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[Accepted] Unban Request - TheLastItalian

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  • Name
  • GUID
  • Date
    12/1/18 or something like that lol
  • Service
    Server, because of the *Removed since we'd prefer not to get TaleWorlded* OldPotato XD
  • Reason(s)
    Well, quite frankly, the only reason why I got banned so hard by Mr.fagtato was because I was with the retarded German regiment that does some stupid stuff sometimes that may seem preposterous to you but not to them, i just left that regiment, and I also would like my admin status back, because when I was banned, my admin rank was revoked. I should get unbanned because everybody loves me and I am a popular figurehead and symbol of the prominence and power of NRP, thank you for your understanding and don't let the legend, me, die an unwholly and terrible death of not being able to play AND LOVE NRP.

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Very poorly put together ban appeal. I doubt you’ll ever get Admin back. My personal opinion is that he has been banned long enough though. 


Learn to follow the rules, especially if you’re apart of staff. No Rambo is one of the only rules in this server that will get you banned for breaking it. It ruins the experience for other people. Respect the server and you won’t be banned again 👍

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