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Poll for our Discord Emotes  

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  1. 1. What do you prefer we use our 50 emoticon slots for?

    • Keep the Pepes (19 of 50 emoticon slots)
    • Remove the Pepes (Instead use the 19 slots for up-to-date memes & NW-related memes)

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Discord is a continuous stream of chat which means there is a small possibility of a persistent discussion there. It's much more viable to discuss matters in the Server Discussion - Suggestions forum or here in General Discussion when it involves the external services. The Pepes has been with the Discord since the beginning last year. It was mainly because we felt the need to fill the slots with some edgy memes. Pepe is good because it also has various reactions, but these are also expressed by the ordinary smileys, even if they are less edgy or fun to use. But the subject is controversial. Some users want to get rid of the Pepe emoticons, and some users want them to remain. Advocate for your opinion and link images of possible emotes here.

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5 hours ago, KL4R1NO the Indefatigable said:

ye the problem with your shit suggestion is that clearly no one high up in the NRP hierarchy is going to stop fingering their anus long enough for them to be able to upload new memes with any semblance of consistency


I try to update the emoticons in rational ways and have tried since the start. That's why I don't allow anyone else to touch the emotes. There's a limit (50 slots) and we've capped it which means it needs to be decided whether a new emote should replace an old emote, and the to-be-removed emote need to be saved locally on my computer in case things don't work out and because they might be original work. The risk of sloppiness is greater the more cooks stir the soup.


The Pepes were my idea and the initial reaction back in January 2017 was not overall a good one, but the users quickly became familiar with them within a month of the creation of the discord. That's pure psychology. Humans find new means to communicate, same goes for removing them and leaving users without them for a month.


The tragic thing is what you say, that no-one really bother to put time and effort into creating original emotes for NRP, yet another reason why no-one else but me need access to add/remove emotes. If someone were to show me they can create NW-related emotes representing sadness, happiness, crying, laughing and smugness, they'd immediately receive access. Yet all I hear are demands and no showing. Unoriginal work doesn't really count either. We require someone who can create new memes and make existing memes transparent and fit as emotes. Cinnaman didn't add any Pepes during his HoCS time. He created the Scandy emote, nothing else. I edited all the Pepe emotes, made them transparent, correct/best size possible and enhanced them as some were cut in half. Anyway, Pepes are shit and so are most other alternatives. Why is Pepe more logical to have as emotes than, eg, Rajoy?

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Pepe is a universal language while Rajoy is an esoteric meme that's only shared between Spanish kids and politics nerds


When you restrict access to the Discord adminship to a select few, responsibilities come attached (you get to mute/ban people in exchange for running the thing well). The second you stop doing this, and instead leave the Discord (and this site, actually) with no memss for us to use, you have violated the social contract [TM] between us and you.


I'm not sure why anyone would need to prove themselves worthy of meme-making to you - you should be the one justifying your admin privileges by making new mems and generally being competent


if you have a difficulty sourcing new memes, keep the old ones in place until the new ones are ready (why on earth did you remove the pepz on this site when you have no option but to revert to the vanilla reaaccs?)



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