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[Accepted] Admin Application - Sir_Memesalot

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    I have had previous Admin experience on GarrysMod, as a Head of Staff for a Roleplay Server (2017-2018). For the year that I was the HoS there, I was in charge of the other staff members, applications, banning and other Administrative duties. I also am an Active player, and have been around for quite a while now.
  • Vouches
    For Overall conduct on NW Servers, 19th Members, DearUncleSam
    For GarrysMod : Askaer (Can send link to profile if needed)
  • Reason(s)
    I have been around on NRP for almost Two years now, and I have been mostly active on it during that time (save a few months during exam time). I feel as though NRP is the server which makes me want to play NW in General, as it is just such a large and good community. I feel as though the Server has had ups and downs throughout the time that I've been around, especially with the low number of players that it had encountered before the Summer Holidays. I want to join the team because I feel as though I have an understanding of the NRP Community, of the Cancer that it can bring (Which I may partake in sometimes) and how to prevent cancer from occuring in places where it isn't needed. I also have had a lot of good experiences with RPs, but I feel that a lot of the Old RPs (mainly the Situational ones, like the Old Stalingrad RP) have been neglected overtime, and have (or at least were) replaced by a few RPs which whilst fun at times, become stale and boring over Time (like a continuous Zombie RP). I feel that if I were in the team, I could help provide variety for the Roleplays, especially when there isn't a large number of players on - as I feel as though this will encourage people to stay and therefore help the server Pop to grow before we can do Roleplays that work well with a large server pop - say +100 Players, from which point a Line Battle isn't boring and is fun for the Majority of the Population.
  • Roleplays
    Battle RP

    The standard, go-to Roleplay on the Server. Two sides fight Each other on different maps, Be it Pre-Made ones (like Waterloo or Champs-Elysses) or Randomised ones.
    Basic Rules : Always Follow Officers, No Ramboing, Cavalry must Follow Generals. If there is a "Stalemate" between two sides (i.e. no one is moving from a Fortified Position) an All Charge will be called, causing both sides to move to charge each other.

    Line Battle RP

    Similar to the Regular Battle RP, only foot Soldiers are allowed in this Roleplay - Sometimes Artillery is Disabled, usually depending on the Map
    Basic Rules : Always Follow Officer (Rambos Slain), when an officer moves out Follow him (i.e. Don't Continue Reloading), In Some Instances Crouching is also Disabled. Again, usually ends in All Charge.

    Cav vs. Cav

    Both sides are allowed to go Cavalry units only. Gamemode is almost always played on One Map, a More or Less Flat plain. Both sides line up and charge each other (When Ordered to do so by the Admin).
    Rules are similar to other Line Battles, but most Notably both sides must wait with Charging until ordered, and people staying in the Spawn Forts will be Slain.

    Cav vs. Inf

    Played on the same map as Cav vs. Cav, one sides will go exclusively Russian Militia (Armed with Either Pikes or Muskets) and form a Square (Or Blob, usually ends up being a Blob). Once something resembling a square is formed, the opposing side (only Cavalry) charge the Square.
    Rules are same as for Cav vs. Cav, with the Russians required to stay in their square (until the charge reaches them). Again, cav must wait for Orders to charge and those holding the fort will be told to move or Slain.

    Trench RP

    Played on a Map with Trenches on Both sides, both sides go Infantry (or Artillery Units). Peace is turned on until both sides are in the Trenches. Following this, both sides begin blasting each other, usually throwing insults (or sometime Grenades) at each other. After a few Minutes of this, one Side is ordered to charge the others Trench. Final round usually consists of both sides Charging.
    Basic Rules : Much like Battle RP, However Soldiers do not have to stick with their Officers and Early Chargers (charging enemy before charge is called) are slain.

    Russian Revolution RP

    Played on a City map, RP Consists of uneven teams, one made up solely of Partisani (large Side) and the other of Any other Russian Class. Goal of the RP is for the Partisani to kill all the other side, while the Imperial Forces attempt to survive the Partisani onslaught.
    Basic Rules : Battle RP Rules, however Partisani is enforced for Team 2 and sometimes Grenades will be disabled.

    Assasination RP

    One team, with less than the other, Is made up of French Infantry. The French are given time to hide Napoleon is one of the Houses. The goal of the Partisani is to find (and Kill) Napoleon, whilst the Imperial Forces have to protect him. Partisani win if they Kill Napoleon, whilst the Imperials win if they Kill all Partisani or if Napoleon reaches the Spawn.
    Rules Include : Team 2 Must go Partisani (abusing this by going a different rank will result in a swift Slain).

    Ambush RP

    Similar to Assasination RP, Teams are made up of French Infantry and Partisani. Gamemode is played on a canyon Map. The Partisani must (attempt) to prepare an Ambush whilst the French slowly march through the Canyon. Once ordered to do so by the Admin, Peace is turned off and Partisani are ordered to try and kill Napoleon. Much like in Assassination, Partisani win if they kill Napoleon and lose if they all Die or Napoleon reaches their Spawn (alive).

    Bastille RP

    A team of Partisani charge a fortified Castle and try to take it from the French Defenders. Frenchies loose if they get wiped out or if the partisani Horde takes the Prison (i.e Reaches top).
    Most Common Rule for this is not spamming sandbags/building items.

    Helms Deep RP

    A roleplay that Isn't played anymore - very sad. Consists(ed) of a Team of Partisani with Unlimited lives storming Helm's Deep, defended by a team of Infantry, usually with only One Respawn. Partisani are trying to capture the Keep by Reaching (and Holding the Flag) or by Killing all of the Enemy team.
  • Etiquette and Server Rules
    Do Not Spam the Chat . This usually is quite obvious, especially when the Chat Disappears off the Screen because of the sheer amount of Spam.[Spammer]

    Do not Teamhit. This is when a Person attacks those on the same team as himself. [Teamhitter]

    Always follow Officers - Leaving the Officer or charging alone is Against the rules ( Called Ramboing) [Rambo]

    Delaying - when a Player Purposefully tries to extend the time for the RP to end by either not engaging or Not Charging when Ordered [Delayer]

    Don't Waste Build points - Purposefully spending build point as Sapper building pointless Structures (i.e. A Shit ton of TNT or making random Fences/Sandbags).

    Trolling - Do I really need to Explain That [Troll]

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Whatever your current activity is irrelevant, however I am accepting you on the assumption that you will become active once you are an admin. If you are inactive you will be removed.

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