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NRP Campaign 2.0 Hall of Legends!

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Outnumbered 7:1, (14:2) two Confederate volunteers attempted to hold the Republican hordes at bay while their regiments regrouped.


El Presidente was the sole survivor of the encounter, the blood of seven men infused to the tip of his bayonet.



This is to commemorate that fateful day, for the few who are reached by fame and adoration, and the many who are not.

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The following message has been approved by the germanic forces cabinet.


Pictured below is the leader of the cabinet Shephard van Zuylen charging an open position in the enemy lines with 3 men attempting to take down the enemy artillery. They were persued by a force of marines that easily outnumbered them.

Alas the fortifications were too strong, despite giving it their all the Dutch and German soldiers weren't able to breach the fort leading to them being cut down in a glorious last stand.




However the cabinet forces would later redeem themselves with a later charge flanking the enemy from behind and allowing victory to be secured. This warranted a tea break enjoyed by the whole line. 



Sung by GFC soldiers during their march into the French capital ripe for the pillaging.


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The 42nd Foot, 2nd Footguards, and some stray artillerymen enjoying some tea by a campfire after winning over the capital city of the GR.






A battery of rocket artillery bombarding a GR gun emplacement on the outskirts of their capital city.




The 42nd Foot and 95th Rifles skirmishing in the forest outside a GR battery.




The final assault on the GR's capital city.



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Smoke filled the battlefield, rockets flew down on the clumped french fortifications coupled with the occasional fire of the howitzer, after biding our time softening the exposed Frenches we were finally given the order to charge. The poor bastards on the fort didn't know what hit them, after we cut down the ones in the fort their whole military seemed to evaporate.  4DC4C643E898EE4AEB6C284FB40D5259CA4EE76A


Later, when another french force came around the bastards tried the same tactic of creating a massive fortification. After guarding our beautiful rocket array me and the lads went to the nearby woods to hopefully pick some off and stop that cannon harassing our howitzer. We waited a few minutes until the order came, the main army charged the centre and sent their forces heading left, right into our charge ! The look on the faces of the Frenches when they realised they were surrounded was priceless. 



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