild


pros: sort of ok guy


all in all, meow has plenty of admin experience and is relatively easy to get along with, so I think meow would make a good addition to the team :)












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Posted (edited)

out of smash, marry kill. Id smash you, count that as a /nocommen


a kill would be /devouch and we cant go around killing ex-ha EVEN IF THEY DELETE US ON STEAM

and marrying a cat is just fucking gay so not a /vouch





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Any issues you had as HA can be disregarded considering they were all out of game, and not regarding your status as a server admin. Good to have an experienced admin return.

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