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NRP campaign lore improvements.


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Hey everyone, shepcunt here and I personally would like to get to the point and suggest a change to the way we handle the story of the NRP campaign, from the initial ideas I interpreted it as something that would have an official hub that would be added to by the admins and made official in the lore taking perspective from all factions and leaders as well as telling grand tales of heroism, however it hasn't been nearly as structured and seems to just be a "post your best moments of the campaign here" deal with a tiny smidgen of lore each week.


I therefore propose that the lore and story should be overseen by a team of 3 or more admins a round (one for each faction looking for heroism and the other looking at the general way the battle goes and picking out any interesting engagements), the admins would then collect the lore and consult with each other and the head of the campaign to pick out the appropriate things to include, then a comprehensive summary of the lore is included in an official place written by the team of admins. I believe that this could add the theme of the campaign's story being told to us by historians analysing the battles of a bygone era, it could also make the lore more consistent and organised as people would know the number of battles, what significant feats happened in those battles and all of the significant things that particular figures have done.


Another more fun aspect of this would be that due to the lore being easily accessible in one place and more detailed it could be better utilised in the events, making the campaign feel more like a story instead of a competition. For example one application could be using a specific map with the troops being told to generally act a certain way due to the lore e.g. A wounded British garrison that has already lost a battle is defending nearby villages against the French, on the event announcement it could be mentioned how the french troops are full of hope and patriotic zeal ready to charge and finally wipe the garrison out, while the mood on the British side is melancholy with many of the troops only wanting to survive and so being told to be more cautious. This could also provide a nice way to asymmetrically balance the battles and add more flavour to them such as the Brits being on a hilltop with houses and so have an advantage on defence, however the hilltop could be a small area and so the french could easily surround it. The British would have to contend with low visibility due to the houses and being surrounded on all sides while the french would have to overcome the hill all while being fired upon by the British. (this may not be the best example but i'm sure you understand the concept)


In conclusion I believe that treating the campaign as a story will allow us to add more variety and fun to it, if its expanded we could even have backstories and other small bits of lore incorporated to make an impact on the campaign, for example a french officer turns out to be British causing a rift in the ranks of the GR as the others debate weather or not to exile him, causing a schism in the republic.

So yeah I hope the way we treat lore can be overhauled, I would be more than willing to help to make this a reality.

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Certainly doable, although locating several people able to write the lore/narrative for each faction may be difficult. I did most of the updates personally for the previous campaign and we have another decent writer at hand, what we would need are "camera men" who can watch and note down key events during battles as well as the names of those involved, so that we can detail them in updates and events.

However, I see what you're proposing is an extension to the narrative outside of the "weekly updates", which are a more generalised description of major developments.

At the heart of the Campaign are the players and therefore if anyone has suggestions as to how these ideas can translate to the running of the campaign please do throw them here.

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