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Introducing the Faction Leaders!


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Written by Scandy


Royal Colonial Overseer of the Crown Colonies

Name: (Mayor Elect) Shephard Kemp
Player: Shephard






The prominent settlement of Tawny was often seen as the unofficial centre of the Crown Colonies, even prior to the notion of the nation's existence. The arguable breadbasket of the surrounding settlements, it had always been a common source of supplies and manpower for other towns and mayorships as they attempted to further colonise the island. It was among the first of the major towns to suggest the notion of colonial unification on the island, using the past co-operation between the various groups as the foundation of its argument against the continued confrontations between the opportunistic explorers and mayors.

As the first Capital of the Colonies-with the Declaration of Colonial Unity signed in its own Town Hall-it gained much legitimacy as it continued to produce successful candidates for RCO (Royal Colonial Overseer, the official "Ruler" of the various Mayor Elects) and used its influence to limit the level to which the rival Mayors could play one another for power.

The latest Mayor Elect of Tawny was one Shephard Kemp, a military veteran who rose to popularity through his work on decentralisation, giving way to the highly flexible nature of the Crown Colony borders we see today. While his military prowess was not as notable as his governmental work, his attention to detail and dedication to the ideas of the Colony pushed him into the spotlight of Royal Colonial Overseer.

Shephard was elected on a mandate of Colonial expansion, putting him under pressure  to try and expand into land supposedly "claimed" by The Grande République. While certainly possible, this would likely stoke tensions beyond boiling point were it ever to be formally put into practice, however to ignore in favour of stability may cost Shephard his popularity.

While not naive in regards to the ambitions of the powerful neighbours that the Crown Colonies face, Shephard sees the other factions-the Russians in particular-not as enemies to be crushed but rather nations of potential colonial men and women who are at risk of ruin should opportunistic ambitions get out of control.

Mustering the Colonial Army, Shephard will ensure that no harm may come to the Colonial Borders. With the people of Tawny and the ever-bickering Mayors sworn to serve him, Shephard's term of leadership faces the first true test that the Colonies have had.

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Lidor Muzhchin (Leader of Men), Champion of the Rossiyskiy Soyuz

Name: (Lidor Muzchin) Nirok
Player: Niroc



As is the case with all those living within the Russian Union, little can truly be confirmed about the past of its current Leader.

Scattered whispers amongst the various military veterans of the Union speak of an infamous campaign against the leader of his home country, a war which ripped his country asunder. Lidor Muzchin Nirok-known to most as Lirdor Niroc-rose to power not through diplomatic trickery nor popular demand, but rather to fill a power vacuum well beyond its capacity.

With countless years of military experience, he is known for little other than his knowledge of warfare and his ferocious temper. As the Russian refugees lived quietly all over the southern parts of the island, ever in fear of their northern neighbours, Nirok saw in them a weakness which sparked a fire that would go on to shake the Rossiyskiy Soyuz to the core.

Gathering up the most powerful tribes and settlements, he forcefully resettled the strongest men into locations along the northern area of their territory, creating somewhat artificial but undeniable borders where French-British territory ended and "Russian" territory began.

When other prominent figures in the Union attempted to speak out against this authoritarian approach to the civilians, Nirok responded not with words but instead with brutality unmatched on the island; mass executions of dissenters became commonplace.

Despite the overhanging sense of dread in the Union, the raids and trespasses from British and French troops had stopped. The Refugees had gone largely undisturbed for quite some time. Law and order prevailed due to the presence of the massive-albeit somewhat organised-unified army.

Gone were the days of chaos and confusion, a new era of unified defence of a likeminded people began to sweep across the Union.
While there are still those who oppose or outright conspire against Nirok, he stands undisputed as the leader of the Rossiyskiy Soyuz and the lands it controls. 

Some time has passed since Nirok assumed the legendary title of Lidor Muzchin, and all traces of uncertainty or dissent have been swept asunder by the tide of prosperity and unity. Looking north, Nirok saw the frontier settlements cower in fear as the French and British forces began to posture and mobilise. The battle drums were sounding, and war was no longer a dreaded possibility but rather an accepted inevitability.

Steeling his people, Lidor Muzchin Nirok faces an almost impossible challenge; land and lives will be lost, but through persistence and ferocity a future may yet be won for the Union.

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Soldat Supérieur, Head of State and Military of the Grande République

Name: Pierre Léonard Roussaint (Affectionately known as "The Tax Collector)

Player: Tax Collector



Gaining influence in the Grande République proved difficult during times of peace; without military prowess or showmanship there was little to be found in opportunities to gain the respect of those around you.

Pierre Léonard was a statesman charged with the defence and management of several small frontier provinces which had fallen into disrepair. At the time, the République was struggling to escape from a bout of recession and stagnation; despite being a military and industrial powerhouse, the lack of need for materials other than civilian goods was leading the nation down a path of almost certain ruin. 

In some circles there was even talk of common dissent or unrest, leading to rumours of open rebellion against the state. Pierre believed that the problem lay in the poorly managed frontier provinces, which had become convoluted and bloated which demanded more resources which were essentially wasted upon arriving at such needlessly complex jurisdictions.

Some say his centralisation proposals were implemented far too quickly by how radically they changed the borders of the République, but regardless almost all frontier provinces were centralised into sweeping territories lead by a single commander-often with a designated levy of men to be raised on command of the Capital.

A new Tax system-which taxed provinces based on the goods they received as opposed to the goods they produced-encouraged the various settlements to try and rely less on imports from the capital but rather focus more on exporting goods to the capital in order to avoid the hefty tax.

While controversial (so controversial that the common soldiers would often simply refer to him as the Tax Collector) at first, the resulting circumstances lead to the struggling Capital of the République to blossom into a powerhouse to rival Paris herself, becoming the centre of everything which happened within the République.
For his wise policies and aggressive attitude toward bureaucracy-as well as his noted military training-Pierre Léonard Roussaint became the Soldat Supérieur of the Grande République.

The "Tax Collector" has several challenges ahead of him, almost all of which must be addressed and solved on the Battlefield. The level to which the entirety of the Réublique relies on its capital means that every single inch between the enemy and the glorious city must be defended at all costs. As a largely military-focused faction, several losses on the Battlefield will spell ruin for both Pierre and the République itself.

With the levies raised and the civilians fiercely loyal, the Grande République looks to its neighbours with sword in hand.

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