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NRP Campaign: Leader Applications


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We are now accepting applications to be a Leader of a faction during the NRP Campaign.
Leaders will be mentioned a lot during the campaign and will be representing their faction as a whole.
Leaders will be very involved with the staff during the campaign, as they are the only ones who can interact with the Map Mechanics.
After enough applications have been put out, we will either choose our applicants or hold a vote to select one for each faction.
Leaders must:

-Be an active and enthusiastic member of the NRP Server/Community
-Add the Head Admin of NRP on Steam
-Be willing to talk to staff, other players and generally keep in touch with those who may be the "Generals" of your faction (who will be listed to you once confirmed)
-Be active/free enough to come to 1 or 2 Campaign Nights a week to represent their Faction, or at the very least keep in touch very regularly with the staff
-Have made a character application, here.
-Fill out the form below and post it 

Character Name: 
Describe yourself and why you wish to rule your faction:

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Pew Pew You're Dead

Character Name: Kevin Kujohn
Faction: Crown Colonies
Describe yourself and why you wish to rule your faction: Because I'd make a good mayor of Kaidestan, and people know me, both inside the staff and inside the server.

also someone has to lead the 59th line

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Character Name: Shephard Kopański 

Faction: Crown Colonies
Describe yourself and why you wish to rule your faction: Whilst playing on NRP I've always found that I wanted more narrative/lore as in my opinion that makes a successful bayonet charge all the more satisfying. I've always loved strategy games like Sins of a solar empire, Eu4, Endless space ect, and having a grand strategy game with battles like total war but with individual control is something I've always hoped for. I also want to get into the political scheming and diplomacy of being a leader as I think it will massively add to the experience of leading an army if you know what is at stake. I personally chose the Crown Colonies because I like the emphases on the campaign map with the naval invasion, as well as liking the lore of a bunch of mayors squabbling for power (perfect opportunity to create the Shepardian Reich) . I also want to show everyone that even the "mundane" faction can win despite most veterans joining the Russians.


I am also able to be a competent officer if needed who constantly communicates with his team and leaves the chat covered in blue texted orders. However I will continue to practice my tactics before and during the campaign. 

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Character Name: Pesunt (idk if i should have my name or a serious rp name like George georgilly georgeson
Faction: uk or crown colonies
Describe yourself and why you wish to rule your faction: I am a damn enthusiastic and active player i hope im not the only one that thinks so and the head admin is my bestest of friends. I've been playing nrp for a long time and i am interested in this shit especially if it gives me power. (hold your horses cinnaman i promise i wont abuse it this time neither am i implying that more power is the only reason im signing up i just really want to have a leadership role in this because i think it will be fun)

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The Tax Collector

Basically copy and pasting my character app here;


Character Name: The Tax Collector
Faction: (Grande République)


Describe yourself and why you wish to rule your faction:


Being one of the oldest regulars on the server since its inception, I think I've made a name for myself as a dependable officer and established a reputation that can speak for itself, along with having been trusted enough in the past to have become an admin aswell and knowledgeable about the inner workings of the server from my time of that. During my years on here I've also come to know and have my name familiarized with all of the regulars and admins that have come and gone during the years.


For this reason, I think I'll be suited to lead one of the factions. I'm the most experienced one when it comes to active leading, I know how to work with the server, I'm well known in the community and I got the chops to actually organize a team of plebs into an all killing all hating disciplined murder force. Also, I'm a sweaty rper that for years has tried his best to put on some role-play fun for players who come on seeking that sort of thing, or who discover that they enjoy it even if they didn't expect it.


I also call on any players that are thinking of joining a faction, that you know what to expect under me if you decide to join this one.


I can get ready a story backround, character history etc. when the app is accepted. Thank you and see you on the battlefield.




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Character Name: Niroc
Faction: Rossiyskiy Soyuz
Describe yourself and why you wish to rule your faction:  I have been leading on NRP since I first joined the server. And to a greater extent I have lead on  mount and blade as a whole for six years now. Been in various regiments and clans, etc etc. Long story short I have over five thousand hours of leadership experience from various games. Now why would I like to lead the faction? I guess it's just because I have always been the guy who sees a disorganized mess of people and feels the undeniable urge to get them straightened out and heading in some sort of direction, hopefully good, sometimes bad. That's the best reason I can come up with.

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