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Napoleonic Role Play

Battle of Ligny Event -- 3 November

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The enemies of the Emperor of the French have gathered at the Congress of Vienna and declared him an outlaw. The powers of the United Kingdom, Russia, Austria and Prussia mustered an army to depose the Emperor, whose now only option was to strike first with a decisive blow that would crush this newly formed Seventh Coalition.


 Both the Allied powers and the French had been moving ahead, trying to gain an advantage over their enemy. The Emperor divided his forces and secured a position between the forces of the Duke of Wellington and those of Gebhard von Blücher. A portion of the French army attacked Charleroi as a distraction. With Maréchal Ney taking care of the Allies at Quatre Bras, Napoléon could focus now on the bigger threat: the Prussians.


The Prussians, having secured Sombreffe, marched to Fleurus, coming up from Namur, but the Emperor didn’t give much importance to the reports. Reports then came from Quatre Bras informing on the incoming Prussians – Napoléon’s orders to Ney were to concentrate his force and crush what was in front of him. The Emperor would in the meantime advance to Fleurus, leaving a force behind to secure Charleroi in the meantime.


Blücher, having verified that his communication with Wellington’s forces are still uninterrupted, has accepted the Emperor of the French’s challenge and has taken a position to the rear of Fleurus, while Wellington’s forces remain in Quatre Bras.


The Battle of Ligny is about to begin.





We’re excited to announce a new event coming on Sunday the 28th of October. We will be recreating the Battle of Ligny which took place on 16th June 1815, which took place shortly before the infamous Battle of Waterloo. The battle resulted in a French victory; however this recreation could go either way, so the outcome of this battle could be very different to that of the real battle.


For this event we are looking for two volunteers to lead both the French and Prussian armies as their respective generals. You can apply for either role in this post, and the staff will get in contact with you as soon as a decision is made.




Application template


  • Player name:
  • Which faction do you want to lead?  (France or Prussia.)
  • Why do you want to lead said faction?  (Just show some motivation.)
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Player name: Ethelad.

Which faction do you want to lead?  France.

Why do you want to lead said faction? Seeing we have no volunteers (since Tax said he couldn't be here) I guess I'll have to. I gotta stop Kenway yet again.

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