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NEW NRP Scripts, finalized!

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On 11/21/2018 at 6:03 PM, TichePotato said:

Like a month late, I don't check the forums much, but to clarify what I meant by auto-rp setup - you click a button, select an RP, and it automatically sets the balances. I can personally never remember the correct balances, nor the correct order in which the spawns should go. Actually running the RP itself is beyond script functionality. 

this is a good one

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OK, gamers I have a totally EBIN suggestion so you better add it


1) The ability to to quickly toggle freeze on yourself; Could be like: Freeze --> Yourself/Other Players

2) When you go to Other Players, perhaBs add option for Team 1 only and Team 2 only as well as the already present ''Everyone''

3) Also, when you select a Player with the f9 thingy, it would be swell if you could add the freeze option there, too


I believe the first 2 could benefit Hostage RP, for example. And the 3rd one? idk lmao, but it'd be fun to freeze a delaying horseman trumpeteer instead of slaying him or something xd

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