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[Denied] Minisiege admin app

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Hours in-game: 



Previous Admin Experience: 

Minisiege and NRP ( About 20 times now )


Polo said he would vouch only reason i'm making one. 



I was told to reapply by meow so #Blame him, I want to also have power inside the server to stop all these bad rp's and all these bad players which need sorting out for not following the god damn RP rules. I also want to bring back random weapon RP which was the best rp around and people love me being Admon.




Battle Rp: 

Follow Officer, Cav follow General

No Rambo

No teamhitting / Trolling

Surrenders killed via firing line.


LineBatlle Rp:

Follow Officer at all times

No rambo

Stay in line while shooting

No crouching

No teamhitting 

No trolling

Move when officer moves.


Cav vs Cav Rp:

Pick Cav

Line up in a line or a cluster fuck.

Wait for Admin to say charge.

No Ramboing.


Inf vs Cav Rp:

Pick Pikes (Russian)

Inf Form a Sqaure

Cav line up wait for Admin to say charge

No ramboing

Inf stay in the Sqaure


Random Weapon Rp (My RP):

Pick any classes

Remove all weapons

Wait at spawn for random weapon

Wait for admin to say charge

No shooting

Melee weapons only

Last round always Ban Hammer.


Western Rp (My RP):

Force Officer only

Remove all weapons, Spawn in Pistal

Pistal only 

Melee = slay


No team hitting 
leader must get to Russian spawn
No delaying
No chat spam


Naval RP

Balance 1:1

Gamemode is Battle

Preferably UK vs France

Everyone must be infantry

Don't leave with the ships untill the admin says so


Infantry must wait at spawn until Russians are ready.
Infantry must keep General alive.
No Chat Spam 
No teamhitting


Zombie Survival:
Zombies have to break the flag before the human get the antidote
Humans have to defend the fort.
Zombies get Infinite life's 
Human's get one life. 


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You're probably one of if not the flakiest admin NRP has ever had
I don't even bother to pay attention as to why you come/go anymore, I actually thought you were still on the team.

I highly doubt that you're going to put time into adminning the server, regardless of how active you are on discord or on the forums. I absolutely do not think you have any intention on spending large or even decent amounts of time on the server itself, outside of perhaps Campaign Events.
I have no say in whether someone does/doesn't become an admin but I'm just confused as to why you're actually applying beyond getting into the big boys club *again*

Take a look at yourself and have a really hard think as to whether you intend to spend a great deal of time in the forseeable on NRP building population and running things. Whether you want to sit through that grind to get the population up outside of events. Whether you aren't just going to be quitting again in a month or two when you can no longer be bothered
If any of the above puts you off, just rescind your app and save everyone's time my guy

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Minisiege has his reasons for leaving and honestly I’d rather an admin leave when they know they won’t be active than just saying nothing and disappearing for awhile. I asked him to put in a app to rejoin the team because he was a good admin. I gladly vouch for him.

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