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this guy is racist

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I'm by no means the authority on this and you should wait for someone who knows the ins-and-outs of the rules.
However as it stands, I believe Taleworlds do not object to racism from the players. The issue comes with when the admins start to spout the racist rubbish, which then I assume would make it look like the server endorses racist behaviour.

Thus I don't think TW would have an issue with an immature player name like this.


Anyway, don't take my response as gospel, I'm only replying to sate your need for a response as you're saying in the Discord.

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Interesting, however he doesn't violate any server rules as of yet-nothing he said in chat breaks any of our server-side rules nor any rules laid out by Taleworlds.
As it stands only NRP Staff are bound by rules on what they can and cannot say, the players are largely free to chat about whatever they like provided they abide by the rest of the server rules.

However, we might be inclined to ban players trying to stir up trouble!

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