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NRP Campaign 3.0 Development Updates


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Due to the overwhelming success of both NRP Campaigns so far, work on the third one has been underway for some time.

We have many incredible development goals which we will hopefully achieve soon thanks to the large campaign development team who are working hard, should you wish to join us contact Wilhelm on discord.

With each major update, we'll put the information here.




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Hello, everyone!
I’m here to bring you a huge update for NRP Campaign 3.0, with a major feature reveal.

As the first public server to bring a Multiplayer Campaign to Napoleonic Wars, we continually strive for ways to innovate and improve on our formula.
While people have enjoyed following the Campaigns in the past as the factions duke it out over the map, we wanted to find a way to streamline the way the off-server aspects of the Campaign were handled.

It is my pleasure to introduce the NRP Campaign Map!


The Campaign Map is a live-map which shows you exactly what’s going on. With custom sprites specifically created by our Campaign Team, you will be able to track every army/battle/event or movement that happens throughout the campaign with ease.
Gone are the days of awkwardly photoshopping a ready-made map to show new moves, this new map makes the post-battle paperwork a fraction of the work required previously.

To give you a little insight, I’ll explain exactly what you’re seeing:

Armies and Occupation
Armies are represented by their custom animated sprites which have the name of the army underneath. Armies and their strength are listed in the side panel.
Armies can be simply dragged and dropped around the map to represent their movement.

As for occupation, it is now simply handled by flags-these can also be dragged and dropped! It will be much easier to co-ordinate and follow grand campaigns using this tool; the sprites and names could even be edited to represent NW Regiments if they become a big enough part of the Campaign!

Battle History
In the side panel to the left, all battles and their results will be recorded so you can keep an eye on how things are progressing.
Any serious developments, news snippets or announcements will also be listed here.

Railroads, Forts and Other Icons
You’ll notice a lot of different icons such as forts, cities or railways. These represent in-game mechanics which we’re still perfecting through our simulated campaigns on testing weekends. These can also be added, moved or edited very easily and this functionality will be extremely useful for the future.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about the introduction of this unique new feature is the possibilities for the future; by streamlining the most complicated part of the Campaigns, the possibility for other Campaigns/Events/Simulated Wars are endless and we plan to capitalise fully on this; expect much, much more from NRP!

In the meantime, don’t forget that the Faction Leaders are going to be picked and announced tomorrow.
If you want to have a chance to lead Prussia to her Ascendance or maintain control of Germany as the Austrian Emperor, be sure to apply here.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

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