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KL4R1NO the Indefatigable

What happened to JB?

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15 hours ago, Ewoksson said:

wasn't it the guy complaining about being banned was called getting jewed who made the final blow?

I believe that was moreso the thing that alerted the devs to Jailbreak's existence. I and many others had been saying for a very long time that the edgy and slur-heavy manner in which people adminned was something a 14 year old might do and was really harming the server, particularly when they just stuffed it to bursting point with scripts and made absolutely dogshit game-modes based around them with things like the infamous lynching RP.

It's really nobody's fault except Jailbreak's that it got shud down

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On 12/21/2018 at 8:14 PM, KL4R1NO the Indefatigable said:

@Ewoksson @Retired Scandy


It was me who asked the question >:(


I was asking about JBR or whatever that new server is called :)

Well, it's the new server hosted by the new team. Nothing has happened to it, from what I can tell. They often hit "high" population, around 40-60 somewhat commonly. Aside from one of their admins being removed for racism there's not much to note.

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6 hours ago, janat08 said:

I say kys in tradition that I hope aged well.

Except you did the same on NRP.
Don't think everyone forgot.

You played NRP for a few days and posted several useless complaints which made 0 sense as you were complaining that you got punished for breaking rules, or complained that others followed them.
You then complained against the entire admin team claiming that everything was being done wrong despite suggesting 0 fixes and again demonstrating how poorly you grasp how the server works.
You then applied for admin and were rejected, obviously.

It is clear that you think you are very smart.
I could run a server better than you by sending fucking carrier pigeons over the atlantic ocean to @WaterPolo with cryptic riddles instructing him where to find several hidden clues which would tell him what to do next.

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