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[Accepted] Admin Application - QeAntonio

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  • Name
  • Age
  • Steam
  • GUID
  • Hours In-game
  • Previous Experience
    N o n e
  • Vouches
    Sneakpanda, Presidente, WaterPolo
  • Reason(s)
    From most important things to less one.

    1) I wanted to apply later, but I know there is big lack of admins on NRP, that's why i am writing my application now.

    2) I am playing on the server in my free time (1-2 hours daily) and I enjoy being in community.

    3) ~30%(1-2pm) of my time spent on NRP there is no admin on. Sometimes there's a troll that makes other players quit and server have low population for evenings
    (people don't join is there's noone playing).

    4) I would like to help you make the server good place to play with other people.

    5) After playing on NRP a bit I am curious about how is being admin like.
  • Roleplays
    Battle: random vs random; main rules; rambo allowed or not (admin's choice). Surrender execution via fireline or he can just be killed (admin's choice)

    Town: Russia vs random; Slovenian/Arabian Village; Russians go partisani and Rp as townmans, their main objective is to kill sheriffs (random fraction), if times going to end friendly russians are executed.

    Western: random vs random; map-Spanish farm (day). All players go officers; map-Spanish farm (day).

    Linebattle: random vs random; Random large map; Players follow their officer (Cav general). Fire only in line 3 or more. Cavalry dismount when they are 3 or less.

    Random weapons: random vs random. Admin removes all items at the start of the round and then spawns everyone a random weapon.

    Pleb fight: Russia vs Russia; Map-Russian village; All players pick partisani.

    Assasination: France vs Russia. Russians go partisani; France have to defend their general (Napoleon) from russian attacks; balance: 1:2 or 1:3 (more russians); No cav no grenadiers; Russians win if they kill the Napoleon. France win if the russians are dead, time runs out or when general escapes on Russian spawn.

    Double assasination: random vs random; both teams have two generals; winner is the faction that kills enemy leaders.

    Infantry vs Cavlary: Russia vs random; First team go Militia. Second go cavalty; cav team waiting for charge command. Infantry forms at spawn.

    Cavlary vs Cavlary: random vs random; All players go cavalry; both teams waiting for charge command.

    Ambush: random vs random; First team have to get to the win point (win if 30% of the team is at win. Second have to kill enemies or hold them until time ends).

    Naval: random vs random; Map-Naval Battle, no greanadiers.
  • Etiquette and Server Rules
    Spamming the chat/spammer

    Hitting teammates/teamhitter

    A person who shows discrimination or prejudice against people of other races/racist

    Making round long (running away, barricading in house/delayer

    Using buildpoints on stupidly like placing sandbags in random place/waster

    Not following officer or general/rambo (some RP's allows ramboing)

    Doing things that make your team lose like kicking artillerymans/troll

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So as a whole QeAntonio is a all right guy, you can have a laugh with him and joke about things.

The application is all right, all the roleplays we normally do are mentioned and he knows the rules well.

The problems I see is his AGE but as one said "Age does not matter, if they are mature they are ready" so no big thing about his age.
The trolling also in the server needs to dim down a lot when taking the role of Admin, Yes we all like to have a little fun but you need to know when the fun needs to stop and when to stop trolling the players.


But after all this I would like to VOUCH FOR HIM

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Antonio has tried very hard to join the team. If he became an admin he must not turn into another Gio. Constantly trolling other admins and players. He’d have to be able to show respect to the hierarchy of NRP, be able to listen and learn. 

This app is one of his best yet, although still isn’t top quality. 

His age does not bother me, do not forget Rez and pew were both 14 when they became Head Admin.


ive decided to vouch 

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This is on the presumption you will be mature while admining and not spamming the admin chat with stupid stuff. Being immature will result in your removal.

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