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[Accepted] Medal Application - Ethelad

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  • Name
  • Requested medal(s)
    Distinguished service
  • Vouches
    Don Francisco and Milkman
  • Reason(s)
    I want a new medal to piss off Kenboy, and I guess all those fricking hours trying to raise pop could do for this medal. Also the goose said I'm capable n shit and that counts right?
  • Visual Proof 1
  • 6e8f585519df3018d395816849eb03e9.png.441844223e7f77a35122f8c43e44eda3.png
  • Visual Proof 2
  • aboos.png.1d71496a2003c0017f5794544e21fe2d.png
  • Visual Proof 3
  • ayman.png.9e3b32ef365cfff0c321361d262d9e61.png
  • Visual Proof 4
  • dio2.png.fd8109f2cc913777d31ac076334ac627.png

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