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Memorial for Jailbreak's Civil War

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So this meme has stayed alive for like a year already mostly due to the potent shitposting of Scandy. Given that all records are going to be deleted today I might as well  e n l i g t h e n  you on the situation. Sit down kids, grab a snack and get ready for a long af thread



Neon became Head Admin somewhere around 2016 when Legs resigned. He tried to create the image of the ultra serious disciplined admin, and expected everyone to follow his example. This wasn't bad by itself as it helped create a team which could pride itself in being both effective and impartial for years to come. However in his quest to achieve that he made one of the most controversial decisions in his career; the demotion of Gregory, an experienced admin who had contributed both in maps, guides and wardening time for months, for seemignly no reason. The outcry of that decision, and Greg's subsequent resignation (he came back later) led to him resigning less than 24 hours later citing ''reasons not related to the incident"






After 2 days of absence Neon came back- but not the same. While in the past he was disciplined and serious he fully embraced shitposting the moment he stepped down. This eventually led him to direct conflict with Greg (and me later) over his ''hypocrisy'' of upholding discipline while he himself broke his own rules. It was conflicts like this that reduced him in the eyes of the admin team although everybody dismissed it as this being temporary


Spoiler alert; it was not




Neon calmed down eventually and in early June created a revolutionary idea; Jail Siege (or as he tried to push it " Neon RP"). He created a map, some rules and eventually the entirety of the admin team was working hard on this promising project. Indeed, after it's introduction it revolutionized the server, raising average attendance to 40-60 players and 80-120 when JS was on. New maps were created, rules were being added and the server prospered for a period of 2 months.


However clouds were indeed on the horizon, as Neon had already refused to update his rules multiple times, ignoring the then HA's (Teabags) orders and later outright ignoring him as a whole. Neon gained an idea of invulnerability which caused him to become arrogant and indifferent to any rules on the server. Eventually a series of incidents prompted Hockey and Dimitry (owo) to report him directly to the HA who took immediate action




In a matter of days, Teabags acted on the report by a creating a thread invisible to Neon where admins got to vote on his punishment. A text only (and slightly fucked) version of the conversation can be found attached to this post.





2 factions formed at that point; The Royalists, demanding a complete removal of Neon from the admin team and the opposition, or for all memes and purposes,the Neonic League, arguing that these instances of abuse were not enough to warrant any punishment.


The Civil War

Shortly after the vote was concluded in 11-9 (approximately) in favor of purging Neon he was tipped off and this happened:



He then made his resignation thread (''The consipracy against me") stating that he was forced to resign because of the ''cancerous tumors of Greg, muh dick and Dimitry [who had] taken over the server".  The thread was the first battlefield of the civil war, with Royalist forces led by Greg, Muh dick and Dimitry  (surprising I know) clashed with Neon's supporters in a conflict spanning over 20 pages (around 200 posts) in a matter of days, the biggest thread at that time. It was subsequently nuked (deleted) by an unknown moderator so no records of it exist. 


The fighting escalated and engulfed the 2nd Meme thread. Its citizens prayed for the rampaging parties to ''respect the sacristy of low-tier  memes" (~Bjorn Ironside) but to no effect. The memes had to be evacuated into nearby threads to save them from the post spam. 


With total devastation setting in, SAC secretly abandoned the Royalist forces and withdrew to their bunkers, planning the successful coup which put SACLamb on NRP's throne) declaring neutrality and hiding for the rest of the war


Eventually a week later Neon after deleting the map and ban list (we had backups because of ted doing the exact same thing a year ago) was banned from the server, site and any future JB related projects. 



Shameless self promotion



Eventually the fighting calmed down and things returned to normal.

A small resurgence of alt account spam, and the threat of sabotage was noted for the following week after which neon withdrew on the NRP discord and after an argument with Shockwave out of all people withdrew himself to hosting EU4 games to this day




Scandy's ballad on the war


A summary of one of the Great Wars, the latest document by absolutely and entirely unbiased author Scandypandy.
To be told to all those seeking to create dissent within the Jailbreak ranks.


It's [current year] and Jailbreak is in a unique place. Rocked by a refugee crisis following the mass exodus of NRP, Jailbreak is under strain and the admins are being pushed to new limits in attempts to continue to run the server. With Teabags at their helm, a period of apparent relative peace has been enjoyed by a majority of the residents. 
As Hiders are finally given the justice they deserve, new game modes being added and the server's population at the highest it's been in recent memory, one could easily believe that happy days lay ahead for Jailbreak
However, beneath the flowery surface a plot is brewing which may shake Jailbreak to its very core.




And lo the winds of peace do blow,
As fires cease to glow,
The land is torn asunder,
The sun weeps for those below.

As men gather what remains of all the things they they have lost,
Ashes to ashes dust to dust is all that came from wroth.
The great divide has now been sealed but truly at what cost?

Time shall wait for no conflict,
No battle, brawl or fight,
For every second we stand and mourn,
We stray further from the light.

Man your posts and steel your gaze,
Embrace peace in all its might,
Return to 59th Jailbreak,
Guns are kill on sight.


Propaganda leaflets and memes produced by SAC's department of Truth (Scroob) and by Irish mercenaries





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