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NRP Campaign 2.0: Leadership Applications

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NRP Username: WaterPolo
Character Name: (Marco Polo XI)
Faction: (Grande République)
GUID: (899758)
Role: (General/Infantry Officer)
Why do you want to lead: 
Stagnation is my greatest fear. It is because of this fear that I had decided to join the Grande République and pursue my life goal of being an Officer on NRP

The way that I stave off my fear of stagnation is through constantly bettering myself and those around me both professionally and personally. I look forward to all the challenges and opportunities that I will encounter as a Officer on NRP and I know that I will provide an exemplary model for the Grande République. Although I will never be able to compare to our Great Lord and Savior Tax; I am confident that my strong work ethic and determined spirit will motivate and guide my fellow GR d00ds in reaching their highest potential and goals. Through this emphasis of creating an environment of constant achievement I will enhance the mission readiness and overall success of my troops. My professional capabilities will compliment my tenacious and motivated nature within the Grande République. Most importantly for me is that I recognize my shortcomings and find paths to overcome them. It is with this mentality in mind that the Grande République will guide me in my commitment to serve.

“In the absence of orders, go find something and kill it.”
– Field Marshall Erwin Rommel



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