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The Crown Commonwealth is no more. And I wish not to make this tragic news even more unbearable and, as such, I will keep this short. To all the brave and loyal members of the CC, I say: Thank you.


Thank you, to all who never left our cause

Thank you, to all who never flinched in spite of whatever was thrown at them and

Thank you, to all who fought till the end. 


Now, the reason for this heart-breaking defeat that has befallen us cannot be easily pinned down, though it is obvious that mistakes were made, both in the in-game battles and the Campaign Map moves. I do not wish to go into much detail but I feel personally accountable for several of those terrible blunders and I wish to solemnly apologise to the great people of the CC and to our King - I hope you can forgive me.


And now I invite you to listen together with me to this beautiful song and reminisce about the good old days one last time before we let go of it all... forever. Goodbye, CC.






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