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NRP Campaign 2.0: Campaign ruleset & more.


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Far above the mainland lies the the Khankaso Archipelago, a region of breathtaking blue seas and lush jungle forests. This will be the area of our new campaign! In the north lies the Colony of Pronston (Providence). This colony houses the glorious CC veterans and has recently declared its independence. Going by a new name: The "Crown Commonwealth", they have been mobilizing their forces to oppose any foreign claim to the region! To make matters even more turmulent, the Slavic confederation to the south has revolted and have been executing GR officials left and right. They also declared themselves indepedent and seek to expell any Republican influences from their lands! Understanding the gravity of the situation, The Grande République sends her own armies into what will be the battleground of these next few weeks!


The Goal of this campaign is to gain control of 6 out of the 9 settlements found on the campaign map! Battles will be fought by playing Battle RP's on the server! A few days from now during the weekend, the first battles will take place. Therefore I ask you to check your agenda's, invite friends and join us in the weekend Battles! The first 2 battles will take place this Saturday and Sunday at 21:00 CET. The Campaign movements on the campaign map will be done the day before: November 9!



  • Army Health and Balance mechanics:

The Campaign will begin with 3 Nations with 2 Armies each.

Every Army is worth 15 "AP" (Army Points), armies lose 1 AP just for participating in a battle and they also have the number of rounds they lost subtracted from their total ap, for example if the Confederation won 4-3 agains the Grande Republique and both armies were at full AP before the battle - both armies would lose 1 AP just for participating and then the GR would lose another 4 , for losing 4 rounds whilst the Confederation would lose 3. This is a balance mechanic to ensure one army can't win 21 battles and not lose a single man.



  • Turn Order on the map and Beginning location for each army:

-The CC's armies are will start on Providence and Wellington Village,

-The CF's factions on Sarkow and Drepesk,

-The GR on L'Aumond and Rouez.


The turn sequence will be:

Crown Commonwealth,

Confederation of Liberated Lands,

Grande Republique.


  • Movement on the campaign map:

The CC will therefore have the very first move.  Armies move from province to province. The maximum amount of movement is 2 provinces in friendly territory and 1 province of movement when moving from a friendly province into enemy territory or when moving from a enemy area to another hostile area. Armies can additionally move between occupied ports. This will take a total of 2 turns; 1 turn to embark and 1 to disembark.


  • Battles:

When 2 opposing armies collide on the campaign map, a battle ensues. Battles are planned to be fought on the server during Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The battles will be normal battle RP but with reserved officer slots; every three rounds the map is changed. A battle is won if one of the two involved faction reaches a total of 4 round victories first. When a faction reaches a total of 5 rounds, the campaign event is ended and the results will be translated to the campaign map. The faction that won the 4 rounds will be deemed the winner.

If an army scores below 1 AP point it is deemed destroyed and will be removed from the campaign map.


  • Victory Condition(s):

The Victory Condition is to take a total of 6 provinces; when one faction gains control of 6 out of the 9 settlement (all shown in a bolder shade of white on the campaign map), the campaign will end and the respective faction will be victorious!


  • Islands:

All the smaller islands namely:

Ostrov Nirok

Ostrov Erlok

Ile de Burly

Ile de Nevoy

 will start as unoccupied lands meaning that the first faction to get their armies onto it will assume ownership of said island.





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Armies that spend 1 full turn rotation on a friendly settlement (Village, Capital or Port) will replenish 1 AP point per turn rotation spent (CC-GR-CF), up to a maximum of 15 points.

For example, if a gr army keeps its army in aumond until it's their turn again they will regain 1 AP point.


2nd key notion - 

Armies may merge! eg if two armies have 6 points they can merge (by going on the same province and the command specifying they wish to merge) to form 1 army with 12 points!


3rd key notion -


Armies with 5 points or less may now attack, but they deal HALF DAMAGE to the opposing army. Any damage dealt is also rounded down.


4th key notion -


When a army has less than 5 points, a theoretical army in the capital of the nation concerned gains 1 point a turn (towards the full 15 ap) and spawns the turn after the army with less than 5 points dies , no matter how many  ap it has - eg if a army has 3 ap for 5 turns and it dies a new 5 ap army will spawn in the capital.


5th key notion


If a army loses a battle they cannot move further into enemy territory, they must move AWAY.


6th key notion 


Officers of one faction (eg gr) may not be a officer for another faction! and if they do, the faction from which those officers belong to will suffer penalties!

eg  - cc sends 6 officers to help the gr - they would suffer a ap point penalty. 


7th key notion


If a faction loses all its remaining cities, it is destroyed





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