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[Accepted] Admin Application - Solliedgold

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  • Name
  • Age
  • Steam
  • GUID
  • Hours In-game
  • Previous Experience
    A bunch of Rp servers, the nova rp was my first experience
  • Vouches
    i dont have any vouches, i wish i had but i simply dont.
    not because people think im a bad admin (oof)
  • Reason(s)
    sometimes the admining in the morning UTC+1 in denmark can be a little bit sloppy
    sometimes the same rp's are being done every round (For example : 3 rounds of Battle rp then Naval then battle rp and so on)
    and i wish to be a part of this community more
    (i have no intention of becoming a big admin just maybe an admin who can control the servers at times other admins arent online at)


  • Trench rp: Prussia v France, the teams line on their trenches and wait until war. admins can call all charge


  • Roleplays
    Battle rp :
    Can be any team
    Units follow beacons
    Cav follows commander

    Inf V Cav :
    Russia v french
    Russia goes town guards (the 2 unit) and forms a square
    French goes cav and awaits admin for further orders

    Assasination Rp :
    Russia v France
    Russia goes partizani and tries to kill napoleon
    one player from france goes napoleon and the rest goes guards
    when napoleon dies the russians win but if napoleon gets to the russian spawnpoint the french wins

    Cav v Cav :
    French v french or russia v russia and so on
    everyone goes cav and waits for admin orders
    then you go fucking berserk and drink your foes blood out of their skulls
    admins bevare of salty players

    Western :
    Russia v Russia
    everyone goes officer
    or partizani and admin gives sword and pistol

    D-Day :
    Siege. teams do not matter
    one team attacks and another defends
    the defending team has 3 lifes and the attackers has infinite
    the attackers goal is to capture the flag or kill all enemys
    and the defenders goal is to defend (pretty simple)

    Helms Deep (My favorite)
    map is changed to helms deep
    Uk v russia
    russia goes partizani, uk goes whatever the hell they want to go
    the timer is set to 6 min and the russians will have to capture the flag
    the uk units have 1 life and the russians have infinity lifes

    Line battle rp:
    uk v french
    one officer controlling the whole team
    no sitting no fire out of line
    the teams may have musicians and flag bearers
    (this rp is played rarely i think)

    im sure there are a lot other rp's but these are the most common
    and there are always constantly being made more rp's
  • Etiquette and Server Rules
    No teamhitting
    No surrender kill (Sometimes)
    No trolling (Arty troll also)
    No spam in chat
    Be respectful
    And dont be a huge dick unless you really have to

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Not the best app in the whole history of NRP but certainly a decent one, roleplays list is complete with the essentials, your reasons are fine and you have quite a few hours  in-game :





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25 minutes ago, QeAntonio said:

Don't know you well. List of Rps is too short for me. Would like to see your activity. For now it's a /devouch from me. 

well i shall continue my quest of being worthy to your /vouch


edit: nvm cant edit the original post.

Edited by Solliedgold

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1 hour ago, Generalissimus Kenway said:

You will know your fate soon enough, my friend


I done fucked up, he used the bruh sound.

Edited by Solliedgold

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You have basic knowledge of the roleplays and are moderately active at best.  However I think I'll take a chance on you. Being accepted as Trial Admin means you are being accepted upon the assumption you will be active. 

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