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What we are/are not looking for!

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Interested in joining up, but unsure if you'll fit the role? This guide will show you what we are and are not looking for.

What we're NOT looking for:

1. Career Staff
Players who apply to admin for the sake of the rank or the apparent fame or prestige that comes with being part of the staff for NW's largest community rarely last.  The more likely scenario is that attention-seeking admins or admins who want to use their role to serve themselves are usually laughed off the server by the players before the senior staff can even deal with them. These most often result in silly things like mass-bans/abuse when the admins realise that being on a whitelist and wearing admin tags doesn't immediately command the respect and influence which many of our staff earned.
Those attempting to worm their way into higher ranks or greater influence will not get far; the NRP Staff are a solid team who are trained to work best as a group. Attempting to divide them or undermine the Head Admin are often met with a brick wall. Promotions and increases to influence and "power" come naturally to our best staff.

2. Regiment Boosters
Your role on our team is not a chance for you to boost your regiment. We are very strict about admins using their role on the team to get new members, to the point where almost all admins are forbidden from wearing regimental tags while adminning, with only a handful of exceptions. Admins are also forbidden from using the admin chat to recruit, and doing so will usually get you punished. NRP is very regiment-friendly, and you are encouraged to use our forums and discord to advertise your regiment accordingly.
No regiment will ever be able to have influence over NRP's running, players or staff; regardless of how many staff members are part of a regiment, it can and will always be curtailed and dealt with if a regiment tries to take advantage of this.
Even our hosts-the 59th Regiment of Foot-are entirely uninvolved in NRP's running and Admins in the 59th put their role on NRP before their role in the 59th when on the server.

3. Lazy Staff/Inactive Staff
Staff are expected to take an active role in the running of the server. If you don't have much time to admin it, then you may not be staff material. Admins are not expected to admin the server 24/7 but they are expected to chip in. Once you get promoted you are not safe in your place on the team; Trial Admins who get promoted and then kick back and get lazy are removed from the server along with any other admin who isn't interested anymore. NRP Admin is an involved and usually very active role.

4. Oversensitive Players
We understand that some players have a thicker skin than others, however as an NRP Admin you are often put at the mercy of an entire server of players. Due to our lack of censorship and focus on natural gameplay and community, we do not punish players for lashing out or insulting admins-provided no rules are broken. There are times when even our most veteran staff are subjected to hundreds of players hurling abuse at them at a time. If this is something that worries you or makes you uncomfortable, think carefully before applying. The Head Admin will always step in to protect staff who are being unfairly treated, and the staff will always look out for one another, but for petty insults and bickering you'll be expected to just shrug it off.

What are ARE looking for:

1. Enthusiastic and active players who wish to spend some of their time on NRP helping run roleplays and change maps
2. Players who have been a part of the NRP community for at least a few months and understand what it's all about
3. Players who are active in the community, both on the forums or on the discord
4. People who want to be a part of the biggest NW Community, which will continue to grow and improve as time goes on
5. Players who have a reasonable amount of spare time-particularly during peak hours-which can be dedicated to NRP

In short; if you are enthusiastic about NRP and are applying to lend your time and effort to seeing it continue to prosper, apply now!

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