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Complaint Template

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You must use this template for your complaint or it may be rejected.


Title your complaint;

[Admin / player] complaint - [Name of person you’re reporting] - [Your name]



Admin complaint - Neew - SacrificialLamb


NRP Username: (The name you use on NRP)
Are you reporting a player or an admin:
Who are you reporting: (If multiple people, list their usernames or give a description of who was involved)
Date and time: (Use british Date format)

Evidence: (screenshot is preferable. Logs often don't tell the whole picture)





NRP Username: SacrificialLamb
GUID: 999999
Are you reporting a player or an admin: Admin
Who are you reporting: Neew
Date and time: 21/06/18 around 7pm
Reason: Spam the word 'retard' in admin chat

Evidence: Logs show easily show this

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