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[Rejected] Admin Application - 47e_SoD_Otto_De_Adolf

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  • Name
  • Age
  • Steam
  • GUID
  • Hours in-game
  • Previous Experience
    nope had not been an admin but i had seen admins doing rules and so on.
  • Vouches
    turkopole said i would be good https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198135178920/
  • Reason(s)
    i want to be an admin here because i never been one and so im curious and i also think i would do a good job. I also want to help nrp cause is my favourite rp server and i also dont want to become like a server i knew *cough cough* jb *cough cough*. and i would also be 2-3 hours a day on nrp and i also wont be a troll ( even if im 12 ) admin or things like this cause i know how it is to be trolled by admin ( central roleplay :) ). And i guess thats it.
  • Roleplays
    battle rp ( no teamhiting, bp waste, trolling, no spam in chat and this rules aply for every rp), somalian pirates: basicaly russians with guns vs uk inf with guns. naval: just naval same rules as battle, assasination: france/UK general with some guards vs partizani who try to kill the general if the general escaped to the russian spawn they win or if they kill all partizani, I know Gio horde is basicaly players vs bots ( i know i cant admin it ), cav vs cav ( is self explainatory ), cav vs militia basicaly militia forming a square and defending themself against the enemy cav, Escape rp is duke of welington with guards vs partizani who hide and try to kill him almost the same as assasination. Thats all i know.
  • Etiquette and Server Rules
    No spaming, teamhiting,trolling,delaying, blocking people, blocking cav, and from what i know free speech is allowed.

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TA here, but you guys asked for my opinion so here I am. 

This app looks okay, there's not as many roleplays and Etiquette rules as I'd like. Good vouch, i'm willing to take Turk's word for this guy. Overall the app seems competent at least and I would recommend at least taking this guy on as a TA.

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He is active and good player. The app would be better as the rules seem slipshod. But let's give him a chance. Also, the age is not problem for me because once we were 12. So this is a VOUCH from me. I hope you join the team. Good luck friend. :PepeFeelsOkayMan::PepeFeelsOkayMan:

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Alright. I'm going to write a long explanation as for my verdict because I feel as though you will be able to learn from it.

The first thing that stands out to me is the lack of effort put into the application. It's comes across as rushed, and the poor grammar alerts me to the fact that you haven't treated your application with the professionalism that is required.

Whilst it might not seem like it, being an admin, even a TA, does require effort and professionalism. If you haven't got the time and effort to impress the admin team with your application, how do we know you will be able to put in the time and effort for admining the server, especially with self-assigned set hours?


The age is also a worrisome factor. Just about every "mature" 12 year old I've ever met often has outbursts of immaturity. I'm 6 years your elder and I find myself saying immature things on the discord, as do most of the younger admins. To me, 12 just seems a little bit too young. 
and for the record, when I was 12, I was writing 1000word+ applications for roles in Roblox groups when I had no set structure or anything to adhere to. I'm therefore quite sure you can do better than this application if you really want to.


Now to address your reasons.
I'm unsure about your claim to be able to ADMIN for 2-3 hours PER DAY. After a long day it can be hard to play a game properly for two or three hours straight, never mind be responsible for the running of the server. 
If you can do this, great! You'd be an excellent asset to the admin team. However I highly doubt you can, especially since you'll soon be entering the years of your life where school begins to take over. (unless you're like me who got pretty much straight A and A*s without ever revising :PepeFeelsDabMan:)
That aside, I also take some issue with you not wanting NRP to end up like JB. Of course, none of us do - but your stance in the Discord where you are reporting regular players for racism to me shows your lack of understanding on the subject, but also suggests you might be slightly extreme. I get the feeling you're going to end up banning regular players for their distasteful remarks.
This one however is easily rectified and you just need to be informed on the rules regarding racist behaviour on the server and be able to have the self-control to adhere to our rules. Even if you think what you're doing is for the 'good of NRP', it might not be. I'm sure you know by now that racist and hateful behaviour is forbidden to be exhibited by admins but that we are not going to stop regular players from spouting whatever idiotic shite they want.
Being an admin requires a thick skin and the ability to not react to what the players are saying on the vast majority of occasions. Are you sure you can do this?


Your detail of the roleplays is also fairly lacking, and the layout of it does not endear me to vouch for you. Have a look at mine or Goki's applications (you can find them in the Resolved Admin Applications section) and if you are planning to apply in future, perhaps use these as a basis (but do not copy of course).


Your grasp of the server etiquette is very good, but it might do you well in future to say what might constitute "trolling". I might also say that cavblocking isn't against the rules unless the player does it on purpose, at which point it would come under the banner of trolling, as would regular blocking.


With this in mind, it's a devouch from me. Await the verdict of the other admins and perhaps consider re-applying in the future if you're unsuccessful this time around, keeping in mind the criticisms I've made here. 

ADDENDUM: The Nazi profile picture also brings up questions of your maturity. Given recent events, I believe it would be forbidden now in the rules to have such a profile picture that displays a hate symbol if you're an admin. Therefore, if you're an aspiring admin, I'd advise you change it now.


Edited by Prince Florian

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This is not a good application in my opinion, you used "somali pirates" and gio horde as RP examples, both are awful, you hours are reasonable but not fantastic, you are most likely joking about your age but if you aren't then that's an issue, obviously the Nazi profile pic is a red flag, so is the layout of your application, the RPs and their descriptions are a pain in the ass to read, it is far easier for people to read if it is in a list like this;
1. It's
2. a
3. devouch
4. from
5. me.

Edited by Wilhelm_II

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